“Mirror Man” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Sitting out on the veranda yesterday morning (regular readers know the score – coffee, iPad,The Times on line, etc) I got to thinking about a suggestion that Don (a long-time reader of the blog) put to me a little while ago.

Don suggested that readers should send a photo of where they live so that we all get to know a little bit about each other. And we get to ‘travel’ the world very quickly and at minimum cost.

My thought process (please don’t ask me to explain this) took me to applying a twist to Don’s original idea and make it Ambergris Caye orientated.

So what’s the twist I ‘hear’ you thinking ?

Well, I am pretty certain that many of you that take the time to read this blog have visited (some even live here) Ambergris Caye. And some of you many, many times (apologies to those of you that haven’t enjoyed the pleasure and experience yet).

When you did I bet you took loads of photographs . Yes? And some of them will have been taken a good few years ago. Ever wondered if what captured your attention then has changed? Well here’s your opportunity to find out.

You send me a photograph of the area, bar, restaurant, dock, etc (with details of the date and the location) and I will take a photograph of how it looks now. A sort of “that was then and this is now”. Got it?

At this stage I want to limit the comparisons (and the distances I have to travel) to between Victoria House in the south and Grand Caribe in the north. Obviously anything in between is fair game.

I was going to ‘start the ball rolling’ with a photograph of the house that used to ‘sit’ on the beach where Grand Colony now is but haven’t got the hard drive out yet. I will though. In the meantime let me have your ‘ that was then’ submission.

When Rose and I went to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize on Thursday and I had a look at the progress on my bathroom it became immediately obvious that when I had ordered the mirror for the wall above the vanity unit I had not considered the effect that having the taps (faucets for non UK readers) coming out the wall would have on the positioning of the mirror.

Without some remedial action on the mirror it would have to be positioned above the taps (faucets). Not at all what I was looking for.


The ‘look’ I want.

There was only one thing for it. I have to get three holes cut in the mirror. So yesterday I went to see the mirror man who operates from a workshop on the corner of Seagrape Drive (not far from Pedro’s Hotel for those of you familiar with Ambergris Caye).

Regrettably the workshop was closed. No sign of activity at all. It looked like he had decided to start his Independence Day celebrations early so a return visit by me on Monday is now on my ‘things to do’ list.

Returning home from my abortive mission Rose and I took care of some household chores, had lunch and then went to visit our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

On arrival – shortly after 15.30 hours – we went to the back (lagoon side) garden first to see how Lloyd and his employees were ‘doing’ with the small wall they are constructing for us on the southern side of our lot.


Coming along nicely.

Walking back to the front of the house we saw that the ‘clean up’ was continuing with hardcore being used to fill the area on the northern side of our lot.



Pile of hardcore ready for use. And then a sand covering.

Knowing that the focus was on the First and Second Floors Rose and I went straight to the First Floor where we found that the sink and taps (faucets) for the Powder Room had been installed.



Looks fantastic (awesome for non UK readers) doesn’t it. Sorry to crow but I just wanted the opportunity to use the (in my opinion) overly used (and often, inappropriately) word “awesome.

Across the hallway and in to the bedroom (Rose’s handicraft room) where we saw that the vessel sink had been fixed in to position and connected to the pipework.


In to the kitchen/dining/living room section of the First Floor where Alfredo was on clean-up duties.


Having finished hoovering it was time to start cleaning the windows.

Looking up above Alfredo we saw to our horror (dramatic effect here) that the (our) house had its first occupant. We had been beaten to it!



Our first house gecko. Now to be affectionately known as Gordon!

Behind us in the kitchen the final section of granite countertop had been positioned by Edgar (the granite man) ready for the adhesive.



Look hard and you can see the template used by Edgar (the granite man) to make certain that the granite was cut to the correct size.

With the tour of the First Floor complete I adroitly accessed the Second Floor via the scaffolding and went to my bathroom to find that the backsplash for my vanity unit had been fitted.


Now I just need to sort that mirror out!

On the way home we saw René ( the rubbish removal man for north of the bridge) and his wife Elsa pulling his trailer (by hand, as he does every day) so we let them jump on the back of our cart for a lift (pulling the trailer behind them) to the southern side of the bridge. This is where René unloads the rubbish for collection.


A very happy looking René and Elsa (rubbish trailer behind them).

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1982 by The Human League which reached number two in the UK Singles Chart and number thirty in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. Ab & Hazel Ahmad says:

    A gecko appearing before taking residence is said to be extremely good blessing in Australian aboriginal mythology 🙂

    1. Good news. Hopefully the gecko thinks we are Aussies!

  2. Julian Foster says:

    Hi John,

    I have a picture but I’m not sure how to send it. Is there a way through the blog here to do it? If not, do we use your email?


    1. I’m not sure either Julian. So, use my email address please.
      Thanks for getting the ‘ball rolling’.
      Kind regards


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