“Lost” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

The rain experienced during the last few days continued yesterday (well it is the rainy season) and when I got out on the veranda shortly after 05.00 hours (05.18 hours to be precise) it was obvious that it had been raining throughout the night. Not that I would have known though because when I ‘hit’ the pillow my sound system switches off.

Fortunately though the veranda of the condo we are renting during our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize is offered some protection from the elements by the fronds of the coconut trees, some of which occasionally ‘touch’ the railings of the veranda when swaying in the breeze.

Afforded this protection I was able to enjoy my ‘quality time’ (my solitude time) – that’s me, my mug of coffee and the iPad which gives me access to the rest of the world. Well, when the Internet is working that is! And it was.

I spent a little time catching up on the campaign being mounted by Placencia Cruise ( a campaign group comprising, amongst others, tourism and environmental groups from around Belize) to dissuade the Government of Belize (it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding) to permit Norwegian Cruise Line to develop (an extremely poor choice of word to describe the unavoidable destruction of culture, heritage and wildlife ((it is an acknowledged breeding ground for manatees) that will follow)) Harvest Caye as a port for cruise ships.

Such a development seems so strongly at odds with the key principle of the Overall Objective of the National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan “… as environmentally sensitive business operations, support for the protection of cultural and natural heritage, and tangible economic and social benefits to local people” that it beggars belief.

I wish the Placencia Cruise group overwhelming success with its efforts.

With my news reading finished I then sent an email Belize Logistic Services Limited (the company in Belize that the UK company that we used to ship our stuff to Belize has appointed to manage our delivery when it arrives in Belize) to find out when we can expect our stuff. It’s getting quite frustrating trying to find out exactly where it is and when we can expect to get our hands on it. I expected delay -Customs clearance, barging to Ambergris Caye – but I didn’t envisage thinking that our stuff may have found the Bermuda Triangle and is now lost. I am sure it will turn up eventually though.

In the afternoon at around 15.15 hours Rose and I went to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and on pulling in to our lot were pleased to see that the welding for the second of the railings for the eastern side of the Second Floor had started.


As we approached the house we saw Christopher on the entrance stairs grouting the tiles.


We would take a closer look later but first we went to see what was going on in the self-contained apartment on the Ground Floor and were surprised and pleased to find that Nicholas was back on our build. This time assisting Rolando with the installation of the air conditioning units.

For those of you that have forgotten Nicholas (or he hasn’t featured in the blog since you started following it) here is a picture of him when he was last working on our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.


Nicholas in the white “T” shirt.

It was good to have a chat with Nicholas to find out how his young son (now four months old) Nathan Nicholas is but we kept the conversation short because we didn’t want to delay progress!!

By the time we had got there they had fitted the first of the wall units in the larger of the two bedrooms


and were about to do the same for the smaller bedroom where Moses was starting to install the door frame for the bathroom.


Outside the apartment we saw (couldn’t fail to really) that the water heater had been delivered.


The water heater will be installed in the Pump Room.

Around the back of the house (western or lagoon side) Angel and Alfredo had just finished applying the final coat of emulsion for the exterior Ground Floor wall.


Plastic sheeting protecting the veranda and stairs.


Nearly looking finished now.

Up the stairs (avoiding Christopher of course) to the First Floor where we found José cutting in around the skirting (base) tiles in the hallway.


In to the bedroom (Rose’s handicraft room) where the air conditioning unit had been fitted)


A few steps to the southern veranda and we saw that the external unit had been fitted as well.


I then went up the scaffolding (oh for the stairs to be installed) to find that the air conditioning for our bedroom had also been fitted.



External unit bolted to the floor of the northern side of the roof terrace.

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 2007 by Michael Bublé which reached number nineteen in the UK Singles Chart but only number ninety-seven in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. Harry the Hornet says:

    Did you construct paragraph four under the influence of too many Belikins or for a bet? Having read it ten times I am suffering from ‘over-bracketing’ syndrome and not sure when or how to pause during this lengthy sentence. I’m only trying to help ((before you send me a volley of abuse) as you would always pick me up on grammatical nuances))! (PS the house is looking good.)

    1. Think I might have had a bet but cannot be sure. Think I had drunk too many Belikins!
      I have read (or tried to) the 4th para and you are right, it is too long. You win Grasshopper!

  2. Fred says:

    John, is that Marley in the picture on the western side of the house? Is he enjoying his new home? The house looks great. Fred

    1. Hi Fred. No that is not Marley. It’s a banana plant. I am going to have to move it to the front of the house though (where Marley is) because the soil at the back of the house is currently too salty. Need some ‘black dirt’.

  3. lifeagain says:

    John, this is fun watching your house come together and reading your thoughts and inputs about stufff. The hot water tank looks pretty big.
    How will you heat that much water?
    Was hot water on demand/unit an option? Do you plan on using or needing a lot of water in Belize
    Is there any solar for your build.

    1. Pleased that you continue to enjoy the blog Don.

      The water heater is instantaneous so we will only use electric for the water we use. It’s as big as it is because potentially 4 bathrooms could be in use at any one time. I hope not though because I don’t think it would cope.

      Solar is used in Belize but its not commonplace and the batteries are very expensive so we chose to ‘go’ for electric.

  4. kathi moore says:

    The air conditioning units are a new concept to me. I only knew of window models and one big unit outside that would do the whole house but you needed vent work throughout the house. The same vent work that would heat your house in the winter. Because our house is heated through radiators that could never be an option for us and having window ac units at every window wasn’t either. Thanks for this new idea, however, I don’t think Les will be – thanking you, that is!

    1. I won’t say a word to Les. I promise!

  5. Andy says:

    John, do they use Solar Panels for heating of the water via producing your own Electric ? Likewise the air con as well !

    1. Some do Andy but the batteries are very expensive. We have elected to stick with electricity. Mind you, that is expensive to. Why we have ‘gone’ for large windows to let the breeze in which will hopefully reduce the amount of time we have the air conditioning on for.

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