“Living in a Box” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize

I can’t really remember too much about Wednesday. I know I went out on the veranda around 05.00 hours with my mug of coffee (black, the coffee not the mug, that is) and my iPad. I also know that it rained (well I’m pretty certain it did anyway because it feels like it has rained every single day during the last two weeks).

I also know that Rose and I took a drive to ‘Town so that she could get her Belize Drivers License which is -for those of you who might be interested – a really simple process.

You fill in the application form and take it , along with a photocopy of the driver’s license from your country of origin, to the San Pedro Town Council’s Transport Department (located on the ground floor now), have your photo taken (for your new license), pay a fee of BZ$ 60 (BZ $ 180 for a three year license – you can only get one of these after you have had a one year license first) and you get your licence. Simple!

Another thing you might (or might not) be interested to learn is that renewal is on your birthday. So, it doesn’t make sense to get a license in September if your birthday is in October!

When we got home we had lunch and did some house cleaning. The guys that had worked on our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize had cleaned up before we moved in but … We then waited for our evening out because we had been invited to have dinner with Wes, a fairly long-time reader of the blog who lives in Houston.

Earlier this year Wes and his wife Teresa bought 18 Degrees North (sorry cannot find the symbol on my iPad) which is a vacation rental property around six miles north of San Pedro Town. Eventually (in around six years if I paid attention to what Wes said) they will move here and call it home but until then other people can enjoy all that it has to offer. And it has a lot.

Wes had already got our taste buds going when, earlier in the day, he had sent us a photo following his snorkelling trip.


Look good enough to eat, don’t they!

Wes very graciously came to collect us in his boat (the journey up by ‘cart, following the heavy rain, would have been very long AND very bumpy) and after a quick tour of our house, we set off around 17.00 hours.


Our transport.

After a short drive (perhaps around fifteen minutes) we arrived at the house where we were greeted by Samantha, the chef, who is available for hire by renters of the house and after a look around the house and its grounds sat down for a gorgeous meal of lobster and plantain, conch fritters, fried snapper, rice and beans, salsa and cheese dip and chips. No photos of the meal because I was too busy eating it!

It was too dark to take photos of the house that would do it justice so I have taken the liberty (and I suppose have cheated a bit) by including photos from one of the websites that Wes uses for bookings.





The kitchen – where Samantha weaved her magic.

It what seemed like no time at all it was time for us to take the short boat journey home


The view on the way to the boat.

Thanks Wes for a truly memorable night.

Yesterday I headed in to town for breakfast ( yes, at Estel’s) before going to have the cargo box for the golf cart fitted. Whilst there a group of Garifuna musicians and dancers popped in to entertain us.


After breakfast I drove to Victor’s workshop where he very quickly set about fitting the resized cargo box.


Resized box.


Power on.

And Victor is off!




It’s in.


Drilling the holes for the bolts.

Victor is a very good worker and if you are looking for a welder (I am NOT on commission) you can get him on : (501) 623 1607.



It’s cavernous.. You could virtually live in it. A bit like living in a box but…

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1987 by Living in a Box which reached number five in the UK Singles Chart and number seventeen in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. joanne says:

    I just found your blog and it is interesting…I live south on the island in san marcos …horseshoe player Canadian at crazy canuks like your work in progress…have a good one keep up the info …joanne

    1. Thank you Joanne. Pleased that you enjoy the blog.

  2. Wes Witt says:

    I really enjoyed meeting you guys and getting a tour of your new home. Thanks for the shameless plug for my property and I promise to drag Teresa down next time. By then surely WallyMart will have your orders in and shipped down to you.

    1. We enjoyed spending time with you too Wes.

      I wouldn’t have given the plug for your place unless I really believed that it offers all that is needed for a great vacation on Ambergris Caye.

      Just love WallyMart (your name for the company that is).

      Look forward to seeing you again. Hopefully accompanied by Teresa.

  3. kristina nadreau says:

    I am constantly amazed by the ingenuity of the Belizeans….. they can make something out of very little using only a few small tools.

    1. Agreed Kristina. The Belizeans are definitely innovative.

  4. Great idea on the metal cargo box on the golf cart. Sounds like unpacking is going as painlessly as possible. Hello to your Rose from me.

    1. Thanks Hazel. We have already found it to be of use with the shop we just finished.

      Unpacking hasn’t been too bad because we have left some of the crates sealed (we know what is in them and don’t need any of the stuff yet).

  5. I adore reading your absolutely brilliant blog, as am hoping to move to AC in 2014. I’ve been going to Belize since 1982 (must have been 12 years of age!) and fell in love. While I don’t intend to build, simply reading your “hints” is of interest – license, shipping, purchasing, etc etc. Looking forward to many more and no doubt will see you and Rose at Estels one of these mornings soon (Jan-Feb)

    1. Really pleased that you enjoy the blog Marsha. And that you find some of the information that I provide of interest. Things may have changed by the time you move here but maybe not too much on the administrative stuff. Although 2014 is nearly upon us so may be very little will have changed.

      Rose and I (more likely me because Rosé doesn’t go there that often) will look out or you at Estel’s . I know who to look for because I visited your Facebook page.

  6. Harry the Hornet says:

    The lyrics are ‘Living in a box, living in a cardboard box’ but I suspect putting a cardboard box on your golf cart would not be a good idea in your current weather conditions. By the way there’s plenty of snow here in Ushuaia.

    1. But the song title is Living in a box. Have you got your gloves and scarf with you?

      1. Harry the Hornet says:

        Yes and full thermals too. A week ago I was in flip flops and swimming trunks in Brazil. It’s a bloody big continent this.

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