“Every Little Thing” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

After the exertions of Saturday night (its hard work lifting a Belikin bottle – well at least until you’ve drunk some of the content!) I didn’t get up yesterday until just after 06.00 hours (for those of you that like things to be precise I actually got up at 06.10 hours).

The temperature was still a little chilly (it had improved on recent days though) so I put on a sweat top (really pleased that I brought them with me now) before venturing out on to the veranda (first floor on the western side) with my mug of coffee (black, no sugar) and my iPad (the old one – not going to inflict the cold weather on my new one, well not yet anyway)

I spent around 50 minutes reading the Sunday Times online ((the Sports section first (just had to read about Arsenal’s victory over Fulham the previous day even though I had watched it on TV -you can’t have too much of a good thing!)), followed by the Business section (its nice to know what I’m not missing) and finished off by the News section.

Feeling sated with my newly acquired knowledge (sic) I went indoors to watch the end of the Swansea v Spurs game (didn’t want to watch too much of Spurs!) before letting Nicholas and Rolando in ((now that we have a fence with a gate it has to be unlocked before anyone can (easily) gain entrance)) so that they could start on the installing the things that we didn’t think about and include when we sent the list of requirements for our new home to Strukture Architects Limited all that time ago. We thought that we had considered everything and we spent an awfully long time compiling our list and revisiting it. Just goes to show that you can’t think of every little thing!

After letting Nicholas and Rolando in (don’t worry I’ll get back to what they came to do very shortly) I got back in front of the TV again to watch the Chelsea v Manchester United game (it’s a hard life, isn’t it) hoping for a draw. My hopes weren’t realised (Chelsea won by 3 goals to 1) but on the other hand Manchester United lost – think that’s them out of the Premiership race now.

So what jobs did Nicholas and Rolando come to do?

Well they fitted spotlights in my walk-in closet. Down lights were installed as part of the build but I hadn’t considered the effect that dark cabinetry would have on lighting requirements. They just weren’t powerful enough. Not if I wanted to be able to choose the right polo shirt to compliment the shorts!



Eureka! No more choosing a pink polo with green shorts!

They then installed a ‘dusk to dawn’ light above the first flight of stairs leading to the first floor. How we overlooked this I’ll never work out.


The World’s Greatest Ladder that we included in the container we brought from the States proved useful.


Rolando drills the hole for the cable.


The hole. Exciting, isn’t it!


Light installed.


And it works!

They then installed two taps (faucets for non UK readers) so that we can make use of well water for garden use. The first one was fitted at the well (in the north-east corner of our lot) itself.



The tap (faucet).

And then near the septic tank on the northern side of the house.


It still needs to be clamped to the wall but it’s working.

Rolando and Nicholas still have a few more things to do (more about this in a future edition) but left around 13.00 hours to spend the rest of the day with their families leaving Rose and I to head off to the Caribbean Villas Hotel for the relaunch of Funday Sunday under the new owners.

We got there shortly after 14.00 hours and the place was heaving. This was THE place to be on Sunday. Surely the busiest bar on Ambergris Caye. A fantastic Bar-B-Que, a jumbo screen for people to watch NFL, live music, a swimming pool and the Mayor!

It rained a bit but it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. They either moved to cover (and there was loads of it), jumped in the pool or just carried on partying in the rain. It lived up to its billing, it was a Funday Sunday!


Photo courtesy of Caribbean Villas Hotel’s Facebook page (I didn’t take my camera . Come on, I am only blogging for a bit of fun!).

Before I bring this edition to a close I would like to apologise to Gail (sorry I don’t know your surname Gail). Gail introduced herself to me shortly after Rose and I arrived at the event, letting me know that she reads my blog. We were deep in conversation when someone tapped me on the shoulder and I turned and spoke them . I never did return to the conversation with Gail and for that I wish to apologise. I am not normally that discourteous Gail.

And now just a few random photos (yes, I had the camera with me) I took yesterday.




The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released by Carlene Carter in 1993 which number three in the US Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks chart.


  1. Kari says:

    Your home is beautiful! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, it is entertaining and informative! I am visiting AC in a few weeks! I’m getting very excited! Thanks for sharing~

    1. Thank you Kari. And I am pleased that you enjoy the blog.

  2. Gail P says:

    John (and Rose) not to worry about being rude… I did not even give it a thought.. It certainly was a busy place on Sunday. Rose and I did get to chat a bit about how excited she is to have her own craft space.. A dream come true for sure. Glad you are living the dream!

    1. Thanks for your understanding Gail. It was really good to meet you.

  3. Alan Slater says:

    In reading your blog, John, a thought struck me…( not literally, just a senior one, ) If your gate is locked and you forget to unlock it, how do you communicate with an early morning visitor? Do you have a large bell? From that distance, it would have to be at least 3/4 the size of the Bow Bell!!!
    Alan S.

    1. Hi Alan. All of the moments I have now are ‘senior moments’!
      We haven’t got a bell/buzzer yet so currently one of three things would happen:
      1) We don’t know that they are there. They cannot get in so leave.
      2) They phone us and we go down and let them in
      3) They phone us and we don’t go down and let them in!

      Seriously though we know we need to get a bell.

  4. Kris Jensen says:

    John – you and I have to chat more about the Belikin bottle dilemma. To be sure, it is a matter that requires deeper and more thoughtful reflection. Will likely see you sooner rather than later. 🙂

    1. So Kris, do we consider the dilemma over some Belikins?
      Will be good to see you but I know that you wish it wasn’t necessary.

  5. Jane says:

    The lighting makes your already beautiful “build” even more sensuous, John. Really good thoughts!

    1. Thanks Jane. Also means we (well me) can find our way up the stairs. Belikin strangely blurs my vision!

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