“Street Life” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Determined to get back in to my routine I was up and out on the veranda yesterday (first floor, lagoon side) with a mug of black coffee and the iPad before 05.00 hours.

I spent a little (and I mean a little) time with The Times online reading what Arsenal should have done (they lost) the previous day against Manchester United. I really didn’t need reminding that we lost against them (again) so I turned my attention to writing yesterday’s edition

The literary juices weren’t flowing though (it probably showed in what I finally published) so I decided I needed a change of scenery. Only one thing to do. Shower, shave, get dressed and head off to Estel’s for breakfast!

I got there around 07.45 hours to find the place surprisingly busy -perhaps the welcome absence of rain had brought people out or is it a sign of increased numbers of tourists and the sunbirds returning?) and found that all of the smaller tables at the back of the deck were taken so I took one of the larger tables at the front ((I normally leave these for larger groups if I can (see what a thoughtful type of person I am)).

The view was as it always is.


See what I mean?

Only one thing to do. Enjoy the view, my breakfast and finish what I had started – yesterday’s edition. And I did just that and was ready to leave when the heavens opened up and down the rain came.


Sometimes guilty of not being all that bright (read intelligent for non UK readers) I had forgotten to take my raincoat with me (given the weather of the last week or so you would have thought I would have known better) so I was ‘forced’ to sit it out.

It eventually subsided and I headed off home and got there shortly after 09.30 hours and Rose and I resumed unpacking crates and boxes of stuff that we had shipped over from the UK and in one of the boxes I was pleased to be reacquainted with a wood carving that I bought in Bali around twenty years ago.


I cannot remember which god it represents but I just love the intricacy of the carving (the photo doesn’t do it justice).


A shadow of itself!

Tiring of unpacking (well more the walk up two flights of stairs from the Store Room/Garage on the Ground Floor really) Rose and I took ‘time out’ for lunch and while she was preparing this I ‘knocked out’ another email to Michael Dukes, the CEO of Walmart. Let’s see if this one changes things!

After lunch we headed off to ‘Town so that we could upgrade our Smart prepaid Internet package (we initially ‘went’ for the 5GB package but our (failed) attempts at ordering online had seen this nearly used in only eleven days) to 15GB. Cost? It’s BZ$ 110 a month. Expensive isn’t it. And it’s not really fast. But…

We then went to the San Pedro Town Council’s Transport Department to finalise the transfer of ownership of our golf cart (when we bought it in May the Transport Department turned down our application because they were not satisfied with our off street parking at the condo we were renting so we have been driving under a permit issued to Captain Shark’s).

With the move to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize we have ample parking so last week I resubmitted my application and it was approved and within fifteen minutes yesterday (plus BZ$ 150) I had the permit and the change of ownership certificate. Result!

As we headed off to OUR golf cart we heard the sounds of drums. What could be going on? It was the San Pedro High School making a parade through town to celebrate becoming National Volleyball Champions for 2013/2014.


Transport Department truck leading the way.










Well done San Pedro High School.

Before heading home we took time out for a chat with Terryl Godoy (aka Man@Work) who was working on his latest painting in Barrier Reef Drive.


“Couldn’t wait to see it finished!”.

We then headed home and unpacked the groceries (Rose had shopped whilst I took care of the other stuff) and then had dinner but we weren’t at home for long. We deserved a Belikin so headed back in to ‘Town. It’s all go!

On the way home we were taken by just how many eateries have opened up on our route (probably never paid attention before) and particularly in the Boca Del Rio area.




If you look around there is an amazing amount of street life in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.

Before bringing today’s edition to a close I’ll leave you with a few photos of the sun rising this morning (shortly before 06.00 hours) that I took from the roof.



Apologies for the power lines in the shots. Can’t do much about them though!

The headline for today’s edition is based in the single released in 1979 by The Crusaders featuring Randy Crawford which reached number five in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Carmell Dickson says:

    Love the carving John! What a beautiful sunrise, maybe the rain will stay away this week!!

    1. Thank you Carmell. It took my eye all those years ago.
      No luck with the rain, it came down again this morning.

  2. kristina nadreau says:

    I believe your carving is a seated buddha………. my best guess. I have several that are my treasures. a large granite representation lost one of his arms coming to Belize. thank you for sharing your blog.

    1. Might be seated Kristina but not a Buddha, it is a Hindu goddess but I cannot remember which one.

      Sorry to hear about your granite Buddha.

  3. lifeagain says:

    john, thanks for giving us a peek of San Pedro in your street life shots that is has not been normally shared. I thought it was really interesting that the photos were taken at night and everyone seems so relaxed. I loved the street lighting especially.

    1. Probably a few Belikins made them so relaxed Don. It does for me!

  4. robert says:

    Hi John, Its another blue sky day near in West Columbia !!! Seems the Caye is awash .
    Off to view St Lucia on Friday , theyve got ‘proper roads !!! Wouldnt you be better off with a ‘Hotspot’ , cheaper and faster and mobile.
    Buying outside USA when you dont have a US address or Credit card is a total pain. Lee’s chinese is a great little place , good and reasonable. Also sell cold beer and phone top up

    1. Been good for filling up the water tank though. As fast as we use the water the rain has replaced it. And some.
      Good luck in St Lucia.

  5. Kathi Moore says:

    Beautiful carving, John. Hi Rose

    1. Hi Kathi. Thank you. It took my eye all those years ago in Bali. Rose asked me to let you know that she has made the first real use of her handicraft room – she has altered a pair of her trousers. Taking them in, not out!

  6. Michael Johnson says:


    I apologize if I’m overstepping. I noticed you were having some issues with your Walmart.com orders. I’m only a recent follower of your blog but I am a store manager for Walmart. If you want to send me an email, I can try to troubleshoot it from this end. I can’t make any promises but I don’t mind calling a few people.


    1. Michael you are far from overstepping the mark. Your offer is very gracious and really appreciated.

      I am waiting for a call from Sharon (a Resolution Specialist) today (I assume my email to your CEO got passed down.

      If I get no joy I would love to take you up on your offer. Hopefully I will not have to though.

      Kind regards


      1. Michael says:


        Did customer service from DotCom find a way to take care of you? I met with someone that gave me a couple of options that might work and got the name of a contact I can email. It was a coincidence that one of the higher ups at Walmart.com dealing with customer service was in my store Tuesday about another matter and I brought up your situation. I imagine anyone moving down there but using payment from their Country of Origin might have a similar problem. Keep me in the loop and if you need it, we’ll try a few things.


      2. Hi Michael. Have sent you an email.
        Publicly I would like to thank you for your offer of help. This is really appreciated.
        Kind regards


  7. Jane says:

    You’re adventurous, JH. I feel like we’ve been stuck up north for weeks!

    1. Only down here the one time Jane. I’m not a Buddist!

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