“Say It Isn’t So” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Its been a while since I published an edition so I’ve got quite a lot to tell you about to bring you up-to-date. I’ll do this over a few editions and will start the ‘catch-up’ at the end of last week.

I’ve tended to choose the veranda on the first floor at the front of the house quite a few mornings for my first mug of black coffee of the day and a read of The Times online on my iPad. Well I didn’t so much choose it as a heavy driving rain made the choice for me. I’m not complaining though because at least I had somewhere to sit outside in the dry. I’m still making use of the one seat (until our container arrives – more about this later) I can call my own

Most mornings the rain eventually abated enough if I wanted (and I did on a few mornings) to make the very ponderous and bumpy ride to town for breakfast at Estel’s. Well I needed something to cheer me up!

On Friday we got a call from Ofel Flota (his company, Aqua Construction Co Limited, is making some furniture and building and erecting the fence for us) that our first payment to him had eventually ‘hit’ his bank account. Apparently it had been ‘floating around’ in the ‘banking ether’ because Atlantic International Bank Limited had not included the branch account numbers within the wire transfer instructions.

The delay was irritating (and so is the amount of time consumed trying to find out why the payment took so long to be processed) but it has still been made in good enough time for us to have our bed for Christmas. The air-bed has been OK and I now really know what the saying “roll out of bed” (the air-bed only ‘sits’ six inches off the floor) means but I won’t be sorry at all to say “goodbye” to it and “HELLO mattress”!

The other welcome telephone call (don’t know why I phrased it this way because I don’t recall getting any unwelcome ones!) on Friday was from Milyn Gomez, our Customs Broker. He was aiming to present paperwork for our imported goods to the Customs and Excise Department on Monday with the objective of arranging the inspection and clearance the following day and thats exactly what he did and because of this I travelled to Belize City on Tuesday to witness the process (more about this in the next edition).

In a recent edition I included a photo of the two dwarf palm trees that we bought and after this I received comments (one from my sister – so its doubly important!) that only one of the trees could be seen. So to remedy this below is a photo that includes both of the trees.


I don’t like to be a harbinger of bad news but I have now heard from a few people that the closure of BC’s is imminent. I know that this has been quite a few times on the Ambergris Caye.com forum and in one or two blogs but this time it just seems to have more substance.


An island icon.



The ceiling covered with sports shirts that everyone looks up at.


Is the welcome sign about to be replaced with goodbye?

Apparently the notice for the lease for BC’s has been exercised and work on building the Diamante beachfront suites will commence soon.


Hoarding displaying an artist’s impression of what the Diamante development will look like.

I do hope that the speculation turns out just to be another rumour. I just need someone to say it isn’t so.

Regular readers I am sure will recall (you’ll need good memories though because the last edition was some time ago) that I mentioned that Ken and Melissa Fellure (two long-time visitors to Ambergris Caye) had very kindly given mea disk with a collection of photos that they took in the mid eighties to the mid nineties (last century in fact). Well today I include the first of these photos.


Cannibal Cafe. A great place to go for breakfast or a beer (Belikin of course) in the evening.

Cannibal’s was demolished and replaced with a concrete structure that has operated under a number of names and now goes under the name Luna Loca.


Just where Cannibal’s Cafe used to be.

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1983 by Hall & Oates which reached number two in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number sixty-nine in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Kathi Moore says:

    So sad to learn that BC’s will actually be a thing of the past. We had so many hours of fun and laughter there. You should have called today’s blog “they take paradise and put up a parking lot” .

    1. Hi Kathi. Not had it confirmed yet but it does look like it will be closing soon. Couldn’t use your suggestion – it’s not a song title.

  2. Sharon Lord says:

    John – did you ever figure out what kind of palm tress you bought…? We have seen them on trips and love them – but don’t know what type they are!

    1. Hi Sharon. We understand that they are dwarf palms. Look pretty tall to me but …

      1. Harry the Hornet says:

        You have set me up nicely here.

        Of course they look tall in the land of Lilliput!

        I thank you.

  3. Looking forward to seeing you and Rose soon!

    1. As we are to seeing you and Bob again.

  4. Ben & Donna says:

    Hi John, and all the blog readers
    I am new to your blog; I find it informative, interesting reading & great local photo’s, etc. Am fascinated by Belize, we plan to make it there sometime Feb. 2014 for our first Vacation (there! and hopefully many more)…..Merry Christmas 2 all…………

    1. Hi Donna and Ben. Pleased that you found the blog.

      Thanks for the Christmas wishes and the same to you.

  5. Wes Witt says:

    Ok John, first picture critique. You are going to have to do a better job of standing in the exact spot where the original picture was taken. Glad to see you got your shipment before Christmas.

    1. Noted Wes. I’ll try and do better with the next one.

  6. Andy says:

    Glad you are still alive…. no publication…
    I thought the train was on strike and papers by road again, much lateness.. lol.. John sent you a hotmail email…

    1. No strikes here Andy!
      Don’t use hotmail anymore. My email address is:

  7. Jane says:

    You must have heard me yesterday as I drove by. I was calling to you that we’ve missed you and your enjoyable adventures.
    Welcome back, and thanks for the update!

    1. Didn’t hear a thing yesterday Jane -surrounded by cardboard boxes. The area in front of our ground floor apartment looks like a cardboard factory at the moment!

      Hopefully I will now resume a normal (sic) service (!!!) -if that is what you can call a blog.

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