“Patience” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Let’s dispense with the veranda bit for today’s edition. Just take it as read that I went out there.

During the last couple of days -following our travails in placing orders with Walmart (or Wallymart as Wes, a reader of this blog, refers to this company) ,Rose and I have spent the last couple of days documenting the tracking numbers for every item we have ordered and that will be delivered (we hope) to Hyde Shipping‘s warehouse in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

It’s boring and painstaking work but it had to be done if we wanted to be able to produce a list that Hyde Shipping can use to ‘tick off’ our stuff as it is delivered.

As we worked our way through the orders notating the tracking numbers we were also able to record the expected delivery date (quite a few items have already been received by Hyde Shipping) and with this information calculate that we might, just might, be able to have our twenty foot container (laden with our stuff) set sail on 6 December with an arrival in Belize City on 8 December.

That’s the easy part though. The contents of the container will then need to be inspected and cleared by the Customs and Excise Department and the Belize Agricultural, Health Authority (BAHA). There’s no knowing how long we might have to wait for this to be undertaken . We are just going to have to display extreme patience.

We are hopeful though that the inspection and clearance won’t take too long and the container can be on a barge San Pedro bound the following week and within days I’ll have a decent chair on the veranda for my early morning musings. I’m hopeful that a more comfortable ‘spot’ for my derrière will have a positive effect on my contemplative periods. Or will I just be so comfortable that I don’t want to do anything? Time will tell. Hopefully not too much time though!

It’s been a while since I produced an edition and because of this (and probably reducing memory capacity through increasing age) I cannot recall exactly what I may or may not have mentioned so apologies in advance if I am repeating myself.

With the ordering process ‘out of the way’ Rose and I have now started to focus on the other things on our ‘things to do list’.

We’ve spent a fair bit of time discussing the design for the furniture we are now going to have made locally. First on this sub-list is our bed. We’ve grown accustomed to sleeping on the air bed (and I now truly know what rolling out of bed means) but we are so looking forward to climbing (why do they call it ‘climbing in to bed’? Sort of conjures up images of crampons and pitons!) in to bed and laying on a proper (and good) mattress.

We’ve now decided the dimensions,style and colour of the bed and the dresser that we want made to accompany (and , hopefully, compliment) it along with the dimensions, style and colour for the Queen and Full size beds for the ground floor, self-contained apartment.

We’ve also made a start on cleaning up the garden. At this stage just clearing up the debris remaining from the build. Broken pieces of tile, PVC piping off-cuts, plastic bags and bottles, chunks of cement, etc. One of Lloyd’s guys brought his machete along to give one of the trees in the front garden a good prune.




After. Well nearly after anyway.

And work has started on the small rock wall that will run the length (from roadside to the lagoon) of the southern side of our adjacent lot.


Getting the boards in place for the wheelbarrow.


“That should work”.


And it does!


The wall begins.

We also had the benefit of the road being graded on either Wednesday or Thursday (see what I mean about the memory starting to fade) at around 06.00 hours.


Grader going past the end of our front garden.

It improved the road materially and massively reduced the journey time to the bridge and we enjoyed it while it lasted. But it didn’t last long because the rain came down again and washed the fill away!

It’s been a busy few days but I still ‘found’ time to look out over the Caribbean


And watch the sun ‘say’ goodbye for another day.


The headline for today’s edition is based on the album released by George Michael in 2004 which reached number one in the UK Albums Chart and number twelve in the US Billboard Hot 200.


  1. Jane says:

    Can’t wait for a picture of the new “chair” on he veranda. Then I’ll know you’re really moved in!

    1. Me too Jane. Although I will also be using a fooling chair so that I have ‘freedom’ to choose where I sit in the morning.

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