“Finish What Ya Started” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

There’s one good thing about blogging every day, I know exactly where I got to on the last edition ie what I did or experienced the day before yesterday. No having to scratch my head wondering what the hell I’d written about.

There’s probably a secondary benefit (or is it a dis benefit ?) from blogging every day – the routine/discipline that producing a daily edition creates and instills.

The perceived benefits though – as far as I am concerned – are far outweighed by the real benefits I get by not producing an edition every day. There’s the sense of freedom. My time is exactly that, my ‘me time’. I don’t have to put myself under any sense of pressure about what to write about. No need to scrape the barrel just so I put something ‘out there’. OK so I ‘lose’ the perceived benefit of routine/discipline but ‘losing’ these were benefits (of many) I got when I retired.

The irregular publishing frequency though does create this recollection issue. But hey, most of you know the usual beginning of my blogs anyway. You know, got up, make coffee (black, no sugar) take it and my iPad out on to the veranda (normally the western facing one on the first floor) and enjoy the sights, the sounds (even when there’s hardly any sounds at all) and a sense of total relaxation. And then there’s my fairly frequent (I wonder if I might be the most regular breakfaster there?) visits to Estel’s where I continue with my ‘me time’ (Rose rarely goes with me for breakfast).

Monday was much the same until I asked Rose if she wanted to join me for breakfast and she said that she did. OK we set off later than I would normally set off but it was worth it (got to keep building up those brownie points!)

All was going great until Rose struck up a conversation (she’s so much more social than I am) with a woman sitting at the table next to us. The woman explained that she and her husband had recently moved here and was looking to get a slow cooker and asked Rose if she knew where she could get one. Quick as a flash (and she has her moments, believe me) Rose responded “Take John. You won’t find a slower cooker than him!”.

With breakfast over and my feelings starting to feel somewhat repaired Rose and I returned home (stopping off on the way so that I could buy a machete) where we ‘set about’ the garden again. Yes, more weeding. Don’t worry there are no photos of me revealing my six-pack ((otherwise known as my ribs (yes, I know have twenty-four ribs but …)).

And very soon the piles of weeds started to form.




My machete ‘posing’ in front of the weeds.

As the weeds disappeared we initially saw and then eventually gained easy access to the well in the north-western corner of the front garden.


Now we can use the hose pipe with well water to ‘feed’ the avocados.


Some of the leaves look a little worse for wear but new shoots are appearing.

We continued weeding until we ‘hit’ the concrete patches (spots where the cement mixer was placed during the build of our house) and a shovel or fork are just not up to the job. We’ll now hire labour to finish the weeding, dig up some roots and move some branches that were cut down when our fence was being erected. I could well understand if you are thinking “finish what ya started” but I’ve reached the age to know when I should quit when I’m winning.

It may not be finished but we are pleased with our efforts.


Looking much tidier.

With our spell of weeding over we took a walk next door to take a closer look at the newest addition to Pirate’s Treasure Restaurant & Bar, the Captain’s Table.


Proud owner (Jason was too shy) Maresha in front of the latest of their improvements.

Yesterday Rose and I decided to a enjoy a ‘slow day’ and took a drive up north. No particular reason, we just felt like doing it. And there’s no particular reason for including a few of the photos I took. I just feel like doing it!


A nice and shady (and relatively flat) section of the road north.




The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1988 by Van Halen which reached number thirteen in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. Emma Coster says:

    So pleased you are all settled, sounds like life is good, let’s not discuss football. Ted n Madge are well. Xxx

    1. Hi Emma. Yes life is very good. The house is finished and now we can really start to enjoy ourselves.
      Please give our regards to Ted and Margaret.
      Hope all is good for you, Will and the children.
      As to football, we are not top of the league but still in with a chance. Glad we haven’t got Moyes!

  2. Steve Ward says:

    Hilairious, one of your best yet John, great pics as well.

  3. tracy jamison says:

    I have to say I literally spit my food out when I read what Rose said about the slow cooker! lol Very glad the machete was for the garden 😉

    1. If I had cooked it Tracy you would have spat it out!

  4. Larry says:

    The road north looks to be in pretty good shape. How far up did you travel?

    1. Most was OK although still some mud in parts and some big holes. Went just past Indigo.

  5. Andy says:

    Some nice photos again John & Rose…

    1. Thanks Andy. Hope that all is good for Diane and you.

  6. Carmell Dickson says:

    Hello John, my husband and I have been doing a fair amount of research on container homes. Have you noticed or heard of anyone in Belize living in one of these?

    1. Have not seen any since we have been here. Not to say though that they do not exist. My only thought though is that the humidity might prove to be a problem ie rust.

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