“Food, Glorious Food” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

I am still finding it slightly strange when waking up at our new home. Finding that I veer off in the wrong direction until I remember that we are no longer in the condo we rented during our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize. Can’t remember immediately which kitchen cupboard we have stored the coffee and mugs in.

Remembering takes a little longer when you have more choices. We have more cupboards and drawers in the Ground Floor self-contained apartment we are using until our two floors are completed. There is a greater choice of where to go sit with my first mug of coffee of the day and my iPad when I get up in the morning. No chairs at the moment but a lot more places where it would be great to have one!

After showering, etc yesterday morning and then having breakfast (haven’t made the trip south yet to Estel’s – just know that I will soon though!) Rose tried out the washing machine for the first time. This took a little longer than it should have done because the users manual had ‘gone missing’ (one of the guys on a well meaning tidy-up?) and she had to research via the Internet. It didn’t take her long though because -unlike me- she is a very practical person. AND she understands and PAYS attention to the technical stuff. Me ? My approach is to press buttons (sometimes very randomly) until something happens. Sometimes this approach works but sometimes it can have horrible consequences (or good ones if I want to get out of doing something!).

With the washing done it was great to be able to ‘hang’ it in direct sunlight (for seventeen months the veranda of the condo we rented was where it would hang to dry).


So much space to choose from.


Here will do!

At around 06.45 hours José arrived and he and I had a chat whilst he ate his breakfast before starting work and I (doing so covertly) looked over his shoulder to see the other guys arrive. But nothing. No-one else arrived. Just José. When I asked him where Angel and Alfredo were he told me that they had been moved to Grand Bayman, another project that Daniel is working on. José is good but there is still a fair bit to do before the house can be ‘signed off’ with Daniel Camal, our building contractor, as being complete. This wouldn’t do. We have had enough of waiting. Time for action.

So Rose and I decided to undertake a thorough inspection of the house and compile a comprehensive list of the things still needing to be completed. We started off (armed with a pad, pen and spirit level) at ground level and worked our way, room by room, veranda by veranda, in and around the house.

It took us quite a time but by the time we had finished we had drawn up a list of forty-one items ranging from light switches not being level, to door locks not being fitted, to toilets not installed, missing grouting between tiles, to clearing the rubbish from our lot. We then went in to the apartment and I sent an email to Daniel with out list.

The email brought almost immediate action because within around forty-five minutes Alfredo arrived to take care of the jobs requiring painting. Around fifteen minutes after that Rafael (aka The Frog) turned up to start taking rubbish away. And within thirty minutes of that Daniel arrived accompanied by Rolando and Nicholas.

We then took a tour of the house with Daniel reviewing the items on our list seeing guys on our way around already working on the outstanding items (Daniel had given them copies of my email with their respective tasks highlighted).


Toilet seat fitted for Powder Room.


Rubbish removal from inside the house begins.

In the evening Rose and I decided that we would ‘treat’ ourselves and go out to eat and Rose chose The Reef Restaurant (in Pescador Drive) as the venue.


Brightly coloured, Caribbean themed, exterior.

It’s not the plushest of eateries – simple but very well cooked and presented food served by eager and attentive staff- but does have a decor that cannot fail to remind you of the ‘Sea.


Not the greatest photo but hopefully you get the idea.


It has been some time since we last ate there and the obvious difference we noticed was a bar in the corner (purchased we were told from the now closed Ambergris Delight). The bar is not open for business yet but will be soon. This will bring it closer to what it was when Rose and I first went there perhaps around ten years ago. Why? Well there was a bar in exactly the same spot!


The bar. Not open yet but…

I chose grilled shrimp, rice and beans with green salad


My choice.

I must remember (now that I am moving to mainstream blogging!) to take a photo before I start eating!

And Rose’s


Grilled snapper, rice and beans and green salad.

It was either very good or I was extremely hungry. Or both.


My plate at the finish.

The price? An exceptionally reasonable BZ$ 57 for the two meals, two Belikins and the service tax. Not bad eh?

On the way home we drove down Caribena Street and noticed a frenzy of activity in a brightly lit shop unit. Being the inquisitive (or is it just plain nosey?) type I stopped the ‘cart to take a better look. It’s a new restaurant. Jerri Jonh. An Italian restaurant that opens today (you read it here first).

Rose and I will give it a try soon but in the meantime here’s a look at what’s on offer from the menu.



It just goes to show that there is never a problem finding food, glorious food in San Pedro!

Today’s headline is based on the opening song of Oliver, the musical written by Lionel Bart which premièred in London’s West End in 1960.


  1. Julian Foster says:

    Be careful getting up in the middle of the night until you get the new layout down firmly in your mind! Old habits tend to die slowly…

    I know that the roads are not at their best right now, but I’m curious just how far north you have gone with your new cart? I’ll be renting one for two weeks from Carts Belize and I am wondering just how bad the roads are these days. I last drove north a couple of years ago and there was a lot of construction going on and the road was really awful – Karol, my wife, made me turn around somewhere north of Capricorn (if I remember right).

    Thanks for a good job on keeping us informed on your build. It was a lot of fun seeing the progress day by day. I know I (and I’m sure many others) really enjoyed being “in the loop” as it progressed.


  2. lifeagain says:

    The reef meal looked good….But that Italian menu sure read well. I now know what i will be having for lunch in about 2 1/2 hours from now. I’m going to find a good pizza and pasta place here in Oakland. The dry rack looked so lonely out there all by itself.


    1. It was good Don. That’s why I cleared the plate so quickly.

      I’ll let you know what the food is like at Jerri Jonh after I have tried it.

  3. Kat George says:

    Enjoyed seeing the menu of the new Italian place. Are the prices in US $$ or Belizian $$?

  4. Emily says:

    That is one great drying rack! And the price…amazing. I bought a nice wooden one at Castillo’s for a lot more than that (I’m thinking it was $100BZ if memory serves), and it was still a deal as we used it more than any other single item in our condo.

    1. A real bargain Emily. It’s going a little rusty but what doesn’t out here.

  5. Janice says:

    John, I have been searching for a drying rack, such as this, for almost two years. Where did you purchase it, if you don’t mind sharing? Hope you and Rose enjoy your new home. Janice

    1. Hi Janice. I came across purely by chance when reading a newspaper whilst waiting in the Dentist’s reception. There was an ad in the newspaper placed by Delta store in Albert Street. I paid BZ$29 for it. A bargain. They were nearly five times that at Benny’s. Hopefully they still have them in stock.

  6. Louise Gow says:

    Congratulations – now living in the house. Looks fantastic. Cant wait to see it!!

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