“Movin’ Out” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Conscious of the fact that our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize is drawing to a close. OK we haven’t moved in yet and we have a large garden to landscape.We also have to get the fence erected and have to decide if we are going to have a swimming pool. But one thing is for sure, I cannot continue to write about our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize for too much longer. So, if I want to continue blogging I am going to have to change the subject matter and, maybe, my writing style.

Do I need to become more sensationalistic? More provocative? Does everything I come across need to be AWESOME (it needs to be in upper case so that you know that I seriously care (or do I?)), Is it cute? Will I have to expand coverage to include restaurants, bars, beaches, etc ?

Whoops. Sorry. I started today’s edition before I had my early morning fix of black coffee. Major faux pas. Normal routine resumed (but will it last?). It’s 04.50 hours and I am out on the veranda of the condo we have been renting since we relocated to Ambergris Caye in May last year and I have been reflecting on the fact that we are movin’ out. But I’m rushing ahead of myself. I haven’t told you about what yesterday held for me.

Well. I was up before 05.00 hours and spent some time on the veranda sipping coffee (black) and catching up with the news on the Internet. I then spent some time writing yesterday’s edition of the blog and then published (OK so I just pressed the ‘button’) it.

It was then time to shower, shave and get dressed because Rose and I had a breakfast ‘appointment’ with Kris who is over on Ambergris Caye from his home in Valdosta, Georgia for a few days to monitor progress on the home that Daniel Camal (our building contractor too) is building for him and his brother. Throughout our respective builds Kris and I have exchanged emails and this was an opportunity to meet face -to-face for the first time.

We met Estel’s (where else?) at 08.00 hours and within minutes of introducing ourselves Kris very kindly gave us a bottle of red wine (good stuff that he had bought before leaving America!) to toast our move to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

We spent ninety minutes or so talking about the experience of building here (Kris is doing so remotely but he and his brother make fairly frequent visits to monitor progress) and generally getting to know each other a lot better.

After breakfast we ‘ran’ Kris to Graniel’s Dreamland in Pescador Drive so that he could take a look at the furniture that he is having made. Before saying goodbye though we arranged to meet up again at 15.00 hours so that we could look at each other’s builds.

When Rose and I got home she got on the ‘phone to Tony ‘Brown’ (a guy we met around six months ago) to try to organise the move of our stuff from the condo to our new home. Within minutes Rose had managed to agree a fee of BZ$ 150 but Tony wanted to come and look at what needs to be moved to determine if he could get it all on his truck or if he needed to use a trailer too. If he did then the price would need to go up. Whilst we waited for Tony to arrive we emptied a few more drawers and packed a few more boxes.

Tony arrived shortly after 11.00 hours and after a quick look at the six suitcases, three carry-ons, many, many boxes decided that he would use the trailer too. Fearing that the fee might go up Rose went in to overdrive and with a combination of feminine charm and skilled negotiating persuaded Tony to leave the price at BZ$ 150. Tony agreed (I think he feared that if he stayed much longer the fee was only going to go down!) and said that he would have his guys arrive at around 14.00 hours on Saturday.

With the negotiation successfully completed Rose and I loaded the golf cart with some of the more fragile items and drove to our house and got there shortly after 12.30 hours.

After unloading and storing the stuff we took a quick walk-around and seeing that there were still lights to be fitted for the hallway and smaller bedroom of the Ground Floor apartment and a toilet for the bathroom for the smaller of the two bedrooms we would delay our move until Sunday morning. We’ll move our stuff but we will have one more night in the (much emptier) condo.

Back home we had a light snack and then went to collect Kris from the Blue Tang Inn and then drove straight to his build (which is also in Tres Cocos) where he walked us around and explained the layout.

We then drove to our house but before taking the tour Kris took a photo of Rose and I (one of the few photos of us together at the house).


With the ‘photo call’ out of the way we gave Kris a tour of our house with me stopping along the way so that I could take a few photos for today’s edition (dedication eh?).

At ground level the guys had made great progress on the soak-away and leach field with the soak-away pipe having been fitted and buried on a bed of shingle.


Pipe buried.


Soak-away nearing completion.

I noticed that the guys had also started to make good the northern exterior walls where the pipes enter/exit the house.


On the southern side of the house work was continuing on filling our other lot with the guys starting to make an impression on the heavily waterlogged areas.


After a tour of the Ground Floor self-contained apartment we moved up to the First Floor where I saw that Moses had started fitting the remaining shelving for the Utility Room (my room).


To the right of the washing machine and dryer.


Remaining shelf that will be fitted to the right of the sink.

Up to the Second Floor where Moses had fitted the hanging rails for my walk-in closet.



With the tour over we spent some time on the veranda/roof terrace just enjoying the view.


Kris enjoying the view. Well he did have Rose in front of him!

By the time we left our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize it was around 17.50 hours and we took a walk down to the beach where I took a few more photos.




The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1977 by Billy Joel which reached number seventeen in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number thirty-five in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Everything is looking great for you two,Cant wait to see the house all finished and furnished,Lots of love ,Mary ,Dave xxxx

    1. Thanks Mary. You will have to come visit to see it furnished!

  2. lifeagain says:

    Tentacles is/was the best operative word and makes the best meaning and sense. My apologies to those that caught it and if you no a way i can fix it…let me know.


  3. lifeagain says:

    Thanks to Kris, …We now have a really good photo of you and Rose in the outdoors with some good looking views in the background. Thanks John, so far the ride has been fun for me and i have many thanks to give to Taco Girl and Scoop for the introduction to your site. The site and your posting has already taken on new testicles and meanings so i doubt any of house are going to let you off the hook on keeping us focused on our future plans and escape to Belize.


    1. Harry the Hornet says:

      You need to have balls to make a comment like this!

      1. What comment? You being “full of it”?

      2. No I mean the third line of Don’s comment. I suspect the word beginning with ‘t’ and ending in ‘s’ was unintentional (unless it is an Americanism that I am unaware of)!

      3. Or maybe there was a shot of me climbing the scaffold that showed more than I intended!!!

      4. lifeagain says:

        Tentacles, Tentacles,
        I am sorry folks for the typo. Spell check let me down. My apologies.
        That got by me….


    2. Pleased that you have enjoyed the journey Don. We have for most of it! A few bumpy bits but generally a smooth path.

      With the build nearing the end I intend to broaden the subject matter of the blog and hopefully you and the others long time readers will enjoy this too.

  4. Kat George says:

    I have two quick questions. 1. do you get all of your drinking water from the rainy season runoff or will you bring in bottled water? And 2. What is that little green building next to your property? You will soon me HOME!

    1. Hi Kat. Easy questions to answer. We will not be drinking any of the rainwater we collect. We will use this only for washing – ourselves, clothes and dishes. For drinking we will continue to buy bottled water.

      The little green building to the south of us is a bodega in the garden of our neighbour Jason.

  5. Kathi Moore says:

    Lovely picture of you both. You should bottle that happiness! All the best on your move. Kath & Les xxx

    1. Thank you Kathi. It is difficult to keep a smile off of our faces at the moment.

  6. Erik Jensen says:

    Thanks for taking care of my brother John; without being there I have little ability to control him. As a matter of fact, he wrote me last night and told me about how he likes to have control, but that’s another story.
    BTW, with comments like this: (dedication eh?) you could be named an honorary Canadian.
    Your home is beautiful, I look forward to seeing it myself in-person some day.

    1. Think that it was more the other way around Erik, Kris looked after us.

      Do get in contact when you next visit and we will happily show you around our home. It should be finished by then!

  7. Sue and Bill says:

    Oh it all looks so wonderful, what a lovely photo of the two of you
    Sue and Bill xx

    1. Thank you Sue. We hope that all is good for Bill and you.

  8. Andy says:

    Great photo of you two…. The sun is good too…. Where will the water go from the lot next door, as you are bringing / lifting the ground level up?

    1. Thanks Andy. I like the photo too.

      As to the water, I suppose it has a couple of ways to go. To the lot the other side of it (low lying land) or out in to the lagoon. Or a combination of the two.

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