“Rescue Me” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Up around 05.10 hours yesterday and out on the veranda with the mug of black coffee and iPad not much more than five minutes later. That’s the thing about instant coffee, it virtually is. Instant, that is.

Even though it was early and the sun hadn’t risen for the day it felt to me that it was going to be a hot and sunny one. I’m now starting to get a sense of what a day’s weather will be like from my ‘me time’ on the veranda in the early morning. A perfect day for washing to dry, so in to the laundry room I went and loaded up the washing machine.

When I was working for a living I didn’t ‘do’ that type of stuff. But now? Well, parity prevails!


I knew there was a good reason for including the balustrades in the design for our house!

After showering, shaving and getting dressed it was time for breakfast (no, not at Estel’s but at home) and then Rose and I took care of other household stuff. You know, sweeping, dusting, wiping surfaces down. All the boring but essential stuff. All the while though our minds were on the practice session later in the day we had scheduled to prepare us for the Masters (boat captain) License test. We each of us, from time to time, giving words of encouragement -“You’ll be alright” – to the other.

The time dragged even though we kept ourselves busy but eventually it was time to set off for Caribbean Villas Hotel, the venue for our ‘driving lesson’.

The session was scheduled for a 14.30 hours start but being eager beavers (or was it nerves?) we got there early at just before 14.00 hours and tried to calm ourselves down by taking in the views and just generally ‘chilling out’.


A tranquil view BUT nothing like I felt inside.


A celebratory drink later???

I watched fishermen catching bait.


On a normal day I would have found this fascinating. Compulsive viewing in fact. But yesterday? Not a chance. I had a lot on my mind.


And she did too!

Andy Milner, Commodore of the San Pedro Sailing Club (the merit worthy organisation on the island that does so much to teach children and then enjoy how to sail) who was going to be our instructor for the session then arrived and whatever calm I had achieved disappeared immediately.

Andy though, sensed this and with one or two quips put us at ease and then showed us ‘our’ boat for the session and explained the controls.


Our boat for the session, aptly named “Me Boat”.

And then we were off, with me going first. I was the only male but this wasn’t a time for “Ladies first!”.


And I’m off.


“Now this is what you were doing wrong”.

I wish I could say that I took to it like a duck to water but I didn’t but perseverance eventually paid off and after a few tries I brought the boat in to (not literally) the dock.



“Done it”.

With me finished – and I mean finished – it was time for Rose’s turn.


If only she paid attention to me that way!


And she’s off.

They hadn’t been going long when we heard shouts from the shoreline, a Hobie had been caught by the tide and, under sail, was heading out to sea. Under instruction from Andy, Rose altered course and headed for the unmanned sailing craft (dramatic isn’t it) and in no time at all pulled alongside it whereupon Andy literally jumped ship. Leaving Rose all alone.


Andy ‘jumping ship’!


Leaving Rose on her own.

I thought that there would be cries of “Rescue me” but no, she rose (what else could she do – it’s what it says on her label!) to the occasion and safely (and somewhat expertly) brought the boat back to the dock.


“Nearly there”.

We’ve got our test this morning and are hoping for a little less drama. Fingers crossed!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1965 by Fontana Bass which reached number four in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number eleven in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Carmell Dickson says:

    Ahoy Matey!!!!! Congratulation’s on passing you and Rose passing your tests!!!!!!

    1. Thank you Carmell.

  2. peter l. oberhaus says:

    Why was no life west needed ?

  3. Good luck! You guys are naturals.

    1. Thank you. We passed!

  4. Kathi Moore says:

    good luck on your test!

  5. Jane says:

    Good luck! It’s great that you’re doing this! Melt for lunch?

    1. Thanks Jane. We were going to go to Wild Mango but then changed our mind and got a ‘to go’ from Carlo & Ernie’s. Needed to go home and rest!

      1. Boats must be equipped with a life vest for everyone on board. It is not mandatory, however, that they be worn.

  6. Derrik says:

    Great story! I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks. My family purchased a condo, on the Island, recently. How great is it that you are living on the #1 Island in the world for 2014 (as rated by Trip Advisor)?

    1. Pleased that you enjoy the blog Derrik. No doubt about it, it’s a great place.

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