“You Keep Me Hangin’ On” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Chose a different position this morning to take my coffee (black), my iPad and myself. The rain was coming down (again) when I got up at 05.45 hours this morning (I think that because I have to go up the stairs to go to bed it is making me tireder!) but had stopped by the time I had made my coffee ( black) so I decided to take my chair to the front of the house. First Floor veranda, near the door.


View from my chair.

Now where was I? In yesterday’s edition I got as far as telling you what progress had been made on our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize up to Tuesday lunchtime. Today’s edition brings you (and me for that matter) up-to-date.

Around 13.00 hours Charlie and Jerome arrived to finish off the carpentry that had been so abruptly brought to an end on the previous Saturday when they punctured the water pipe in the Utility Room. .

In no time at all they had fitted the shelf and hanging rack


and within minutes we were testing the shelf’s strength with storage bags containing sheets and towels!

They then moved downstairs to fit the hanging rack in the larger of the bedrooms in the Ground Floor self-contained apartment.


Now our guests have somewhere to hang their clothes!

Rafael (aka The Frog) also arrived with Charlie and Jerome and he had come to apply (or so I thought) cement sealant to the patch in the wall in the Utility Room after the shelf had been fitted.

It didn’t take him too long and within minutes he was loading his golf cart ready to depart. But something didn’t feel right. So I ran (I still can) down the stairs to catch him and then I saw it. A can of emulsion. Not cement sealant.

Using a combination of gesticulation and monosyllabic speech I let him know that something was wrong. But what? I then had a brain wave and went to the Store Room/Garage (well it will serve as a garage when we have emptied all of the boxes of our stuff from the UK) and got a tub of cement sealant. Pointing at the can of emulsion and shaking my head in a negative fashion and then pointing at the tub of ‘sealant and nodding my head in a positive fashion he got the message.

Grabbing the sealant he returned upstairs and sponged the emulsion from the affected area and then dried it off (with his ‘T’ shirt no less!) and within minutes the coat of sealant had been applied.


Yesterday (Wednesday in case I have managed to confuse you with my attempt to ‘play’ catch-up) morning Rolando and Rafael (aka The Frog) turned up. Rolando to fix one of the down lights in the living area that wasn’t working (loose connection)


and then the pair of them set about fitting extensions to the drain pipes set in the walls for the Second Floor veranda/roof terrace (the pipes in place were not long enough to clear the walls of the First Floor veranda below).


Northern side.


Southern side.

With a length of pipe, a hacksaw and some adhesive they very quickly set about solving the problem.


Rolando obviously had his mind on other things because I heard Rafael exclaim “Come on Rolando give me the adhesive” (OK he doesn’t speak English but I need a headline) ” You keep me hangin’ on“.

Within no time at all they had fitted extensions for all of the pipes and the water (it was raining again) was clearing the walls of the veranda below.


It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing image but it is effective.


Southern side finished.

Whilst the guys were at work Rose and I spent time in the Store Room/Garage opening crates from the UK and reacquainting ourselves with some of our old ‘friends’ and then carrying them up the two flights of stairs to the First Floor. Again and again. And again.

At around 17.15 hours I thought I deserved a break so I took the camera up to the roof to watch the sunset.


I wasn’t the only one to think that the rooftop was THE place to be!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1966 (the year, co-incidentally, that England won the World Cup) by The Supremes which reached number one in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number eight in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. lifeagain says:

    Nice photo at the end…it says a lot…right time good place…

    1. The scene is just as nice in the morning Don.

  2. Kat George says:

    Looks like a good place to twine grape vines along the edge of your upper verandah.

    1. Don’t think you are talking about my veranda Kat but the rooftop of my neighbour.

      I will not be growing any vines on our house.

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