“Everything Is Awesome” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Before moving here and a hell of a lot more since I have been asked “Why Belize?” And, when we lived in the UK it was, more often than not, prefaced or followed by ” Where is Belize exactly?”.

Answering the second question, unsurprisingly, never took a lot of time but the first one? Now that did take some time.

So, why Belize, I sense you thinking. Well I don’t really but I’ve got to ‘say’ this otherwise I’ve got very little to write about today. So bare with me. Give me a little slack or today’s edition ends here. Great. And thanks.

Where do I start? In 1991, that’s when and with a younger brother who just loved to travel. Most of us read books and he read too. But the difference was that he spent most of his time studying an atlas, finding somewhere that appealed to him and then setting off to visit it. Belize ‘grabbed’ his attention and got him curious so with a friend he travelled to Belize, stopping off first for some time in Costa Rica.

He was so taken with Belize that he was keen to buy land here (aside from being an avid reader of an atlas he also had entrepreneurial leanings) and create an eco resort and made an offer for a large parcel (and I mean large) of land (that included a small island) in Southern Belize.

Anyway, the guy that had it for sale put the price up and my brother asked me if I wanted ‘in’ and I did so agreed to put up some money and an increased offer was made. But the seller, sensing an opportunity to make more increased the price again and, I agreed to increase my stake. But again the seller increased the price and my brother (never the most calm of individuals) got really pissed off and told the guy what he could do with his land!

Feeling the need to get over the disappointment and frustration they headed to Ambergris Caye where they spent a very enjoyable week before heading back to the UK.

Around eight years later Rose and I couldn’t decide where to take our next holiday when we suddenly remembered that we had nearly bought a share in some land in Belize. We also remembered how much my brother had said he had enjoyed his time on Ambergris Caye so I spent a bit of time on the Internet (well a fair bit of tine actually because it was nowhere as good then as it is now) found out the route as then booked the tickets and reserved accommodation at Lily’s Hotel.

The trip was nearly abandoned because Hurricane Mitch struck six weeks before we were scheduled to arrive but with no known threat of further hurricanes and confirmation from Lily’s Hotel that it was operational we visited Ambergris Caye, Belize for the first time.

We probably didn’t see it in its best light. For example it looked like half of the beach was on front street and there were only two docks standing. But it didn’t matter, we fell in love with the place and the people, especially the people. We were so impressed with the character they displayed after such a destructive force of nature.

Belize, an Ambergris Caye in particular, had captured our hearts and so much so within six weeks of returning to the UK we had purchased a condo at Banana Beach and the plan to retire here one day began.

So now you know, “Why Belize?”.

Any regrets? Only a small one. How much would that large parcel of land be worth now? But some things are meant to be. And we were meant for Ambergris Caye!

With that burning question answered (OK, so you didn’t want to know) I’ll bring you (very quickly) up-to-date with what I’ve been doing since the last edition.

I, of course, have enjoyed my ‘me time’ on the veranda first thing in the morning although on Friday the cold front did require me to put on a sweat top. I also made the trip to ‘Town on Wednesday and Friday for breakfast at Estel’s and the rest of the time I spent working in the garden, alternating between planting more coconut trees and painting the fence. And I thought I had retired!


The coconut plantation – otherwise known as our adjacent lot.


You’ll do.


And you.


That’ll do.


Ready for re-planting.


Two for the northern side of the back garden.


One for the southern side of the back garden.

And finally one for the southern side of the front garden.


Then back to the fence painting.


“It’s a hard life”. Not really – everything is awesome.

Last night Rose and I went on a Poker Run (during the high season they come thick and fast ) when we joined some of our friends from BATSUB who were over for the night with six guys from the American military who are in Belize to help train the Belize Defence Force.


Me with Nanda who only arrived last week. Nanda is from Nepal, home of the famous Gurkha.


Rose being looked after by Frank and Dan.

Sign on the wall in Lola’s Pub


Reminded me of why I loved beer so much when I was young! Long before I met Rose of course!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the song by Tegan and Sara released this year which features in The LEGO Movie. It hasn’t made the US Billboard Hot 100 yet but it will. Why? Because it’s AWESOME!!!!!!!


  1. footballbat says:

    Okay – now you’ve gone and done it. Stuck in my head:
    “You put de lime in de coconut and drink ’em both up, You put de lime in de coconut and call me in de mornin’ . . . “

  2. tom e says:

    Thanks for sharing your Belize beginnings and all the blogs since. I find that most people relocating do so though friends and /or family connections. We are at that crossroads in life with so many possibilities to venture into. I hope ours is as happy and content as yours John and Rose.

    1. You are more than welcome Tom. Making the move is nowhere near as tumultuous as we thought it would be. And, even had it been, it still would have been worth it.

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