“Beer on the Table” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

It was my intention to publish an edition yesterday but it proved to be a case of the best laid plans …

Saturday had started so well. Up and out on the veranda with my mug of coffee and the iPad by 04.30 hours. Knowing that the Spurs versus Chelsea game would be on TV at 05.45 hours I dispensed with my normal routine of reading The Times on-line first and instead concentrated on writing Saturday’s edition of the blog.

I hadn’t quite finished the edition by kick-off time so moved inside the condo we are renting during our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize to watch Spurs dominate the first half and lead Chelsea by one goal to nil.

Half time provided just enough time for me to complete and publish (sounds terribly grand doesn’t it but it is no more than clicking on an icon!) the edition and move back inside to watch Chelsea force their way back in to the game and secure a one all draw. A great result, both teams had dropped two points!

With just enough time before the next televised game – between Aston Villa and Manchester City – I showered, shaved and dressed and was back in front of the TV with only five minutes of the game having elapsed. At half time I managed to make my breakfast and ate this whilst watching the second half of the game which ‘City -through a combination of ‘schoolboy’ defending and a lack of commitment and desire – managed to lose. Result – they had dropped three points. And it got better because at the same time Manchester United lost at home- to West Bromwich Albion. Could the morning get any better?

Under normal circumstances I would have settled down to prepare myself for the next game . The game of the day. Arsenal away to Swansea City. But no, I couldn’t, I had to go to ‘Town to collect Frank, Ian and Dan (all members of BATSUB serving at Price Barracks) oh, and Ziggy, Frank’s dog, who were visiting Ambergris Caye for the weekend.

Fortunately the water taxi they came over on arrived early and after dropping them off at Caribbean Villas Hotel where they were going to have breakfast I raced (well you can’t exactly race in a golf cart) back home to catch the remainder of the first half.

It wasn’t one of Arsenal’s best performances but slowly and surely we took control of the game and secured a well deserved two to one win and move to the top of the Premier League. OK I know the season is only six games old but …

With the game over (and feeling very happy) I went back to ‘Town (this time with Rose) to do some shopping and after taking this back to the condo we were ready to visit our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and got there shortly after 14.30 hours.

As I parked the ‘cart I saw a change on the Ground Floor. Moses had hung the front door for the self-contained apartment.


It needs to be varnished but…

Around the northern side of the house the septic tank had been painted.




‘Making good’ required around the pipe work but it’s getting there.

Back around to the front of the house where Edgar (the granite man) was working on the countertop of the breakfast bar for the First Floor’s kitchen.


Edgar, assisted by Angel, at his newly positioned work-station immediately in front of the entrance stairs.

A few feet away working above him was Victor the welder’s son who was busy assembling the railings for the second flight.


Making our way carefully past him we went to the kitchen where we found that Edgar had fitted the backsplash for the northern side of the kitchen.



Leaving just one small section to be fitted for the western side of the kitchen.


I then climbed up the scaffolding to the Second Floor where I found Alfredo had been busy applying the varnish coat for some of the doors and the vanity unit in my bathroom.


Door to my bathroom.


My vanity unit.

Rejoining Rose it was time for us to set off for home – we had a Poker Run to go to with a start time of 18.30 hours. And that’s when the reason for not publishing an edition yesterday began!

Meeting Frank, Ian and Dan at the Road Kill Bar we drew our first bar and ‘sank’ a few Belikins. We then moved on to Luna Loca where we drew our second card. And had a few more Belikins (getting the picture?).

Next it was off to Lola’s Pub for our third card. And some more Belikins. Swiftly followed by a visit to Wayo’s Beachside Beernet for our forth card. And, yes you’ve guessed it, more Belikin’s. My god, these British Army guys can drink. There was always a beer on the table!

Finally we went to Pedro’s Hotel for the culmination of the Poker Run. And more Belikins!!!!

We didn’t win (at least I don’t think we did) but I did get the ‘prize’ of one sore head when I woke up (much later than normal) on Sunday morning. And that’s the reason why there wasn’t an edition of the blog yesterday.

The headline (what else could I choose?) for today’s edition is based on the single released in 2009 by Josh Thompson which reached number seventeen in the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.


  1. Ab & Hazel Ahmad says:

    Lol just like the Australian Brits they can drink too. You notice I didn’t say me in the drinking bit because I can’t drink to save my life. Always was told oh we’ll you must truly be a Brit. Not so I guess. I really like the simple clean lines of both the kitchen and the bathrooms very nicely done to both of you on your choice of granit.

    1. I worked for a Rupert Murdoch company and spent a lot of time with Aussies so I know that they can drink.

  2. Harry the Hornet says:

    It seems to me that ever since you promised to publish the blog earlier you have actually been publishing it later. False promises from someone who quite obviously can’t hold his beers these days!

    1. Didn’t promise I would publish by 06.30 hours but said I would try. As to my beer drinking capacity though I think you are right. But those Army guys do drink fast. And I mean fast.

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