“I’m Coming Out” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Please do not make any assumptions from the headline. Have patience. All will be revealed later!

Up ridiculously early yesterday morning at 03.40 hours. Don’t know why I woke so early because I didn’t go to bed the previous night too early. One of life’s mysteries? OK maybe not a mystery but it could rank as a puzzle couldn’t it?

With such an early ‘up’, and armed with the mandatory (well mandatory for me) mug of black coffee and my iPad I headed for the veranda and set about producing the edition I should have published on Wednesday and yesterday’s edition. It wasn’t too difficult to ‘knock’ the two editions out one after the over but it is not on my list of ‘things to do again’!

I tell a slight mistruth though because I did take a break or two. The first one was to catch up on the news via The Times online ( only to find out that Arsenal has re-signed Mathieu Flamini – blast).

Needing something to make me feel better I decided to take a little stroll along the beach and watch the sun come up. The time then was around 05.30 hours.


Wouldn’t this view perk you up? No? Well it did me!

Back on the veranda I set to and finished the edition and then showered, shaved and dressed (while Rose was doing the same – well, excluding the shaving) and then we sat and watched some of Reef TV’s morning show which featured a very interesting update on the measures that the San Pedro Town Council, aided by a consultant from Belmopan, have, and are, taking to manage the mosquito problem, and dengue in particular.

They gave some very good tips on how to prevent mosquitos breeding. For example just a few spoonfuls of (used) cooking oil dripped in to standing water will prevent the eggs from hatching. Definitely not expensive and extremely easy and quick to do.

After watching the programme we headed down to Estel’s to meet with Rose and Bob (a most welcome reader (as you all are of course) of this blog) who are over from San Diego on a fact-finding mission before they up sticks and move to Belize.

I know I am a notoriously slow eater but two hours passed before we bade our farewells to each other. Just goes to show that it is true, time does pass quickly when you are enjoying yourselves.

On the way back to the condo we are renting during our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize we popped in to Ladybugs, the garden center located in Coconut Drive, to see what plants they have available for when we get around to landscaping. Think it fair to say that we were very pleasantly surprised at the selection on offer and the prices. We were particularly taken by the fruit trees – lemon, orange, lime, mango and soursop – all priced at BZ$ 40 a tree. Very reasonable.

With our ‘window shopping’ over we continued to head south to Banana Beach to take a look at our condo which we have up for sale (definitely don’t need it once our house is finished) to make sure that it is in a ship shape condition for viewing.

It was generally in good order but there were one or two things that we feel will present it in a better light and we raised these with the Managing Director who promised to action them. We will check next week to make sure that they have been.

If any of you readers out there are interested in a very nice condo at the well run Banana Beach Resort do take a look at unit B335. A viewing can easily be arranged by contacting Pelican Properties. If you do make contact DO ask to take a look at unit B335. PLEASE.

OK, advert over, now back to today’s edition and our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

After a light lunch (can never eat a big meal after breakfast at Estel’s) we took the road north and got to our lot just after 15.30 hours and went straight in to the Ground Floor self-contained apartment where Moses had started fitting the back panels for the kitchen cabinets closest to the entrance.


Just through the hallway we could see that Angel and Alfredo were applying emulsion (the first of the two coats) to the walls in the larger of the two bedrooms.


Angel with the roller.

We couldn’t get in to either of the two rooms but Wilson and Ernesto were grouting the tiles in the two en-suites (something for us to look at on our next visit!).

Maneuvering carefully around Manuel who was laying tiles for the lower of the two flights of stairs we went up to the First Floor.


Nearly there. Then he can start on the fiddly bits on the low walls.

Once up there we found that Christopher had started grouting the floor tiles for the veranda at the front of the house.


Grout in the gaps. Now for the clean-up.

Once in the house we saw a box on the floor near the scaffolding to the Second Floor. What was in it? Our ceiling lights.


Wasting no time we clambered (well I ascended very quickly and adroitly) up the scaffolding to find that Ronaldo had fitted the lights for the ceiling above the veranda in front of our bedroom.


Hopefully you can see the two lights.

If not here is a close-up of one!


While we were out on the veranda we saw that the welder man (still haven’t found out his name) had marked the veranda walls for where the railings will be fitted.


Does this mean they are going up soon?

Knowing that some of you like the scenic views I took the following photo while I was up there.


Looking north-west.

Back down to the First Floor where on looking up we saw that José had ‘made good’ the ceiling in the kitchen area where the lights had been moved.


Needs a paint job again!

And then we saw it. Edgar had started fitting the granite countertops.



I was mesmerised and just stood looking at it and didn’t realise that Rose had already set off for the golf cart for the journey home. That is until I heard her repeatedly calling my name. It broke the spell. “Alright”, I replied. “Keep your hair on”. “I’m coming out’.

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1980 by Diana Ross which reached number five in the US Billboard Hot 100, number one in the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart and number thirteen in the UK Singles Chart.

Told you that all would be revealed!


  1. Sharyn says:

    Ladybug has lemon trees??? Off to get one planted at our house!

    1. Think they only had the one. Should have kept my mouth shut!! Seriously though I know that he can get them because I spoke about wanting a few. Looks like I know who to go to for lemons whilst waiting for ours to bear fruit!

  2. Harry the Hornet says:

    I see you found a spurious justification at the end for using that song title. I think it’s your subconscious showing through. Don’t worry, everyone’s very tolerant these days. Kind regards. Harry x

    1. Takes one to know one. AND, you are definitely one!

      1. Harry the Hornet says:

        Ooohh, get you!! Stop being bitchy!

      2. Oh you are awful!

      3. Harry the Hornet says:

        Enough of this. I’m going down the pub with the lads to have a few pints of beer and to watch the football (hopefully this will clarify my position – so to speak).

      4. You protest too much. Out with the lads. I rest my case. You can rest your handbag!

  3. Great breakfast conversation, John! (My) Rose and I were delighted to finally meet you and (your) Rose, after following your “pilgrim’s progress” in building a new home here in Belize. We rented a cart for the late afternoon and took a spin (OK, maybe a teeth-jarring spin) past your new home. It is a stunner. As good as your pictures re — and the one today is great! — it is tough to do justice to how nicely you are situated with the lagoon and ocean as bookends. We hope to make the housewarming party some day!

    1. We thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast too Bob. Had you mentioned your intent of taking a golf cart north I would have forewarned you of the bumpy road. Wouldn’t have stopped you going but..
      Thanks for the kind words about our house. Appreciated.

      There will be a house warming I am sure. Not quite when though yet.

      Kind regards to Rose and you .

  4. Jane says:

    John – We saw you and Rose with friends at Estel’s, but you were deep in conversation, so we did not interrupt. You may have noticed the two “drowned rats” sitting quite close to you. :). We moved a bit north of you last weekend so have a daily chance to watch the exterior of your fine home take shape. Can’t believe the granite is coming in now! That’s surely the sign of more great interior surprises soon!

    1. Sorry Jane, didn’t see you. Deep in conversation. I definitely would have said hello. Next time. I am hopeful that my shower fittings might go in to today.

  5. tropicalady says:

    Looking good. I pass it often on my way to Grand Caribe,

    1. Thank you. Give a wave next time if I am on the top floor and I will give a wave back!

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