“Get the Party Started” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Up yesterday morning around my normal time of 05.00 hours and spent a very pleasant couple of hours on the veranda. Me, my coffee and the iPad.

Had to curtail my chill time though because I had the ‘cart booked in for a service at Captain Shark’s so I showered, shaved, got dressed and went for breakfast (yep, at Estel’s).

On the way there I was taken by how the streets were changing in readiness for the September Celebrations. Celebrations that will take place throughout Belize.


Barrier Reef Drive (Front Street) adorned with bunting.

As is Pescador Drive (Middle Street).


But what about Angel Coral Street (Back Street) ?


All the signs are there. This is going to be a great month. Lets get the party started!

After a very enjoyable breakfast (what else could it be?) I dropped the ‘cart off and then walked back to the condo we are renting during our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize. On the way I took a close look at the damage that the fire had caused to Ramon’s Resort Village.




Once home I resumed my ‘chill out’ and took the current book I am reading (Brick Lane by Monica Ali) to the beach. Hard work isn’t it!

After lunch it was time to go collect the golf cart and Rose and I took (obviously) the scenic route – the beachfront.

As we approached The Island Academy we saw a body laying prone on the beach.


Now that’s what you call sleeping on the job! Or had he started to party early?

Once we had got the ‘cart we headed straight to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and got there shortly after 16.00 hours and noticed amongst the blaze of white that the motion sensor spotlights for the Ground Floor had been fitted by Rolando.


Entrance and Store Room/Garage.


For the Pump Room.

Even without the lights working yet its definitely getting a lot brighter as the paint goes on.


Store Room/Garage after second coat of masonry sealant.


Angel in the Pump Room.

Around the back of the house Alfredo and Wilson were hard at work with the rollers.



“Think you missed a bit Alfredo”.

Back around the front again we found Moses fitting a hinge for one of the front doors for the First Floor.


Enough of being outside we went into the Ground Floor self-contained apartment and saw that the guys had been busy.


The door for the smaller bedroom had been hung.

And the drawers and doors for the vanity unit for the en-suite of the smaller bedroom had been fitted.


And the bedroom had had its second , and final, coat of emulsion.


Feeling that things are really starting to take shape on the Ground Floor we headed up the stairs to the First Floor and saw straight away that Moses had fitted the frame for the front doors.


Inside there were obvious signs that Rolando had been at work fitting the light switches.



On the way out we stopped to see how the welder was going with the railings for the front (eastern side) of the Second Floor.



Nearly finished. Well it was nearly 17.00 hours. Time to clock off!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 2001 by Pink which reached number four in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number one in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Louise Gow says:

    John. I quickly checked on eBay. There is a copy of that book forward arsenal. I will be buying you a copy. We should be out in November. So hope to deliver it personally

    1. Louise. I didn’t mention the book in the hope that someone would get it for me. How kind of you. It will be going back in time by about 50 years.
      Very kind regards

  2. Julian Foster says:

    Looking good John.

    I have to tell I just received a surprise. I went to Wikipedia’s website and guess what is “Today’s Feature Article”

    The link is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page and I hope it is still there. If not, it was/is (at this moment) –
    The history of Arsenal Football Club between 1886 and 1966. Amazing. I hope it is still there when you get this msg.

    Can’t wait to see the power turned on down there!!


    1. Hi Julian.
      Thanks for the Wikipedia link. It worked!
      When I was very young my Grandfather (he was an Arsenal fan) bought me a book by Bernard Joy entitled “Forward Arsenal”. I read it again and again to the point that I memorised the pages. Wish I still had it today.

      Kind regards

  3. Ab & Hazel Ahmad says:

    It’s really starting to take shape. You have a very dedicated team of workers,unless one of them is the guy snoozing on the beach lol. No really what a marvelous job. Would you please tell Rose I was asking for her,I hope she’s all better soon. Took a spill myself not long ago and thought omg I’m getting old.

    1. Thank you Hazel. We are pleased with the way things have gone and how it is now starting to look.
      I have mentioned to Rose every ‘well wish’ she has received via the blog and she is extremely appreciative.
      I hope you are ‘over’ your fall. From observing Rose I know that it has shaken her confidence.

  4. lifeagain says:

    John, great post and nice, very nice pictures. The sleeping guy does not know how famous he is with his picture being viewed on possibly three continents. I think he had a nice breakfast at Estell’s also.
    Will you be attending the festivities and sharing your muse and pictures with us?

    1. Hi Don. My only concern with including the beach cleaner asleep on the beach was that someone within the ‘Town Council might see it and he gets reprimanded. But then I thought “they all do it”.

      As to the upcoming celebrations, yes I will be around and about with my camera. As the day progresses though the photos are likely to be more and more blurred!

  5. PaHo says:

    Jane (JaHo) forwards the blog to me every day. I truly enjoy your wit and narratives. We are renting a house on Ambergris. Jane has retired here and I will retire here. Although I am here now, I have a few state-side issues to complete, before I am here permanently. I would love to join you for breakfast at Estel’s. Your house is well built and beautiful.
    Paul (PaHo)

    1. Hi Paul.
      Really pleased that you enjoy the blog. That makes two of us!

      Jane and I communicate fairly often but to date this has only been by way of the blog.

      Would love to have breakfast with you at Estel’s. Ping me a message when you next plan to go. Not today though! Too late.

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