“Back When” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Instead of starting today’s edition by regaling you (well I think some of you find it amusing) with my early morning exploits- you know, black coffee, etc – I thought I’d start off by including another of Melissa and Ken Fellure’s pictures from yesteryear.


The Barrier Reef Hotel in Barrier Reef Drive (front street).

One of the first meals that Rose and I had when we first visited Ambergris Caye was back when The Barrier Reef Hotel was operational. We had dinner on the veranda and if I recall correctly it wasn’t the greatest cuisine I’ve experienced but the atmosphere and the view (Rose of course -she was as ‘tasty’ then as she is now) were tremendous.


How it looks now.


Heritage Bank standing just where The Barrier Hotel used to be.

In the previous edition I told you that our container of stuff was delivered on Wednesday morning and that Lloyd and two of his guys carried the parcels to the areas of the house that we had designated for them. So it just remained for Rose and I to rip open the boxes (carefully of course) and place the contents in position in their new ‘home’.

We went ‘at it’ like demons and very soon we were surrounded by cardboard boxes and it was becoming very difficult to move. So remedial action was required.


Empty boxes stacked in front of the ground floor apartment.


And then a bonfire! Our vacant adjacent lot sure comes in handy.

I should mention (don’t really have to of course but I want to) that two of the first boxes we unpacked contained our mattress and a box spring. Time for the air mattress to go back in the bag. It had served its purpose but …

We spent the rest of the day opening boxes but didn’t complete the task so resumed the next morning (after a very comfortable night’s sleep – OK the bed hasn’t been made and delivered yet but …) and after a full day we eventually completed unpacking. And I had another bonfire!

On Friday morning I spent some real quality ‘me time’ on the first floor, lagoon side veranda with a mug of black coffee and my iPad. And a proper chair (photo to follow in the next edition – can’t wait can you!). A mattress and a chair. Oh the bliss. So good that I very nearly didn’t feel like going to Estel’s for breakfast! It was good but not that good so I made the bumpy journey to town for my second bit of self-indulgence of the day. It’s a hard life!

I hadn’t been home long when we heard the sound of a lorry (truck for non-UK readers). The first load of wood for our fence was being delivered.


It didn’t take Ofel Flota‘s guys too long to unload the lorry (truck)


and then start moving it


to the southern side of the house.


With the lorry (truck) unloaded and the wood nicely stacked the guys then set about striking and setting the lines (using fishing line) for the fence for the northern side of our lot.


‘Guide’ frames in place to run the line.


Lines ‘run’.

And then they starting digging the holes for the posts.



Exciting isn’t it. Better than a soap opera! TO BE CONTINUED …

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 2004 by Tim McGraw which reached number thirty in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number one in the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.


  1. kristina nadreau says:

    I am interested, in what factors you considered in the design of your fence, visual appearance, choice of materials, structural??????? what was your thinking?????

    1. Height (a degree of seclusion and security) and cost were the major factors for the decision. Of course we want it to look nice but not at any cost.

  2. Jane says:

    Will give things a check when I drive by today. Perhaps there will be work going on outside.
    We remember the BR Hotel, too, John. Our town as surely “grown up.”

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