“The Boxer” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

It’s just after 06.30 hours on Monday morning and I am eventually getting around to writing Sunday’s edition. No guilt trip though. I just didn’t feel inclined or felt any great need to do it yesterday. I wanted to watch the Southampton v West Ham game and then …Well, and then the day sort of passed all too quickly.

Saturday morning saw me out on the veranda just before 05.00 hours. I wanted to catch up with the world news before the Manchester United v Crystal Palace Premiership game at 05.45 hours (local time of course). But going to ten players was just too much for ‘Palace at the ‘theatre of screams’ (screams from United’s players whenever an opposition player gets even close to them, let alone tackle them or even foul them).

I managed to squeeze in breakfast before the big game of the day, Sunderland v Arsenal at 08.00 hours. We ( and for infrequent readers ‘we’ means Arsenal) started off brightly with a goal by Giroud made by our recent signing Mesut Özil. We squandered numerous chances (mainly Theo Walcott) and put ourselves under pressure by allowing Sunderland back in to the game before re asserting ourselves with two goals by the in-form Arron Ramsey. We were top of the league! Not for long but …

In the afternoon , at around 15.00 hours, Rose and I went to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize where we found Christopher, Angel and Alfredo finishing the final coat of cement (mixed with the Buff dye for the coloured finish we want) for the floor area outside the Ground Floor self-contained apartment.


Area in front of the Store Room/Garage and entrance to the apartment finished.



Finishing off the steps. Alfredo posing for the photo. “Get working Alfredo”.

Treading carefully we went in to the apartment to find that in readiness for the next steps some more of the stuff to be fitted had been delivered.


Kitchen sink stored handily for installation.


Toilet for one of the bathrooms.

We then went to the First Floor where we found Rolanda assembling a ceiling fan.


Looking up we saw that he had already installed the one for the dining room area.


Above us was José sanding the wall near the Second Floor landing prior to the finishing coat of paint.


Look hard and you can just see José’s hand.

Up the scaffold to the Second Floor where I found that José had fitted the screens for the three windows that will allow light in above the staircase.



Close up of the screen.

Knowing that we were going out in the evening to watch the Mayweather v Alvarez fight at Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar & Grill we didn’t hang around too long at our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize but before leaving I found time to take a photo of the view that we have from the Ground Floor apartment looking east.


We got to the bar – after eating dinner, showering and changing – around 19.30 hours to find it already really busy. And this for a fight that wasn’t scheduled to start until 22.00 hours!

We watched the undercard , including an exceptionally good contest between Garcia and Matthysse, whilst all the while the bar got busier and busier but with our early arrival we had secured ‘ringside’ seats!


Exceptionally busy bar.

Carlo and Ernie had really ‘gone’ for it with all of the staff wearing ‘team’ Canelo ‘T’ shirts.


‘Team’ Canelo.

And then the fight started but Alvarez was never in it. He’s quite a good young fighter but this was the night for the boxer, Floyd Mayweather.

We were disappointed because we had been rooting for Alvarez but the disappointment didn’t last too long because Rose was sitting on one of the six lucky bar stools and won a case of Belikin.


Rose collecting her gift certificate. Lucky barstool beside her. Yes, she had to carry it to the prize giving area to collect her prize!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1969 by Simon & Garfunkel which reached number seven in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number six in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Brian Luepke says:

    You two are doing a great job. We went through the same process in 2006-08 at Las Brisas (north of you).

    1. Thank you Brian. And having driven past Las Brisas so did you.

  2. lifeagain says:

    A case of beer……great…what a nice night out…
    Hey John….the refrigerator doors/handles are reversible?

    1. Hadn’t thought about the refrigerator doors Don so thanks. Will have a look at the brochure when we go to the house later.

  3. Ab & Hazel Ahmad says:

    A bit of good luck for Rose yay. The house is coming on really nicely you guys. You must be seeing the end picture now congrats on almost being at completion.

    1. Thank you Hazel.Getting closer and closer but still a way to go yet.

  4. Anton says:

    John ,I know you mention it before, how big is your lot ? It look`s very big .Thanks

    1. Hi Anton. The lot we are building on is 75 feet wide by 325 feet long.



  5. Persa says:

    Where did you get the Delta toilet from?

      1. Persa says:

        Thanks, thought so!

  6. Paul Cloutier says:

    Rose won but who gets to drink it ??

    1. Think that could be a joint effort Paul!

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