“A Place in the Sun” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

I had firm plans when I got up on Wednesday (yes its that long ago since the last edition) at 05.06 hours (see how precise I can be now that I have an alarm clock in the bedroom) to enjoy my ‘me time’ (you know, mug of black coffee, iPad/The Times online on the veranda). A shower, shave, get dressed and head off to Estel’s for breakfast. And then – start covering our new fence with a preservative.

Well the first couple of points on the plan were very easy to achieve. I mean anyone can make a mug of (instant) black coffee. Yes, even me! Moving to the veranda ( the one on the western (lagoon facing) side of the first floor was easy too. Even carrying the mug of coffee and my iPad (brought the old one out of retirement while the weather is cold and damp). I did have to wear a sweat top though because the weather was still chilly. Well, for me anyway.

I enjoyed around 90 minutes of ‘me time’ and then took care of my ablutions (it sounds so menacing doesn’t it), shaved, brushed my teeth, dressed and took the ride to town for breakfast at Estel’s ((yes regular readers, the second time this week – and they were only open for two of them (remember they don’t open on a Tuesday)).

I got there just in time because I hadn’t been there long when the rain came down (again) and I managed to get a table under cover. Those that had chosen (or had no option) a table on the beach very quickly moved under cover. And then Stevie Wonder’s “A Place in the Sun”started to play in the background. Not in San Pedro just recently Stevie!


View from my table – in the dry.

Lots of the customers had come unprepared for the rain but not the backpackers heading to catch a water taxi.


They manage to fit so much stuff in their rucksacks . Including rainwear!

On the way home I stopped off at Castillo’s Hardware to buy some wood protector (Thompson’s Advanced Waterseal for those of you that are interested in this type of information) at BZ$ 113 a gallon before discount (and Castillo’s always give a discount if you ask) and some paintbrushes. Now I was ready to start on the nearly 8,000 square feet of fencing but the weather wasn’t on my side – it continued to rain – so I took care of some administrative stuff instead.

On Thursday it was still chilly (good painting weather!) but there was no rain so I started once fence – the exterior of the roadside section.


Surprised myself that I can still ‘sit’ on my haunches.


Me doing my Tom Sawyer impression!

Friday held much of the same – it’s a big fence- but reward came in the evening when we went to Pedro’s Hotel for a pasta including clams, shrimp and calamari cooked by Hugo (formerly of Aji Tapa Bar). At BZ$ 40 , including a glass of wine, it was real bargain. An exquisite taste. And a good sized serving.

Saturday I ‘hit’ the fence again but stopped work early because Rose and I went on the Poker Run which this time had Caribbean Villas Hotel as the start point. It’s first under the new owners.


A packed Catamaran Beach Bar (how long will it retain this name?) for the first card. And a Belikin.


“Tinker” rushing to get her card. They start young in Belize!

Next stop was The Road Kill Bar



for the second card. And a Belikin.

We then headed to Lola’ Pub


for the third card. Oh, and a Belikin. Or was it two?

Next stop was Wayo’s Beachside Beenet


for a Belikin. Oh, and we got a card too!

The last stop was Pedro’s Hotel


where everyone got their final card and then the draw too place for the maximum pot of BZ$ 1,050.

If you are waiting for the happy ending there isn’t one. We didn’t win (again). It didn’t matter (too much) though because we had a great time.

For any of you that visit here when a Poker Run takes place do join it. It’s great fun and a fantastic opportunity to meet people out enjoying themselves.

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1966 by Stevie Wonder which reached number nine in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. Alan Slater says:

    By the way John, great work with the pix. I look forward to seeing them.
    Alan S.

  2. Alan Slater says:

    Being me and not the least Tom Sawyerish, I would have opted to use a paint spray gun for that amount of square footage. But…..there we are. Although I must admit, John, there’s no hurry mate!!!!
    Alan S.

    1. Alan, there is every chance that I might end up (well before the end though!) using a spray gun. Being Tom Sawyer isn’t anything like it is made out to be. And, I’m too old to be Tom Sawyer.

  3. Wes Witt says:

    Two pictures from Estel’s and no breakfast picture.

    1. Must remember to stop, take a photo or two before I devour the breakfast. Then I can add captions with ‘awesome’, ‘cute’ and ‘delish’. Or not!

  4. Jane says:

    Good to “read” you back, John?

    1. Good to be ‘back’ Jane although I currently getting frustrated by technical problems! I need Rose.

  5. tom e says:

    LOve the Bar scenes. Thanks for sharing. Best of Luck next time on your poker hand.

    1. Pleased that what I put myself through (!) was worth it.

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