“Mirror in the Bathroom” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

I mentioned in yesterday’s edition that Rose and I stayed at Ian’s bungalow in Price Barracks on Thursday night.

Influenced by the wine of the previous evening I had a uninterrupted night’s sleep and didn’t get up until around 07.00 hours. Late by my normal standards but understandable. After showering and getting dressed Rose and I had breakfast and headed off to The Dental Center for my appointment with Doctor Hernadez.

I don’t remember a great deal about my time there. I remember going in to the surgery at around 11.15 hours and saying hello to Doctor Hernandez and the anaesthetist. I remember the anaesthetist injecting me and then I don’t remember much at all apart from coming around and feeling groggy and going back to sleep again. And then waking up again and then going to sleep again.

Eventually I felt with it enough to travel back to Price Barracks and when we got to Ian’s place I tried to eat but after around seven or eight spoonfuls gave it up as a bad job. I was suffering from acute indigestion and swallowing the food proved to be extremely ponderous. I was also feeling somewhat drowsy again so I went to bed and had a sleep for a few hours.

I eventually awoke around 19.00 hours (ish) and showered and dressed and then Rose, Ian and I went to the Mess (which is now operated by the Royal British Legion) to meet Frank and Dan.

We had a few drinks there (all priced extremely cheaply when compared to Ambergris Caye) and then headed off to the Hour Bar & Grill for something to eat.

The menu had quite an extensive choice (reasonably priced as well) and I was tempted by a few of the dishes on offer. Common sense prevailed in the end though and I chose Baked Potato soup cleverly served in the end of a loaf of bread.

We had a few drinks there (by then I had switched to a fizzy drink to try to ease my indigestion) but all of us were feeling the effects of the previous night at the Wine Club and agreed to call it a night and head for home.

Not surprisingly I had no trouble sleeping and woke up in good enough time to join Ian in watching the Manchester City versus Everton game on the British Forces TV service. We watched a bit of the Liverpool versus Crystal Palace game but then Ian had to go to his office to finish off some work. So, Rose and I walked to Frank’s house where we watched a bit more of the game before he very kindly drove us to the Municipal Airport where we caught the 11.40 hours Tropic Air flight to San Pedro.

We landed just before noon when I took a short walk to Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar & Grill to collect our golf cart (they had very kindly let me leave it there for safe keeping) and back to the airport to collect Rose and our bags. We then drove to the condo we are renting where we unpacked, got a wash on and had some lunch. And then we were ready to visit our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize. We hadn’t been there for around fifty hours!

We arrived at our lot around 15.00 hours and went straight to the self-contained apartment on the Ground Floor where we found that Edgar (the granite man) had started fitting the countertop.



Looking good.

Time to go up to the First Floor and on the way take a close look at the railings.




In to the hallway when we couldn’t fail to see that Rolando had been busy during our absence.


Toilet installed in the Powder Room.


And in the en-suite for the bedroom (Rose’s handicraft room) too.

Through to the kitchen where we could see that Moses had finished fitting and painting the doors for the Pantry.


Doors closed.


Doors open to reveal a cavernous cupboard.

It was also obvious that Alfredo had been busy with the varnish.



Doors and drawers gleaming!

Through to the Utility Room (my room) where we could see that Moses and Rolando had been at work.


Laundry tub installed.


Cabinet doors ready to be fitted.

Around in the living room area Moses was working on the internal stairs that will connect the First and Second Floors.


Moses creating the landing between the two flights of stairs.


Planks of mahogany ready to be converted in to treads for the stairs.

Stepping carefully around Moses I clambered up the scaffolding to the Second Floor (noticing on the way that Rolando had finished fitting the pendant lights)


to see if José had been up there. He had because there was a mirror in the bathroom. My bathroom!



No, it’s not a reflection. I just decided to include two photos!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1980 by The Beat which reached number four in the UK Singles Chart.

NB If for some strange reason you have visited this edition twice you may believe that it is different to what you read previously. Well, you’d be right. The original edition disappeared and I produced it again.


  1. Ben & Donna says:

    nice place, looking good. did you get my email?

    1. Thanks Ben.

      Got your email and replied a short while ago.


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