“Dancing in the Street” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Up yesterday (Tuesday) at around 04.40 hours and in what seemed like no time at all (well it wasn’t because it took me just a few minutes) I was out there on the veranda with the mug of black coffee and my iPad. Oh, and one of the two chairs that we currently have that can be moved easily.

I focused first on ‘knocking out’ yesterday’s edition of the blog which, given the paucity of stuff to include, didn’t take me too long. So I then caught up with what is going on around the world via my subscription to The Times online. I spent some time reading about (and looking at photos of) the disastrous consequences of the typhoon in the Philippines. This got me to reflecting on how fortunate I am.

OK I’d love two tickets for the World Cup in Brazil next year (anyone know anyone???). I wish I could speak fluent Spanish (or even enough to have a rudimentary conversation). It wouldn’t be a bad thing to have a bit more money. But on balance I’m more than happy with my lot.

I’ve got a fantastic wife (this very public pronouncement should get me whatever I want to eat for at least the next two weeks!). I live in a great place in our new home. I’m happy with my health and general level of fitness. Both could be better obviously but I am in to my seventh decade on this planet.

See what sitting on the veranda early in the morning does to me. I think it’s something to do with where the veranda is though.

Given that it was Garifuna Settlement Day Rose and I decided to enjoy the public holiday and have a holiday too (many of you are now probably thinking that life is just one long holiday for us anyway and to a great extent it is. But, not totally) and would spend a bit of it watching the Garingua that live on Ambergris Caye celebrate the day in 1832 when their descendants first landed on the British settlement of Belize.

I could (and probably should if I want to get serious about this blogging lark) have gone to ‘Town around daybreak to watch the reenactment of the Garifuna landing on Belizean soil all those years ago. But I didn’t because I was enjoying my period of reflection too much. So instead, Rose and I contented ourselves by heading off to ‘Town shortly before 11.00 hours.

On the way there we ‘took time out’ to take a look at the Boca Del Rio rejuvenation project as it nears completion. And it is looking good.



Freshly planted shrubs and trees.


Climbing frame for the children (and the young of heart. Or is it, young in mind?).


Toilets nearly finished.

Even with our light detour we got to ‘Town in good enough time for the commencement of proceedings -the speeches.



Ceremony opens with a song sang in Garifuna by a young girl.

Followed by another young girl singer.


And then the speeches.


Mayor ‘Danny’ Guerrero.


And then Manuel Heredia Jr, the Minister of Tourism and Culture.

Followed by , for me the star of the speeches, Angel Nunez, who gave an unscripted, very enjoyable and educational, speech.


Angel Nunez, former Principal of San Pedro High School.

I found the speeches interesting but this obviously wasn’t the case for everyone.


But they were for some.


With the speeches over the remembrance was brought to a close with a soulful, and heartfelt rendition in Garifuna.


And then the drummers came out and it was time to party. But not before Jorge Aldano of the San Pedro Sun was presented with his Garifuna shirt for helping to organise the event.


“Are you sure this suits me?”.


And then they started to dance, nearly dancing in the street (OK, so around 60/70 feet away but I need a headline).



She could really shake her booty.

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1964 by Martha Reeves which reached number two in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number four in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. robert says:

    Hi John. Thx for the pics of the park, atleast we will look out onto something half decent, just hope the newly installed planters and contents survive the local kids. We are just back from St Lucia, and having been there are putting the beach bungalow up for sale on our return on Dec 11
    Trust all going well with your Miami purchases

    1. Hi Robert.

      The ‘Park looks really good. A massive improvement on how it was.

      Sooty to ‘hear’ hat your trip to St Lucia has gone so well that you will be leaving AC. But we only have the one ‘go at it’. Hopefully the bungalow will sell very quickly.

      As to Miami purchases, we got it all sorted in the end. Now just waiting for all of it to be delivered to Hyde Shipping so that it can make its journey to Belize City. And then the ‘fun’ begins.
      Best to you both.

  2. kristina nadreau says:

    thank you

  3. I so much enjoy following you and your blog; hoping that we can follow suit and do what you’ve done! Just not sure where we want to settle; my sister and I plan another trip to Belize in March – planning on spending a few days in San Pedro and would love to meet you guys! Thanks for sharing your adventure!

    1. Hi Carolyn
      Pleased that you enjoy the blog. And hopefully it has/will provide you will some useful information for your plan to relocate in Belize.
      Each place has its pros and cons so you are wise to visit a number of areas to determine what feels right for your sister and you.
      Email me nearer your visit and we will see if a ‘meet up’ is possible.
      Kind regards


  4. Anton says:

    Nice !!

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