“Gonna Make You a Star” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Most mornings I try to remember to drag myself from the veranda at around 07.20 hours and move inside the condo we are renting during our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize to watch The Morning Show , the programme broadcast by Reef TV (channel 20).

OK the production quality may not come close to the quality of the much larger stations but it is a mine of information relating to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye and pertinent information about Belize in general.

The reason for mentioning the programme is that when I was watching on Tuesday a segment of it featured Matthiew Klinck, a Canadian living in Belize who founded and runs the cinema arts and training production programme Make- Belize Films.

Last year there was great excitement on Ambergris Caye (and I understand the rest of Belize) when he released the film that he had made called “Kurse a di Xtabai” (“Curse of the Xtabai”). This was the first major feature length dramatic movie to be totally shot in Belize. And the dialogue was spoken in Creole (it had sub-titles for non-Creole speakers).

* Xtabai – according to Mayan folklore the Xtabai (pronounced sh-ta-bai) were beautiful female spirits (much like the sirens of Greek mythology) that lived in the ceiba tree and lured men with their enchanting voices. I think Rose might be one!

So, why was he on “The Morning Show”?

Well, he is about to embark on a telenovela** and this Saturday auditions for actors will be held -starting at 10.00 hours – at the offices of the San Pedro Town Council in Barrier Reef Drive. Experience isn’t necessary because training will be provided. Just turn up because Matthiew is gonna make you a star!

** Telenovela (I didn’t know what it meant) – a limited run dramatic TV series.

Actors for this will come exclusively from Ambergris Caye and in the weeks ahead interviews will be held to fill the technical and production positions.

Hollywood comes to Ambergris Caye!!!

I hope that you found this interesting (I did!) but now to the current purpose of this blog, our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Rose felt much better yesterday and she joined me when I set off shortly after 15.30 hours to drive to our lot.

Rose, although much better, is still feeling a bit fragile so it was a real bonus when we got to the stretch of road in Coconut Drive between TMM Yacht Charters and Ramon’s Village Resort to find that the road repairs had been completed. No more taking the extremely bumpy diversionary route!


The thing we noticed on pulling in to our lot was how white the house is now looking as the guys get to work with the rollers and brushes.


Over the last few days Alfredo, Angel and, more latterly, Wilson have been focusing on the Ground Floor and yesterday was ‘more of the same’.


Alfredo working on one of the columns. Wilson just going to get more paint for the back (lagoon side) of the house


Not much cement to cover now!

Whilst around the back of the house I took the opportunity of taking a closer look at the tiling for the veranda and stairs for the larger of the two bedrooms of the self-contained apartment and was really pleased with the effect that Manual has created with part tiles on the sides of the steps.


Small tile effect. Very effective we think.

At the front of the house Moses was at his work- bench making the final adjustments for one of the doors for the self-contained apartment.


Moving in to the apartment we saw that Moses had started fitting the door frames.


Door between living/kitchen area and the larger bedroom.


Frame ready for fitting.

If you read yesterday’s edition you might recall that I mentioned that the guys (Alfredo and Wilson) had been digging a trench for the pipe that the electric cabling will be run through to power up the house. The trench hasn’t been finished yet (heavily waterlogged area) but the pipework has been completed and the wiring is in. Just needs to be switched on now!


The ‘electrics’ are in the pipe on the left. It runs from the BEL connection in the north-east (roadside) corner of our lot.

In readiness for the big ‘switch on’ Rolando had been working on the wiring for the control box in the Ground Floor self-contained apartment .


Wiring complete.

And when we got up to the First Floor we found that he had also finished the wiring for the control box there too.


Control box in the Utility (my) Room.

In the kitchen Moses, in between hanging doors, had fitted the corniche above the pantry and the cabinet that will be above the refrigerator.


Stating to look like the finished article.

As I bring today’s edition to a close I will leave you with the view I had yesterday morning from the veranda at around 06.30 hours.


Not bad is it?

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1974 by David Essex which reached number one in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. wags says:

    John, Are you planning on having a backup generator in case of power outages?

    1. Not in the current planning Tom. Candles and flashlights. Or we go out and find a bar that has a generator!

  2. Chris says:

    hi John , I’m contacting you via your blog as have sent you an email regarding Skype and have heard nothing ,did you receive it ?. Chris xxxx

    1. Hi Chris. Got your email – just slow in responding. Will email you later today. Love John

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