“Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Since the last edition the weather has improved quite a bit. We did experience some chilly (well by Belizean standards anyway) days and it rained (filled the water tank under the house again though!) but the last few days have been lovely, sunny and warm days. Feeling envious? You should be! Who wouldn’t wanna be me? Loads of people wouldn’t actually (for example a good looking twenty year old guy) actually but I needed to get the song title for today’s edition in somehow!

Some of you may be wondering if I am still getting up early and the answer is a resounding YES. I may not have been producing too many editions just lately but I have still had my ‘just me time’ in the morning. Well, me, the mug of black coffee and my good friend iPad. I still haven’t worked out though where I prefer to sit. Do I sit on the first floor veranda overlooking the lagoon or move to the smaller veranda at the front of the house to look out at the Caribbean? Now you are starting to understand (and maybe appreciate or even sympathise with) my predicament. Decisions, decisions. I think though that when I have a proper chair (not the wooden chair that has served all my needs -internal and external – since we moved in to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize six weeks ago) the choice will be a lot easier to make.

So what else have I been doing apart from wondering where I am going to sit first thing in the morning? Well, after some meetings with Ofel Flota (Aqua Construction Limited) Rose and I chose him to construct the furniture (three beds, two night stands, a dresser ,some shelves and six curtain rods) and the six foot fence that we are going to have erected around the lot that our house is on.

Obviously there is a great element of trust (and gut instinct) whenever you appoint someone to carry out some work for you but we are really confident that the furniture will turn out just as we want because Moses (long-time readers will, I am sure, remember that he was the carpenter for our house when he was employed by Daniel Camal our building contractor) works for Ofel.


Moses on the right.

Having chosen the contractor and negotiated an acceptable price (for both him and us) I made arrangements to make a wire transfer from our Atlantic International Bank account to Ofel’s Belize Bank account so that he can order the wood (treated pine) for the fence and I did this on Wednesday. The money though still hasn’t ‘hit’ his bank account. The two banks are only a couple of hundred yards apart from each other. The benefits of electronic banking? I could have walked the money there quicker!

Banking is a pet ‘hate’ for me this week. Aside from the time it has taken to wire the money for our fence I have also experienced real trouble in trying to withdraw cash over the counter at Atlantic International Bank Limited’s branch in Pescador Drive. Four days running I visited the branch, stood in the queue, got to the counter only to be told that the credit card telephone line “is out of order”. Bring back the quill pen and a ledger!

Some things have started to move in the right direction though. All of the stuff we ordered in the States was finally delivered to Hyde Shipping (the company we are using to bring the stuff from Miami ) and our twenty foot container set ‘sail’ on the service that departed on Friday and arrives in Belize City today. Just now need to get approval from the Belize Tourism Board and then ‘pass’ the inspection by the Customs and Excise Department. Then get the container barged to Ambergris Caye and then delivered to our house. The challenge is to have the TV on the wall by Christmas. I’m not asking a lot of Santa !

Rose and I have also spent time agreeing on the list of things that we should have included (thought about) in the build of our house and got Rolando and Nicholas to come to the house so that we could explain what we want and where we want it. We are now waiting for them to come back to us with a quotation for the work. In future editions (cant wait, can you!) I’ll provide details (and photos of course) for the things that we should have thought of but didn’t.

On Thursday we caught the 17.00 hours Tropic Air flight to the Municipal Airport and spent a very enjoyable evening in the company of our friends from BATSUB at the December Wine Club organised by Premium Wines and the Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina.

With a bit of time to ‘kill’ (the event didn’t start until 19.00 hours) we popped in to Le Peit Café to enjoy a pastry (or two). If you find yourself in this part of Belize City its a nice place, with lots to choose from at very reasonable prices.


We had a great evening tasting (well guzzling actually)Taittinger, sparkling wines and port (none of the latter for me though) and all for BZ$30 but all too soon the night was over and after a good night’s sleep at Price Barracks -courtesy of our friends in the British Army – we returned to Ambergris Caye the next afternoon. While we were at the ‘Barracks though we did see the Traveller Palm that Tom recommended to me in a recent Comment that he posted.


Just too big to get on the Tropic Air Caravan!

Around San Pedro the Christmas lights have started to adorn houses and shops alike and it’s fantastic just how much effort these people put in.



Nativity scene at Casa Pareisa in Boca Del Rio.




Christmas tree in Central Park.


Still in Barrier Reef Drive (near the Amigo’s Del Mar office). If you peer hard you can just see Rose.

Well I think I have allowed my mind to meander enough (some of you might think too much) with this edition so I will bring it to a close by leaving you with a shot of the sunset that I think (days blend so easily) I took last Wednesday.


The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 2003 by Keith Urban which reached number thirty in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number one in the US Hot Country Songs chart. If you are wondering why there has been this ‘run’ of Keith Urban songs it’s quite simple, he is one of Rose’s favourite singers and she plays his stuff all the time (and I mean ALL THE TIME). Strange though that when she plays his stuff it’s a video! Could it be something to do with his looks ???


  1. robert says:

    Hi John. Seems like the op. in Miami went to plan, all purchases to Hyde arriving and no probs ?
    Love those palms, ive always called them fan palms , not knowing the real name, there’s a few on the roadside going to Belmopan.
    Im sure your furniture build will go well with Moses in charge. We fly in tomorrow night with a truch wrecked fence and a non starting cart awaiting us !!!!!

    1. Hi Robert, first of all I hope that your journey back was trouble-free.
      I noticed the fence but thought that someone had left the gate open.
      As to our shipment, once we managed to solve the Walmart problem all appears to have gone smoothly. We we will know for sure when the container arrives at our house and we get our hands on the stuff.
      We always referred to the Traveller Palm as a fan palm until we were told otherwise.

  2. kristina nadreau says:

    we are all OK with both rumblings and ramblings……………….kris

  3. lifeagain says:

    We are all still here.
    Write when you feel it….nice sunset photo…
    John you mentioned you bought two trees from the guy passing on a boat….where did you plant the second one and should they be planted close enough so that you can hang your future hammock


    1. Good to know that you are all still there Don. I’d feel a little stupid writing for no one.

      We did buy two of the dwarf palms but the photo I used didn’t show them both very clearly. I’ll post another photo soon to remedy this.

      As to the trees for a hammock (and yes I am going to have one) are likely to be planted in the back garden. Photos to follow in due course.

  4. Barbara says:

    I don’t know why but somehow the combination of Christmas decorations and sand has finally put me in the right mood for the season as I head outside to dig out my car in the snow and cold.

    1. You have given me a troubled mind again Barbara. I am both pleased and sorry at the same time!

  5. kristina nadreau says:

    ty for this post. plz share your thoughts regarding choices for design & materials of your fence. I do look forward to your pix and musings.

    1. Hi Kristina and thanks. Don’t worry, there’ll be lots of photos of the fence going up!

  6. Jane says:

    John – I so look forward to seeing your posts! It’s like jumping into your thoughts for a moment. I hadn’t realized you were fencing the property. It will surely be more grand than it already is! I’ll look forward to seeing that design when you share with us!

    1. And thank you Jane. Pleased that you enjoy my rumblings. I must admit though that there are some days where I don’t know where my thoughts may take me. Could it be too much coffee in the morning ?!

      As to the fence, it will nothing grand. Purely functional.

    2. Meant to write ‘ramblings’ not ‘rumblings’.

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