“The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine (Anymore)” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Up reasonably early on Thursday at 04.55 hours ((am able to be precise (presupposing that it is accurate) now because I have an alarm clock)) but didn’t venture out on to the veranda. Any of the verandas. Why, you are probably thinking. Too chilly? Well it was chilly but not as chilly/cold as it had been the previous day. No the reason was that Rose and I were going to Belize City so that she could have her left cheekbone X-Rayed. The cheekbone she fractured last August when she tripped on a wire that was on the veranda of the Ground Floor apartment and fell straight on to the steps.

Doctor Daniel Gonzalez of the Ambergris Hope clinic took first class care of Rose but she has still been getting discomfort from the left side of her face and although an X-Ray taken on the island suggested (( sections of the X-Ray were undeveloped (bit like some of my photos)) that the fracture had healed we wanted a second opinion and decided that we would go the Belize Diagnostic Centre (I went there when I was undergoing my dental treatment) in Belize City so there was no time for ‘me time’. I still had a mug of black coffee though and did manage to scan read The Times online.

We’d booked a 10.00 hours appointment for Rose so decided that we would catch the 09.00 hours Tropic Air flight to the Municipal Airport so we showered and dressed and set off around 08.15 hours. After dropping Rose off at the terminal I took the ‘cart around to Captain Shark’s for a service and oil wash (apparently this gives a degree of protection against rust for the chassis). It seemed sensible to ‘lose’ the ‘cart when we didn’t need it.

On the walk to the terminal to meet Rose raindrops started to fall but fortunately I just got there before the heavens opened but it did make the flight over a little bumpy (Rose is not a good air traveller and particularly does not enjoy take-offs or landings) and this was exacerbated because the plane stopped at Caye Caulker and the ‘International Aiport before landing at the Municipal Airport at 09.35 hours.

After a short taxi ride we arrived at the Belize Diagnostics Center



in good time for Rose’s appointment. This didn’t matter a great deal though because it is fairly common practice in Belize to have to wait beyond the appointment time and this was the case for Rose because she didn’t get in to see the radiologist until 10.20 hours.

The X-Ray itself didn’t take too long but the wait for the interpretation by the radiologist took around an hour (we had already been forewarned of this). But the wait was worth it. We’d feared that the fracture hadn’t healed and that Rose would require surgery to correct this -in fact we’d even been looking at hospitals in Merida and Guatemala City for this. This isn’t necessary now though because the bone has healed. There is some soft tissue damage but the situation is nowhere near as bad as we thought it might be.

For those of you that are interested the cost of the X-Ray and the report by the radiologist was BZ$ 80. For the result we got it would have been cheap at five times the price!

Leaving the ‘Centre we popped in to the Twins grocery store (operated by Chinese people) and stocked up on stuff that is cheaper on the mainland than on Ambergris Caye. For example we bought four jars of coffee ((regular readers will know that I drink a lot (probably too much) of coffee) that compared to some stores on the island was thirty percent cheaper.

With my backpack full and a large bag too we took a taxi to the Municipal Airport hopeful that we could get on the 12.30 hours flight to San Pedro and with five minutes to the departure time it looked as if we had been successful but then two people who had pre-booked tickets arrived so we were ‘bumped’ and had to wait for the 13.30 hours flight.

As we landed we could see that the rain had continued during our absence and after collecting the ‘cart and getting back home we saw just how much it had rained.


North-eastern side of the garden.


Front section of our adjacent lot.


Rear section of our adjacent lot. Looks like the landfill is nearly about right and the crude rock sea-wall is doing its job.

It’s rained so much that at times I’ve felt that the sun ain’t gonna shine anymore the rain though does have its benefits. It’s let us know where more landfill is required (as you can see from the photos above) and it brought our underground rainwater collection tank back in to overflow mode again.


But it also meant that it was too wet for Rubio and Mike to work on the fence for the roadside of our adjacent lot. They did manage though construct the gate.


To provide ease of access for our adjacent lot.


Roll of chicken wire ready for when the posts are in.

On the way home from the airport we stopped off at Castillo Hardware and bought a padlock and a chain for our new front gate and we tried them out as soon as we got home.



We also tried out the rubbish (garbage for non UK readers) platform/enclosure.


No real reason or connection for including the photo below in this edition apart from the fact that I like it. And I am Picture Editor, Editor, Editor in Chief and the Publisher!


Looking east at around 05.30 hours (didn’t have the alarm clock with me so cannot be precise!).

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1966 by The Walker Brothers which reached number one in the UK Singles Chart and number thirteen in the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.


  1. Paul/Dianne Beard says:

    My wife & I have been following your blog. Would like to ask you some questions. . What is your E-mail address ?
    Paul & Dianne Beard Desert Hot Springs, Ca E-mail pdbeard@Gmail.com

  2. tom e says:

    John, I was wondering, Do U get mostly sea breezes this time of the year?

    1. Generally Tom. Although last week the wind appeared to come from all directions.

  3. kristina nadreau says:

    with the humidity being always between 95 and 100%, we have to WD-40 our padlocks and locks about once a month

    1. Same for us with the locks for the golf cart and our well (pump housing).

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