“Red Red Wine” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

So what’s been going on since I last published an edition on Thursday morning ?

If you read that edition you will recall that our stuff from England was not being released by EuroCaribe , the company used by our UK shipping agent to move our consignment from Miami to Belize City,until an invoice for the sum of BZ$ 334.51 was settled.

Well, at around 11.30 hours last Thursday morning at last all became clear. An email fom Excess International Movers (the UK shipping company that we used) revealed that they had paid for all costs aside from those for Destination Terminal Handling, Customs Examination, Security and X-ray fees in Belize City. Our goods would be released when the sum of BZ$ 328.13 (this had been recalculated) had been paid.

Knowing that we were going to Belize City later in the day to meet our friends from BATSUB I contacted EuroCaribe and told them that I would go to their offices later that day and pay the outstanding amount.

Feeling relieved because, at long last, it seemed as though we would soon get our stuff from the UK Rose and I headed off to visit our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and got there around 15.15 hours. Unusually early in the day for us but then we did have to travel to Belize City later.

On arrival at our lot we went straight up to the First Floor because we could see that the granite for the breakfast bar was not at Edgar’s (the granite man) work bench in front of the house.

On the way in though we could not help but see that door for the en-suite for the bedroom (Rose’s handicraft room) had been varnished.



Walking in to the living/dining room area we could see that Moses had applied the finishing coat of white paint for one of the doors for the pantry.


Both doors looked good but the real action was just feet away from us. The eleven foot plus granite top for the breakfast bar was going in!


First section already in.


Second section in.

But it’s not quite right so out to the veranda for some fine adjustments.



And back in again ready for the adhesive.





Gently in to position.


Clamps on.

On the way out from our build we saw Victor (the welder) and his son about to give one of the railings an undercoat.



Railings for entrance stairs nearly complete now.

Rose and I rushed home, had lunch, showered and dressed then went to catch the 16.00 hours Tropic Air flight to the Municipal Airport in Belize City.


Obligatory photo from airplane – Caye Chapel.

Arriving at the Municipal Airport we quickly grabbed a taxi and headed off to the EuroCaribe offices in Fort Street and got there comfortably by 16.30 hours. Within five minutes I had settled the outstanding invoice and I rejoined Rose in the taxi for our next destination. The Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina where we were meeting our BATSUB friends who had invited us to join them at the monthly Wine Club Social presented by the Radisson in association with Premium Wines.



Impressive Reception area with a hint of colonialism.

We were early so had a bite to eat in Le Petit Cafe.


And then a little walk around.


One for Rose and I to try in the future!


Supporting breast cancer awareness month.

Around 19.00 hours we headed in to Radisson and straight up to the Santa Rita Room where the Wine Club Social for October was being held. A payment of BZ$30 each secured entry for Rose and I.

A table in the center of the room was laden with an extremely good selection of white and red wines which we set about sampling. Well, it would have been rude not to.

Every one in the room appeared to be having a great time.


Central table amply stacked with wine.

The event had attracted quite a few people from San Pedro and I saw Dorian Nunez of Ambergris Today in the corner of the room.


With everyone nicely relaxed (surprising what a few glasses of wine can do isn’t it!) Richard Price formally opened proceedings by letting us know what wines we were going to be tasting. They were all from South Africa and there would be two white and two red.


Richard Price getting the ‘show’ on the road.

We started with the white wine and the Chardonnay was very good but then it was time to bring on the red, red wine and we were straight in to a very good Merlot.

It’s a fun night. An opportunity to meet loads of people and sample some wines inexpensively. Rose and I will definitively go again.

The event finished around 21.30 hours and to finish off the evening our friends took us to the Hour Bar & Grill in Princess Margaret Drive. It’s a nicely laid out bar, overlooking the harbour (so a good breeze) with a good selection on the menu and attentive staff.

Around 23.00 hours feeling slightly the worse for wear (well I was anyway) we headed back to Ian’s place where Rose and I spent the night.

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single (written by Neil Diamond) released by UB40 in 1984 which reached number one in the UK Singles Chart and number thirty-four in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. tom e says:

    Now this looked like something my wife and I would enjoy. Chardonnay IS her drink of choice while I’m always looking for a good semi-sweet red. We both though don’t like to go too far away from where we stay to tip our drinks. Your seaside digs look to be ready to be inhabited. Wishing you that all goes well with your unpacking and open house party :O)

    1. Open house Tom!!!!!!!!

  2. Andy says:

    Any of that Red over John I will have please… Glad you enjoyed the Wine Tasting !

    1. No red (or white for that matter) left over Andy. Wine is quite expensive here so you get a chance to drink it, you drink it!

  3. wassuu says:

    That looks like Caye Chapel to me!!!!

    1. You are right. Still groggy from my visit to the dentist ( to be covered in the next edition). That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it!

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