“Many Rivers to Cross’ in Belize.

The regular or fairly regular readers among you will know that there has been (again) a fairly prolonged period since the last edition. If you are a first time ‘visitor’ or haven’t ‘visited’ this blog for some time you won’t have noticed a thing. Having started off today’s edition in this explanatory vein I’m now starting to question why.

Frankly it’s probably due to the fact that as I sit here trying to ‘knock out’ an edition there’s an abject lack of lucidity about my thought process and even more so as far as creative inspiration (who am I kidding) is concerned. I shouldn’t be surprised really because it’s been that type of week. One in which I have failed to really concentrate on anything in particular.

I’ve done a bit more weeding – in fact I think I probably did no more than pull up the weeds that have grown since I last weeded, no fresh ground cleared- and I’ve painted some more of the fence. I washed the golf cart – so much easier since getting a hose pipe!

I have not unsurprisingly continued to enjoy my ‘me time’ on the veranda early morning and I’ve made the trip to Estel’s a couple of times but it hasn’t been a ‘stand out’ week if you know what I mean. You know one of those weeks where you feel, in fact you know, that you’ve accomplished something.

OK, so Rose and I,flushed with the success of gaining our Masters (boat captain) Licenses, did spend some time making our first foray in to trying to find a boat to buy. And the obvious place to start our ‘window shopping’ was at Captain Shark’s boatyard in the DFC area.

Speaking of Captain Shark’s, they’ve recently revamped their cart display area in Coconut Drive. It’s now starting to look like a real car(t) showroom.


OK, so there are no salespeople present. And you can’t walk in off the street to look closely at the carts but by San Pedro standards this is a showroom.

Talking about face lifts (no, not Joan Rivers) I am quite taken by the artwork on the security gate of the San Pedro Yacht Club (formerly Belize Yacht Club).


Half tempted at taking a crack at our front gate!

Now where was I (told you I have had problems focusing) ? Oh yes, boats.


Not like this though (taken when I was breakfasting at Estel’s the other day)


like these


or this


Formerly owned by Jerry Jeff Walker. Like the boat. But the name? Now that’s another thing.

Sticking with boats, our friends from BATSUB are currently taking part in the La Ruta Maya Belize River Challeng where they would have many rivers to cross and came over the weekend before last for the Poker Run and some last minute training. They were convinced that lifting bottles of Belikin to their lips would strengthen the biceps!

I’ve been following their ordeal via their Facebook pages and am taking the liberty (hope you don’t mind guys) of reproducing some of their photos.


The team, Nick, Sean and Ian posing in front of their boat Sailfish 1.


And they’re off.


“Put your back in to Nick!”.


Time for a photo call.


“Don’t be shy lads”.


“That’s better”. Ever the perfectionists, it’s time for some training. Yep, a Belikin!

Today the guys have, as they put it, the final 26 mile sprint. Good luck lads. And well done.

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single (a cover version of the Jimmy Cliff song) released in 1983 by UB40 which reached number sixteen in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Sharon Lord says:

    Hi John! We’ve been following your blog for months, arriving Tuesday to look at land on AC! Do you have a real estate attorney you can recommend…? We’d like an impartial party to look over the chain of ownership, plot plan, etc. Please e-mail me when you have a chance! Any other input/suggestions to share…? THANKS! Sharon

    1. Hi Sharon. Which realtor are you buying through? Most can provide you with access to a para legal.

      Where are you staying on Ambergris Caye?

      1. Sharon Lord says:

        Hi John! Thanks for your quick reply! We haven’t committed to an agent yet; meeting Joshua Buettner with Seaside on Wednesday. My husband would prefer to have a “3rd party” do the title/atty work, as he’s convinced buying property in a foreign country will lead to us being scammed – he’s been in the ‘states too long…! 😉
        We’re staying @ Corona del Mar – not into “fancy” and that leaves more money for Belikins!

  2. André Jaeken says:

    Hello there in Belize,

    We are some people from Belgium,( me and my wife) in the late fifty’s.

    I am following your blog John because we are interested in Belize.

    Now we are coming to Belize, I have booked the flights I only have to book one hotel.

    And we wil land on Monday somewhere around 11.30 am.

    Maybe you have some good advises for us.

    And maybe John,we can meet each other,so you can tell us about Belize.

    I really hope you get in touch with me.

    Kind regards.

    Andre Jaeken

    PS. What cellphone can I use in Belize ( bandwith )

    1. Hi Andre. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. Where are you staying on Ambergris Caye? Best John

    2. Sorry Andre I didn’t answer your phone question. You can buy a Sim if your phone is unblocked. Or you can rent a phone for the duration of your stay. Quicksilver rent them out.


  3. Steve Ward says:

    Whats the 0-60 of those carts John? they look like they need a bit of fettling to me!
    I paid $2000 AUD for our boat and its been great although not without its “moments”. Old boats provide lots of “moments” as I am sure you can appreciate! good luck with the hunt, have you checked the Sunseeker site?!

    1. Hi Steve. I doubt that ours does much more than 18 mph. Don’t really know though – no speedo!

      As to boats, the one we had in England was 21 when we bought it and around 40 when we sold it. Still a great boat though.

      The closest I’ll get to a Sunseeker is if I visit Poole!

  4. lifeagain says:

    John, as kids when painting a fence (never the length of yours though) is we would stop and go and start from the other end to make it look like we only have to go half the length to be finished. Your mind have accepted you have to go all the way to the end. By stopping where you are and starting at the finish you will have tricked your mind in thinking you are half done.

    Great photo from Estel’s of he sea and boat……………great photo….

    1. Only be fooling myself Don!

  5. peter l. oberhaus says:

    John,why didn’t you buy or rent a paint spray gun? You would be finished with the Fence.

    1. So true Peter. But then what would I do?

      1. peter l. oberhaus says:

        Yea i guess when you are retired, you have lots of extra time on your hand! Have a great day.

  6. robert says:

    So its ‘Gunner Babe” . pretty good name !!!!!

    1. Gunner or The Gunner maybe. But Babe !!!

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