“Needles and Pins” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

What’s this? Two editions in one day. Has amnesia set in and he can’t remember what he’s done you are probably thinking. No. The memory might not be as good as it once was (and it was very, very good once) but it’s not bad. I’m blaming it on the weather. Why? Well there was stuff I was going to do outside but it was too cold – the memory is still OK but there’s no argument that my blood has thinned – so I decided to let you know (who cares I sense you thinking) what yesterday held for me today, rather than making you wait until tomorrow. Showing you the caring and sensitive side of me, aren’t I.

Right, so what about yesterday. Well it was chilly when I got on to the veranda with a mug of coffee and the iPad shortly after 05.00 hours. Given the weather of the last few mornings I assumed that it would be chilly and dressed accordingly ie I put a sweat top on. The extra attire and the hot mug of coffee were all I needed to enjoy my ‘me time’. And I did until Rubio arrived at 06.45 hours to resume work on the fence.

By the time he had got the tools out of the store room/ garage Moses, Mike and Pablo had arrived and then the action began with Moses and Pablo concentrating on the fence on the southern side and Rubio and Mike working on the northern side.


Rubio and Mike resuming where they had finished the day before.


Moses and Pablo getting the extension lead in place.


Moses striking the line for the saw.

And then guys stopped worked. What was happening? Were they going on strike? Not at all, they had stopped to look at the mist (or fog as they called it – nothing Ike the fog of London I recall) that had appeared.





Having taken a look the guys very quickly recommenced work


Moses cutting the vertical planks to size


and Rubio and Mike hammering the vertical planks in to position on the northern side.

Me? I got the call from Rose to come inside- it was curtain time and my involvement was required. Rose had the material laid out, the grommets were there and so were the needles and pins.


Material at the ready. Haven’t a clue what Dolly was doing there. I thought I was the assistant!


Hole cut for the grommet.


Grommet successfully (surprising because I did it) in.

At the end of the day Rose and I had a walk around the garden to take a closer look at the guys’ work.


Vertical posts for the front (roadside) fence in.


Around a quarter to go for the northern side.


View from the sea wall.

Oh well, time to bring this edition to a close. Two editions in one day is perhaps one edition too many for (and probably you too!).

The headline for this edition is based on the single released in 1964 by The Searchers which reached number one in the UK Signles Chart and number thirteen in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. Laurie The Cruisin Camper says:

    Coming along nicely.

  2. Erik says:

    Looks good John; those guys are really fast. I may have missed it but are you painting the fence or is it staying the natural colour?

    1. Hi Erik. Thanks . And yes, they are working quickly.
      I am going to paint it with a preservative – natural colour.

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