“Heroes and Villains” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

I will open up today’s edition by apologising to regular readers for the couple of days absence. When I started the blog at the end of October last year I never intended that it would be a daily blog but that I would try to publish a minimum of six editions a week. I haven’t always stuck to this self-made promise but the weeks when I haven’t have been few and far between.

Last week though I just knew that I would struggle. There was just too much going on. In fact even when I have published I have forgotten to include things that I thought might be of interest. For example I had so much on my mind last week that I forgot to mention that someone, somewhere must have known that Rose and I had moved in to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Why? Did someone send us a “Welcome to your new home” (we did receive one from my sister Chris)? No, but it was something equally as nice as that. The San Pedro Town Council sent out a team of guys to fill the many and deep potholes of the road north of the bridge. I don’t know how far north of us they went (a bit selfish I know ) but it made the drive back and forth to ‘Town so much more pleasurable. That was until the heavy rains started (and we have had some really rainy days and nights) and I am sorry to ‘say’ that the potholes are already back!


The grader at work at the end of our front garden.

Thursday and Friday were general cleaning up days with only Alfredo and Rafael (a new guy) working on our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.. Applying more grout around the windows and sliding doors, painting over dirty/scuff marks, clearing rubbish from the garden and generally tidying up the First and Second Floors.


Alfredo painting near the Pump Room.


Freshly painted base “wall” for the first flight of the entrance stairs.


And the second flight.


Clean up of the bedroom (Rose’s handicraft room) on the First Floor.

And Friday Alfredo and Rafael were joined by Rafael (aka The Frog) to start dismantling the bodega. It’s had been in our front garden for nearly a year and had started to look little worse for wear and I thought that it would come down really easily. In fact I thought with a little bit of hammering in the right places it would all down. But I was wrong. The three guys spent the whole afternoon on it and still didn’t manage to dismantle it completely.



Not quite goodbye bodega but …

On Saturday morning Charlie and Jerome, the carpenters, turned up with the remaining bits of woodwork.


Chest of drawers for my walk-in closet.


Supports for the last shelf for the Utility Room.


The remaining shelf!

Around thirty minutes later Rolando and Nicholas turned up with the ‘missing’ toilets. One for Rose’s bathroom, one for my bathroom and one for the en-suite for the smaller bedroom in the Ground Floor self-contained apartment.


Alfredo carrying Rose’s toilet up the stairs.


Nicholas and Rolando taking my toilet up the stairs.


Nearly there.

It was all going so well. And then. Charlie and Jerome became the villains when, in fitting the shelf for the Utility Room, they burst the water pipe for the toilet in the bathroom for the smaller bedroom in the apartment. And then our heroes appeared. Nicholas and Rolando very quickly turned off the water and went in to action.

By removing the light fitting that water was gushing through in the small bedroom in the apartment.



And sticking a bucket under it to catch the water.

Very quickly Nicholas set about exposing the pipe that Charlie and Jerome had punctured.



Go Nicholas, go.

And in no time at all the damaged section had been replaced and covered with a first coat of cement.



We knew who the heroes and villains were on the day!

Oh, by the way, Charlie and Jerome did manage to install my chest of drawers.


The headline for today’s edition is based on the single by The Beach Boys which was released in 1967 and reached number twelve in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number eight in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Alan Slater says:

    Happy House Warming to you both and hope that this is the beginning of a beautiful new life for you. Sorry to hear of the inside water problems, but at least they didn’t match the outside water problems. It seems like you have had heavier rains this season.
    I have been talking to my brother and niece in the U.K. about the severe storm that nailed the whole of the south coast, from Cornwall to north of London. The worst storm since 1987. They didn’t call it a hurricane, because it was not formed over hot sea waters!!!!! Talk about being politically correct!!! Winds in excess of 100mph are a helluva hurricane in my book!!!! It covered Normandy, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Lots of trees down and power outages, with airports closed, overground rail cancellations and disruptions to the Underground. My brother only got 50 mile an hour gusts in the N.W. but my niece lives in Worthing, on the Channel. They got pasted. Anyhoooo…..enjoy your new house and keep on blogging John. Gotta keep the old grey matter busy!!!!

    Alan S.

  2. Julian Foster says:

    Here’s hoping they manage to fix the roads at least one more time at the end of the rainy season — so I can have a smooth drive north when I get down there in December!!

    Does getting toilets in allow you to move “up” in the world??

    “Up, up and away” By the way, that’s a good title for the day you can report you’ve moved up to your main home!


    1. Hi Julian

      I am sure that the roads will be regraded after the rainy season. The Mayor is – from what I have observed- more than aware of the importance of tourism to the island and realises that more and more money is being spent north of the bridge.

      As to moving in to our area (the first and second floors), we did that Saturday evening after the burst pipe incident.

      Kind regards


  3. Jane says:

    I feel your pain, John, on the road! I went by on my way into town yesterday and sent you a quick wave, but two hands on the wheel was a must after our recent rains. I’m beginning to feel like a hermit these days!
    Glad you got the water pipe fixed quickly…

    1. And with the rain we have so far today Jane the road can only get worse.
      Sorry I didn’t see you when you drove by, will look harder next time!

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