“Do You Remember” it in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize?

I got up around 04.30 hours on Sunday with the belief that Arsenal’s home game against Stoke City had a (local time) kick-off at 05.15 hours.

With so much time to spare I made my mug of black coffee and retired to the veranda with it and my iPad to read the Sunday Times on-line. Straight in to the sports’ section where I found that I had made a monumental error. The kick-off was 06.30 hours! No worries though (or so I thought), more time to enjoy the Sunday Times.

At 06.25 hours I moved inside, switched on the TV, chose channel 103 and sat down to enjoy the game. But no. Catastrophe! NBC in its wisdom (sic) had chosen to televise the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix! How could they? Don’t they know that I couldn’t give a fig (I have other words to use but …) about Formula 1!

I very quickly (and smoothly) moved to Plan B – TheTelegraph website. Nowhere near as good as watching the game on TV but I was able to keep ‘in touch’ with developments as the game unfolded. A game which Arsenal won by three goals to one.

The remainder of Sunday passed without too much incident. Oh apart from Manchester United taking a good hiding in the derby game against Manchester City and Spurs getting a last gasp win against Cardiff City.

Yesterday morning one of the first things I did – yes, even before reading The Times on-line – after taking a few sips of coffee was to ‘fire off’ an email to Excess Movers International to express my extreme disappointment, frustration and incredulity that we still do not know where the consignment we have had shipped from the UK is. Last known whereabouts, Miami on 1st September!

Within a few hours of sending the email I received a telephone call from a representative of the company in which , aside from proffering extreme apologies, he promised to personally follow up on our ‘missing’ consignment. As I write this edition I still await news!

After breakfast Rose and I went to visit the ‘mirror man‘ and made arrangements for him to visit our house on Wednesday to take a look at my mirror to decide if he can cut the three holes that it needs to have to accommodate the taps (faucet for non UK readers) for my bathroom.

After returning to our condo I grabbed my book (I am still reading Brick Lane by Monica Ali) and headed for the dock in front of the condo we are renting during our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize to enjoy the book and the (very) hot and sunny weather conditions.

Following a snack for lunch Rose and I headed off to visit our house but on the way took a slight detour to pick up on the first (of many I hope) of the ‘that was then, this is now’ photographic comparisons.

Julian, responding to the request/suggestion that I made, sent me a photo that he took of Wet Willy’s (perhaps around two years ago) prior to the remodelling work.


“That was then”.


“This is now”. Spot the differences ?


The view that you are probably more used to! Do you remember ?

Don’t forget. Join in the fun. Send me your ‘that was then’ photo (s).

Following the slight detour we got to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize around 15.30 hours and on arrival went straight in to the Ground Floor self-contained apartment where Rolando had fitted the first of the toilets.



The en-suite for the larger (lagoon side) of the two bedrooms.

With nothing much new to see in the apartment Rose and I headed up to the First Floor passing Angel on the way who was continuing with the general tidy-up. On this occasion painting over dirty marks on the exterior wall.

Once in the house we saw that Rolando had cut the holes for the toilets in the Powder Room


and in the en-suite for the bedroom (Rose’s handicraft room).


Just inside the main entrance José was fitting the remaining skirting (base) tiles around the architrave.


José at work.


Cut to size. Now for the adhesive. And then the grouting.

Seeing that there wasn’t much else going on I climbed the scaffolding to the Second Floor and once in to our bedroom I found that the guys had brought the mirrors for our bathrooms up ready for fixing (mine obviously after the holes for the taps(faucets) have been cut) above the vanity units.


Mirror for Rose’s bathroom.


My mirror.

Seeing that nothing else had been done I went back down to the First Floor and went out on the western (lagoon side) veranda to take a look at how work on our small, rock wall was progressing.


View from above.


And at ground level. Nearly half completed.

Looking down as we were leaving the First Floor we saw José cutting the base (skirting) tiles for around the architrave for the front door.


The multi talented José at the cutter.

By the time we reached ground level Angel had started to apply the ‘tidy up’ coat of paint to the side wall for the ramp to the Ground Floor.


On the way to the ‘cart we stopped off to have a chat with Victor (the welder) who with his sixteen year old son was making great progress with our railings.


Victor at work.


Railings for the Ground Floor ‘open’ area.

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1990 by Phil Collins which although only reaching number fifty-seven in the UK Singles Chart reached number four in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. Julian Foster says:

    Well, stupid me! I’m sorry John; I’ll refrain from comments on any other pics I send. There are other changes that haven’t been mentioned yet, but I apologize for jumping the gun. My bad.


    1. Julian no need to apologise whatsoever.

      Harry the Hornet is an old work colleague and a really good friend of mine. We have a sort of ‘love to hate’ relationship. Take no notice of postings between him and me.

      And if you have any other photos that you would like a ‘now’ of please do send it/them to me.

      Kind regards


    2. Harry the Hornet says:

      Hi Julian. I think you and I deserve a beer compliments of John and Rose at Willy’s Bar one day. Harry x

      1. OK. This one I will go for.

  2. Julian Foster says:

    Looking good John!

    Your toilets look like they have the extra “comfort” height bowls. Hope so, cause I’m getting old enough that I can tell the difference when we visit friends with the “low” jobs. Never thought I’d concern myself with this kind of thing but time tends to change your perspective radically over about 20 years!! LOL

    And to Harry the Hornet. Big change was that they covered over the outside entrances to the restrooms at Wet Willy’s — now you have to go around and go inside the bar to get access. Guess they were tired of being a public restroom for north San Pedro. But you are right on the sign too!


    1. Hi Julian. True. The older you get the more comfort you want . And probably deserve!

      Well that’s what Rose and I think anyway.

      Kind regards


    2. Harry the Hornet says:

      In my defence, based on the level of detail provided on Willy’s Bar differentials, I am 5,500 miles away, however I would like to ask John to pass my prize on to you Julian.

      1. Very magnanimous of you. But there is no prize!

  3. lifeagain says:

    Good afternoon John,
    Good photos and your carnival pics showing all of the brilliant colors and smiling faces were fantastic. Your home building blog and your pictures of everything Belize lets me know why you and Rose leaned towards Belize as your newest life adventure.

    John, i decided to download your Belize photos and a few of your house pics in different stages and this weekend i will load them onto a flash drive that attaches to one of those picture frames that rotate your photos so when you look at the wall there is a different picture every few minutes or so depending on how you have your settings.

    That way i am forever focused on my initiative and priorities for my eventual Belize relocation. I am forever indebted to San Pedro Scoop who got me to Taco Girl who sent me to you.

    1. Really pleased Don that my photos and the blog are helping you to keep focused on your dream of moving here too. Stick with it. It’s worth it!

  4. Dee says:

    curious question… why did you choose to have your cabinets in the bathroom to “not” touch the floor? airflow, mold preventative?

    1. Nothing curious about your question Dee. The answer is a combination of all of the reasons you mentioned plus the aesthetics.

  5. Harry the Hornet says:

    I would like to enter the ‘spot the difference’ competition. The difference in the now and then photos is that the ‘now’ one has a “Wet Willy’s” sign on it and the ‘then’ photo doesn’t. What’s the prize?

    1. You are so mercenary. Ever heard of entering for the fun of it?

      1. footballbat says:

        John, I’m worthless. How do I send you pictures via e-mail if I have no facebook etc.

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