“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Another chilly morning on Sunday when I ‘hit’ the veranda with my mug of coffee (black with no sugar as regular readers will know) and the iPad around 05.45 hours.

With a fairly strong wind coming in from the north I once again found it necessary to put on a sweat top. Strange though that the legs don’t feel the chill. Well, my legs anyway. It would be presumptuous of me to assume that the same applies for you.

I sat there enjoying the tranquility until Rubio arrived at around 06.50′ (he seems to be a very punctual and conscientious worker) to start work on the fence so I went down to open the store room/garage for him so that he could get at his tools. While we were there Mike arrived and not long after that the workforce doubled when Moses and Pablo turned up. Progress on the fence has been good with two people working on it, but four!

I mentioned an edition or two ago that I must be acclimatising because although the temperature here is still warm to what I was accustomed to when living in the UK I have definitely felt this drop in the temperature. So, although it was chilly on the veranda I was going to ‘brave it’ out. That is until Rose came out to me and said “Baby it’s cold outside” (OK, this might be my worse link to a headline yet (I say “yet” because I am confident that I will beat it) and suggested that I go in to the house. So I did. This was more to do with the fact that there was football on TV than Rose telling me to come in. Wouldn’t want you to think I do what I am told!

As the day unfolded the increase in the workforce showed itself and the fence grew at a really good pace with Moses and Pablo cutting the lengths and carrying them to the next working position and Rubio and Mike fitting them.


Southern side fence.


Mike holding the 1″ spacer whilst on the other side of the fence Rubio hammers in the nails.


Moses and Pablo lining up the cut planks. Moses is in the foreground.


Moses and Pablo cutting more planks.


And then carrying them to Rubio and Mike.

With this teamwork it didn’t take them too long to complete the fence to the sea wall.


Nearly there.



And then they very quickly started work on the northern side fence, this time working from the sea wall to the road.


Northern side fence underway.


Starting to take shape.

The guys made brilliant progress and they way they are going the whole fence could be completed this week.

In bringing this edition to a close I don’t want you to think that I sat around all day watching the guys work. I didn’t because I was helping Rose cut the material for the curtains she is making. I don’t know that I fulfilled a particularly useful role but every good seamstress needs a dummy!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the version (my favourite) by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Jordan which was released as a single in 1949 and reached number seventeen in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. Jane says:

    No, I thought you said a while ago that your neighbor was moving away. I guess I assumed it was the other concrete house on the lagoon in your pictures.

    1. Think that neighbour must have been when we were renting Jane.

  2. Dee Fuller says:

    Fabulous looking fence. Did you have to treat the wood with something since you are right on the water? We are in Hopkins about 200′ off the beach and were told to avoid using any wood outside as it would deteriorate quickly but I love the look of a wood fence. Did they tell you how long your fence might last and what to do to prevent damage to it?

    1. Hi Dee. It is treated pine but I am going to paint it with a clear preservative.

      As to longevity I am hopeful we will get around 7 years (hopefully more) out of it.

      We spent some time in Hopkins around 5 years ago and loved it.

  3. tom e says:

    Just wondering how high the house is from high tide?

    1. Hi Tom. Don’t know the height v High Tide but the ground floor apartment’s floor is around 5 feet above our ground level. We live on the next floor up though!

  4. Jane says:

    The fence looks just great, John! As meticulous as your amazing home.
    Has your neighbor sold his home yet?
    Stay warm! It’s sure a chilly one today!

    1. Thanks Jane. You are right about it being chilly.
      By neighbour do you mean the beachfront lot opposite our house?

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