“Never Too Much” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

With this haphazard publishing frequency that I’ve drifted in to ((well I am retired, I am doing it for a bit of fun after all (for me, if not you) and I’ve never promised to publish daily)) I’m finding it increasingly difficult to remember what I last told you about. Yes, I know that I could look at the last edition and all would be revealed but that would make it a bit like work. More professional. And I don’t have to be professional anymore. I’m retired. I can be quirky. Idiosyncratic even. And if I wrote about it well in the first place then perhaps you might like reading it again. Or not. But if I am repeating myself you will at least know that your memory is working!

So, with this forewarning ‘out of the way’ I will start today’s edition.

Weather over the last few days has been somewhat variable/changeable. Clear, bright, sunny and warm days swiftly followed by a day with overcast skies, little to no sun and a temperature drop. We have also had sprinkles of rain. None of this has greatly affected my ‘me time’ on the veranda early in the morning. Of course not. I’ve still ventured ((really don’t know why I chose that word because it’s somewhat inappropriate. It is only a short distance from the kitchen (where the mug of black coffee comes from)) to the veranda. Making a slight detour on the way to grab hold of my iPad.

I have also (obviously) made the drive (the road has had some fill so it’s not as bad as it has been) to ‘Town for breakfast at Estel’s for breakfast, in fact that’s exactly where I am now as I write this. Third time this week. Excessive? Overindulgent? Not at all in my view. I could go there six days a week (remember they are closed on a Tuesday) and it’s never too much!

I see Estel’s as an extension of my ‘me time’. The view is great (even on the days when the rain pours down) and I must admit that I do ‘people watch’ and, yes, ‘people listen’. Nosy? Probably. But sometimes it’s difficult not to see or hear. If you know what I mean.

Hearing conversations there earlier this week got me thinking of how overused, or perhaps more saliently, some words are. Regular readers of this blog may have detected that I do not have too high a regard for certain words. The words themselves are OK, it’s the frequency of use. And the inappropriate ness. One such word (and apologies to those of you that favour it’s use) is AWESOME (it appears that it needs to be typed in capitals).

AWESOME = stunning, astounding, astonishing, stupendous, awe -inspiring, extraordinary, incredible, amazing, staggering. Get the impression.

So why does its frequent use irritate me. And what has Estel’s got to do with it and this little diatribe? People describing a breakfast as AWESOME. Now I rate the fayre on offer at Estel’s. Obviously I do or I wouldn’t go there as much as I do. But AWESOME? It’s well cooked. It’s plentiful. It’s reasonably priced. The staff are attentive and friendly. The setting offers a great vista. I could go on. But AWESOME ?

Now the Mayan ruins? I’ll agree they are AWESOME. A person learning to walk again after losing their legs. Yep, AWESOME. The work of Marie Curie? Yes, AWESOME. But a breakfast? Or any plate of food for that matter? AWESOME? Come on? You now probably get my drift.

Min-rant over, let’s get back to more normal stuff.

I’ve continued to paint the fence. A little bit at a time though. It’s a big fence and I’m a little person. And not as young as I once was (stupid expression that – as every second passes you’re not as young as you once were). It also gets a little boring so Rose and I have decided to mix things up a bit for some diversity and decided that we would make a start on clearing up the garden, starting in the south-west corner first.


Before we started.


After the morning session.


And following the afternoon spell.


The pile of weeds grows.

I’ll get back impersonating Tom Sawyer after clearing the remaining weeds and relocating Marley to ‘his’ new – and final – home.

I’ll bring today’s edition with a selection of photos I have taken that have no reason for inclusion other than I want to include them. Then again, some of you might think that they are AWESOME! Don’t worry I’m not going to start on that subject again!


A common sight on Ambergris Caye – digging (reclaiming) sand. This time in front of Ramon’s Village Resort.


Tourists setting off for a sailing trip on La Gaviota. The scene for me whilst having breakfast at Estel’s.


Pilings starting to be poured for Diamante Beachfront Suites which will ‘stand on the location that was BC’s up to just a few weeks ago.


View from our veranda of the sun about to set.


And from the same spot this morning of a rainbow after the downpour.

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1981 by Luther Vandross (one of my all time favourite singers) which reached number thirty-three in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number one in the Billboard Soul Singles chart.


  1. Louise Gow says:

    Well John. I am not a football fan – I prefer rugby – but I did used to pass their grounds driving into London most days – if that counts!

    1. I like Rugby-both Union and League – as well Louise. Not many sports that I don’t enjoy watching actually.

  2. Louise Gow says:

    sorry this was me

    Well you all have great taste in music. Luther is my favourite too. Steve – I have Hot Butterfly on 12″ – now thats shows my age. And why it will soon be time for me to retire in Belize. 4 years and 1 month. Not that I am counting!!

    No idea where that log in came from!!

    1. I realised it was you Louise, hence my reference to Arsenal. Oh, by the way, I’ve finished reading Forward Arsenal. I’ll leave around a year and start reading it again !

  3. cupcakebox says:

    Well you all have great taste in music. Luther is my favourite too. Steve – I have Hot Butterfly on 12″ – now thats shows my age. And why it will soon be time for me to retire in Belize. 4 years and 1 month. Not that I am counting!!

    1. Hi Louise. Just need to convert you to Arsenal then!

      I’d never heard of Hot Butterfly until Steve and you mentioned it so I’m going to find it on the internet.

      Sadly my record collection ‘went’ as part of the moving process.

  4. Steve Ward says:

    Luther is one of my favourites as well John, he also went under the name of Gregg Diamond and did a tune called Hot Butterfly, another one of my Luther faves! sorry for being a bit of an anorak!
    Seiously enjoying the updates….

    1. Hi Steve. Didn’t know that he also recorded under the name Gregg Diamond. You learn something every day. Especially when getting information from an ‘anorak’!

  5. Well not only do you have good taste in your choice for your wife Rose and your home selections. You have Awesome taste in your favorite music man Luther,yesssss he’s one of the best. Say hi to Rose for me and tell her I hope she’s not getting blisters in her hands from all that yard work. Even with gloves I get them must be our Celtic skin he he.

    1. Hi Hazel. Rose is, and always has been, careful about protecting her skin. And it’s paid off. Smooth skin with hardly any lines/wrinkles. Now me? An entirely different matter.

  6. robert says:

    Hi John, Just done Trip Advisor on a few AC places, Tastes of Thailand is one you must visit. My one on Estel’s says some locals become addicted, does this ring a bell . and yes Awesome to describe Estels is ‘crazy’ , Very filling and a great view YES. I think your fence might become your ‘Forth Rail Bridge’ , I was a junior engineer on the Forth Road Bridge, geez am i really that old, just started life young LOL

    1. Hi Robert. Haven’t been to Tastes of Thailand since it re-opened. Same people though so I doubt it has changed much. Have to admit though that Thai is not one of my favourite cuisines. Really struggled when we went to Thailand. I think it’s the lemongrass.

      You might be right about the fence. Although I doubt I will be the one to repaint it!

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