“Above the Clouds” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

I slept like a baby (or maybe I didn’t? Well I didn’t wake up crying. Or needing to be changed. Or a feed. So why do people use this expression to describe a good sleep?) on our first night in our new home.

OK, so we are currently living in the Ground Floor self-contained apartment whilst the First and Second Floors get finished (still waiting for three toilets to arrive (one for the apartment and the other two for Rose’s and my bathroom), the remaining door locks to be fitted, the closets to be finished (the larger bedroom in the apartment, the bedroom on the First Floor (Rose’s handicraft room) and mine) and the general snagging and tidy up of our lot. But we don’t care too much because we are in.

I wasn’t up as early this morning (told you I slept like a baby) but I was out on the front step (chose a different location to yesterday) with my mug of coffee and the iPad just before 05.00 hours. I mention the step because until we get patio chairs (must get around to placing the Miami shipment order today!) steps are likely to be what I sit on when I venture outside. It’s a hard life!

No reading The Times on-line for me today because I have lots to do so I concentrated for a while on getting today’s edition published but never quite managed to finish it quickly (or by the 06.30 hours target I set for myself some weeks ago).

So what did yesterday hold for us? Well, after publishing yesterday’s edition I showered (and the shower I am using in the apartment is so much better than the one I have been using for the last seventeen months), shaved, got dressed and had breakfast (was tempted to go to Estel’s but I had too much to do) and then drove to town (it seemed really strange going in the opposite direction) to settle the final electricity and water bills for the condo we had been renting.

To do this I had to go to the Belize Water Services office( their offices are very close to Tropic Air Cargo) with the meter reading we had taken and then do the same for Belize Electricity Limited office in Pescador Drive.

With final invoices produced within forty minutes (long queues at both offices) I went to the Atlantic International Bank Limited branch in Pescador Drive (I sensibly went to Belize Electricity Limited last because their offices are virtually next door to the bank) and joined the long queue there. It eventually became my turn and I paid the bills and made a withdrawal.

On leaving the bank though things just didn’t seem right. I didn’t feel that I had fully settled the invoices. A quick look at them told me that my instincts were right. The bank had only taken the money for the previous month’s usage and not up to the point of our departure from the condo we had been renting. Damn. Only one thing for it. Join the queue again!

Around twenty-five minutes later I had accomplished what I set out to do so I set off for home. In Tres Cocos that is! And when I got there the new guy who was working on the soak-away was making good progress on the penultimate coat of cement.


Angel and Alfredo had cleared all of the rubbish from in front of the Ground Floor apartment and it looked much more presentable.



Inside the house José had applied a fresh coat of paint to cover up the marks made when the stair railings had been installed.


After lunch Victor (the welder) and his son Michael turned up with the work that we had commissioned and they set about immediately installing it.



First was the door for the pump area of the well which is at the end of our front garden.



And then set about removing the concrete hatch covers of the septic tank and fitting the new aluminium ones.


Not only do they look good but I can lift them on my own!

He and his son then set about removing the very heavy hatch cover of the water tank.


Seriously heavy hatch cover.


The much lighter replacement.


Old one out, new one in.

They then moved up to the Second Floor’s roof terrace to fit the ladder so that we have access to the roof that is our rainwater collection roof.


The ladder.


Being bolted to the roof by Victor.



With the ladder fitted I just had to try it out and within less than a minute I was up on the roof and feeling like I was above the clouds over the sun setting on another day.


By the time I got back down to ground level the guy who had been working on the soak-away had gone but he had applied the finishing coat of cement.


The headline for today’s (later than normal) edition is based on the title of track seven of the A New World Record album by Electric Light Orchestra in 1976 which reached number five in the US Billboard Hot 200 and number six in the UK Albums Chart.


  1. footballbat says:

    wow. That sunset picture is amazing John.

    1. Even better in real life!

  2. Wes Witt says:

    Congratulations on getting moved in. I have a couple of questions. Are you getting your patio furniture from the states? I have been thinking about getting a set of chairs and a table for outdoor use. Is there anything local that is not out of this world pricing? Do you mind if I ask what the hatch covers cost? You can PM me if you would like. My wife and I will be back down on the 10th of November if you would like to get together.

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