“It’s a Mystery” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Regular readers will know my routine and yesterday wasn’t much different. Up early and straight (well after making a mug of black coffee) on to the veranda for a couple of hours with my iPad. Boring? Not at all. I thoroughly enjoy it.

With my ‘fix’ of news taken care of I took care of my ablutions, dressed and had breakfast (at home and not at Estel’s – my routine does have a degree of flexibility in it!) and then set to tackling some administrative stuff.

First off was to make contact with the removal company (Excess International Movers) we are using to ship our stuff from the UK to Belize.

Rose has been following the progress of the ship and informed me that having docked in Norfolk, Virginia it was in the North Atlantic Sea. Heading back to Europe! Were we ever going to see our stuff?

Following an exchange of emails with the removal company all became clear and the mini-panic (no panic really, I only introduced this for dramatic effect) was over. Our stuff had been off-loaded when the ship had docked in Miami and is en-route to Belize City and should arrive tomorrow.

I then ‘chased up’ Banana Beach Resort to make sure that they had taken care of the few things we need to have ‘put right’ for the viewings that Pelican Properties has arranged for the condo we want to sell for next week.

With these administrative tasks (OK, nothing too difficult or strenuous) completed it was time for me to take Rose to the Ambergris Hope Clinic for a check-up after her accident last week.

We got there at 11.45 hours and after a short wait she and I met with Doctor Gonzales who, after examining her leg and face, proclaimed that she is healing exceptionally well. And very quickly. Must be all that stuff (cannot be any more precise than than -it’s a mystery) she puts on her skin! The bit I liked though (well I would, wouldn’t I) was when he told her what a good husband she has. I’ve been telling her that for years but… Now a relative stranger tells her it and she believes it. Women!

From the clinic we drove straight to Pedro’s Hotel for the lunch that Peter Lawrence (aka Pedro) had organised prior to England’s World Cup Qualifier game against Moldova.

The place was packed – twenty-two people (two team’s worth!) and the fayre was, as always, plentiful and well cooked (or should it be cooked well? -hopefully you know what I mean anyway).

England set about the game in a proficient manner and got the expected win (by four goals to nil) and now head the group by one point. The game against Ukraine next Tuesday will be a far more stiffer test though.

With the game and lunch over we made thanks to Peter and said our farewells to those guests still there (some inexplicably had left before the game finished – obviously not English!) and went straight to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and arrived there at 15.30 hours.

Pulling in to the lot we noticed instantly that there was something different about the front of the house. The entrance doors had been hung.


“Can’t see them?”


“Now you can”.

I was still looking up at the doors when it struck me. Something was different about the area in front of the house. What was it? The railings had gone!

Rushing (and I mean rushing – even Rose with her injured leg) to the entrance stairs we stopped briefly to ask Angel if they had been fitted. “Yes” he replied, “We did it this morning”.

Want to see them? Well here they are.


Wilson cleaning up the railings on the First Floor.

Rose forgot about any insecurities she might have had about climbing the scaffold and up we went to the Second Floor.


View of the railings looking north.


View of the railings looking south.


View of both sets of railings from the back garden.

Tearing ourselves away from admiring the railings we took a look at my bathroom to see if Rolando had started to install my sink. He hadn’t but he had completed the pipe work for my tap (faucet for non UK readers) and made good the wall.


Tap (faucet) next!

Going down to the First Floor we were able to take a closer look at the front doors.


Not as good a view as we had before they were hung


but obviously we need doors. We can always open them though.

Hearing voices behind us we turned around to see Edgar (the granite man), Wilson and Moses in the kitchen. They were fitting the next section of the countertop.



It’s in.

Feeling really pleased with what we had seen we went back down to the Ground Floor where we saw that Angel had finished applying the second coat of masonry sealant to the inside walls of the Pump Room.


Looks too good for a pump room doesn’t it?

And we saw that the screens for the sliding windows ( door) had been delivered.


Hopefully they will keep the mosquitos out.

Now how did they get the railings up? It’s a mystery! Well it’s not, because I asked.

They carried them to the back of the house and then pulled them up by rope. No pulleys, just brute strength. These guys may not be built like Mr Universe but they are strong. And I mean STRONG.

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1981 by Toyah (fronted by Toyah Willcox) which reached number four in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Mary Jarvis says:


    1. Hi Mary and Dave. Your comment was going so well until you ‘swore’. No John Smiths over here but I can get by without it.Hope that you are both well. Up the Gunners.

  2. John, the railings give such a beautiful finish to the outside of the house. I’m beginning to appreciate your vision! The front doors and granite also start speaking more of a home that is soon to be lived in, rather than a house under construction.
    Congratulations. We’re in Placencia right now, celebrating (my) Rose’s birthday today and will return to San Pedro on the 9th.
    Our best to you and Rose. So glad she’s healing well.
    Bob and Rose

    1. Thanks Bob. The more the finishing touches go in the more it becomes how we explained to the architect and to Daniel our builder.
      Have been following your travels but didn’t realise it was Rose’s birthday. Please say ‘happy birthday’ from us.
      When you get back here we will happily show you around our place. There are no internal stairs yet though to get to the top floor.
      Kind regards
      John and Rose

  3. Kat George says:

    Getting pretty darn close to “move in” isn’t it? Looks beautiful.

    1. Closer and closer Kat. And thank you. We think it does too.

  4. Andy says:

    The railings set it off John & Rose… Smart, Tidy and open plan…. Coming on great….

    1. Thanks Andy. They look just how we had planned.

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