“All by Myself” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Up around 04.00 hours yesterday morning. Going to bed just after 22.00 hours the night before was partly to do with it. That plus I don’t normally need that much sleep anyway.

The early ‘up’ was good though because it enabled me to knock-out (not an expression that finds a lot of favour with Rose at the moment!) yesterday’s edition before the morning’s football ( non UK readers soccer ) fest began.

As it turned out it proved to be not much of a fest. More like a snack with no tasty bits. But … It was football, so I watched it.

With the football ‘out of the way’I turned my attention to looking after Rose (thanks from both of us by the way for the nice messages) and made her breakfast (nothing too adventurous or displaying great culinary skills I am sorry to say) which she ate in bed.

The rest of the morning passed with me generally displaying my nursing skills (about as good as my cooking) which included making sure Rose took her medication, frequent glasses of water, dressing the wound on her leg and replenishing the ice pack for the swelling on the left side of her face. There are no photos (strict embargo placed on this by Rose) but she currently bears a striking resemblance to Joseph (incorrectly called John in the 1980 film “The Elephant Man”) Merrick. Even sounds a bit like him (or at least based on the portrayal of him by John Hurt).

Around 13.00 hours I drove to Briana’s in Angel Coral Street (“Back Street”) to collect the two chicken soups that I ordered on the ‘phone (I wanted to make sure of my order). I reckoned that soup would be nourishing and easy eating for Rose and didn’t want to risk anything that I might make and put before her (if I am honest I didn’t fancy putting it before me either!).

After lunch, washing up and generally making sure that Rose had everything she needed (apart from me of course!) I set off all by myself to visit our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and got there just before 16.00 hours. Just as the guys were ‘clocking off’ for the day.

As I parked the ‘cart a number of them came up to me to ask how Rose was. They had seen the cuts and bruises the day before and how distressed she was. I told them that she was doing fine and that they would most likely see her on Monday. They all seemed pleased with this news.

With all the guys gone apart from the security guy I started off my tour in the Ground Floor self-contained apartment.

First stop was in to the en-suite for the larger of the two bedrooms.



Grouting nearly finished.

In to the second bathroom where Ernesto had also nearly finished the grouting.


The window is level honestly. I must learn to stand straight!

Next up to the First Floor but on the way I took time to take a close look at the entrance that Manuel had finished tiling.


First flight (obviously).


Second flight and landing. Note that the skirting tiles have been fitted.

Once up on the veranda I could see that Christopher had finished grouting the final section.


North-east corner.

In to the house where I found that Moses had fitted architrave around the doors in the bedroom (Rose’s handicraft room).


Bathroom door.


Door to hallway.

Looking inside the bathroom I saw that Rolando had fitted the shower head and valve.


Out in to the main area (living/dining/kitchen) and the first thing that struck me was that there was a ladder to provide access to the Second Floor.


I don’t know for sure but I think the guys have put it there to make it easier for Rose when she ‘returns to duty’.

Looking across the room I noticed that Rolando (he had been a busy boy) had fitted the pendant lights above where the breakfast bar will be.


Oh, and Moses had fitted the drawers and doors for the cabinets where the sink will go.


Note the microwave ready for installation.

If that wasn’t enough Edgar had fitted another granite countertop.


Cabinet to the right of the oven (range).

With my tour of the First Floor complete I headed up to the Second Floor via the step ladder (so much easier than using the scaffold).

In to our bedroom where I saw immediately that Moses had fitted the architrave around the bathroom doors.


Doors for the walk-in closets starting to look finished now.


Door to my bathroom.

In to my bathroom where I found that Rolando (told you he had been busy) had fitted my shower head and valve.


And the light above the shower.


Oh, I forgot to mention that when I was on the First Floor I noticed that Rolando had also started fitting the down lights for the veranda.


Feeling really pleased with what I had seen I headed home to give Rose a progress report that I knew would cheer her up.

On the way home I saw the first use (well, first time for me) of the new gazebos at the Boca Del Rio Park.


Got to bring this edition to a close now because I need to get ready for the Arsenal v Spurs game. It’s the BIG one!

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1975 by Eric Carmen which reached number two in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number twelve in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Ab & Hazel Ahmad says:

    Sorry to hear about Roses fall tell her I hope she’s better very soon.

    1. I will Hazel. Thank you.

  2. bluesqueen7 says:

    Wow, First a build, then a house, and soon a home. It looks wonderful. Sorry about Rose’s slip up, I mean down.

    1. Thank you Nancy. Rose is still quite badly bruised but I am sure it will not be too long before she is back to her normal self.

  3. Kat George says:

    Getting more beautiful by the day. Hope Rose is doing well.

    1. Thank you Kat. And Rose is getting more beautiful by the day too! Now that should earn me some Brownie points.

  4. Paul Cloutier says:

    House is looking more luxurious by the day ! Resemblance to Elephant man ……Ouch !
    Glad to hear that Rose is feeling better, chicken soup always helps.

    1. Thanks Paul. The ouch might be coming from me after Rose reads today’s edition!

  5. Andy says:

    House progress is noticeable John…. Hope progress for Rose is too…

    1. It certainly is Andy as the fine detail starts to show itself. Rose is feeling much better thanks.

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