“Accidents Will Happen” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Ten months in to this blogging ‘lark’ I am starting to realise just how addictive it can get.

When I was working for a living there were times (if you were to ask my wife Rose she would probably say all of the time) when I became a little (OK, a lot) obsessive. Wouldn’t say that I became OCD but wouldn’t be surprised if I came extremely close to it.

When I retired (well to tell the truth, made redundant which ‘encouraged’ me to take early retirement) I chilled out. Yes, we had stuff (lots of stuff actually ) to do for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize to move from a dream to reality. Declutter our two bedroom apartment, put it up for sale, decide which things we would bring with us and which we would discard. Get our finances in order. You know the kind of things. But all of this was accomplished in a fairly relaxed manner.

And then I started blogging. What am I going to write about? How long should it be? How short can it be? Which photographs to use? And then there’s the song title!

But then something comes along and puts it all in to perspective and that’s what happened yesterday.

With a black sky and intermittent rain Rose and I didn’t really do a great deal. Yes we had breakfast followed some time after by lunch but the day sort of just passed until it got to around 15.15 hours when we decided -rain or not- we were going to visit our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize. As we do every day (well maybe not every Sunday). Nothing unusual.

On the way there we stopped off at BTL to top-up the credits on our mobile phones because it was a double-up day eg pay for BZ$ 30 and get BZ$ 60 of phone credits.

By the time Rose came out of the BTL office the rain had stopped and all was looking good. Or so we thought.

We got to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize around 16.00 hours and on pulling in to our lot could see that Angel and Alfredo had started applying the first coat of masonry sealant to the eastern side exterior walls of the Ground Floor self-contained apartment.

Walking towards the house we saw that Manuel was laying floor tiles for the last step of the lower flight of stairs to the First Floor.

It was all looking good but we thought we would begin on the Ground Floor to see what had been done and started off in the larger of the two bedrooms. Noticing that the sliding windows (door) was open I stepped outside to see that they had started tiling the small veranda. Rose, hearing my exclamation, stepped outside. And then it happened. She didn’t see the plumb line, tripped on it, lost her balance and ‘flew’ headlong in to the back garden. Just goes to show that accidents will happen.


The red arrow shows where Rose was before the fall and the blue arrow is where she landed.

Before hitting the soft sand though she had hit her cheek on the lowest step and her right leg on one of the steps. And the damage, which was immediately obvious, looked quite bad. Understandably she was also in pain, upset and , I would imagine, in a state of shock.

I was helping Rose to try to get up when a number of the guys came out and seeing her in distress (and obviously hurt) they all rushed to see if they could help. Thanking them for their offer of help I told them that I just wanted to get her to a doctor and quick and Angel said that the Ambergris Hopes Clinic was the closest. So that’s where we went.

It took just over five minutes to get there and we were seen straight away. No questions about what our names were. Where we live. Did we have the means to pay. None of this but straight in to the surgery. Exactly as it should be.

Doctor Gonzales very quickly determined that Rose needed stitches in her right leg (I think she had seven or eight) and a tetanus injection and once her wounds had been cleaned up he started the process and it was all completed in around fifteen minutes.

We then had to go to his office where he prescribed some tablets. I did try to get him to prescribe ‘no talking for three days’ but although it made him laugh he didn’t include it on the prescription!

For those that are interested, the charge for the emergency medical treatment was BZ$ 100. And well worth it too.

After taking Rose home I then went to the pharmacy to get the tablets and some replacement dressings. Oh, and a dinner for myself (Rose didn’t feel like eating) of fish fingers and chips (fries for non UK readers) at Carlo and Ernie’s Runway Bar & Grill.

The rest of the night I looked after Rose.

Yesterday’s accident definitely put this blogging lark in to perspective for me.

The headline (and I do wish that it wasn’t) for today’s edition is based on the 1979 single by Elvis Costello and the Atrractions which reached number twenty-eight in the UK Singles Chart and number one hundred and one (?) in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. Emily says:

    I’m behind on my blog reading and just read this one. I hope Rose is on the mend — that sounded like a painful fall! Glad you were able to find a good doctor to mend her wounds quickly, and for a great price.

    1. Welcome back Emily. Thought you had been missing!

      Rose is progressing very well thank you (update in the next edition!) which is in no small thanks to the excellent treatment she received. From me! No, seriously the doctor and staff at Ambergris Hope Clinic were first class.
      Hope things are good for Barry and you.
      Kind regards

  2. wags says:

    Get well soon Rose! On another note- when I get on the Island my cell phone is gone!

    1. Rose ‘says’ thank you. So you are not taking your ‘phone on holiday!

  3. footballbat says:

    Gosh, I miss a day and . . .

    So sorry to hear about Rose’s mishap, I do hope she is feeling much better. On the bright side, you know where and who to see for emergency medical care near home.

    1. So it’s your fault. Don’t miss a day in future!

  4. Wes says:

    I am really glad that Rose is ok. One of my wife’s main concerns about moving to there permanently is the health care. While I am sorry this has happened, it is reassuring to hear a first person account of what services and help are available.

    1. Pleased to have helped Wes although it would have been much better had the circumstances been different.

  5. Kris Jensen says:

    All of our best from kris & Erik Jensen too…we have yet to meet but feel we know you both…arriving mid October is the current plan. Glad to hear of the attentiveness of the local medical community.

    1. Thanks Kris and Eric. The speed and quality of medical attention pleasantly surprised us.
      Look forward to meeting in October.

  6. Mike says:

    Best wishes for Rose! (and you) I hope she heals quickly.

    1. Thanks Mike . Appreciated.

  7. Tom J says:

    Thank God it was the ground floor!!! Wishing “mystery blogger” the best.
    Accidents do happen. go easy on feeding her your cooking!
    Tom in Montana

    1. Thanks Tom. Rose is progressing well and I think the Mystery Blogger is too!

    2. Oh, and there is no risk of her getting too much of food cooked by me. She has too much sense. I don’t, I don’t want to eat it either!

  8. Helena says:

    Do take Care. Reading your entries I am vicariously enjoying San Pedro again. Hope to go again next Spring. LOVED Estel’s too.

    1. I will make sure that Rose is extra careful from now.

  9. Dylan says:

    Get well soon Rose 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Rose says thanks Dylan.

  10. Harry the Hornet says:

    The only good news about the story is that at least you can hire a lawyer and claim compensation from your builders. That will doubtless assist the completion of the your build in Ambergris Caye, Belize! Get well soon and tread carefully.

    1. This is a family blog so ….

  11. Paul Cloutier says:

    The clinic seems more efficient than those in Canada, no 3 hour wait !!
    Hope all is better health-wise.

    1. We were both extremely impressed (and surprised) and just how quickly (and well) Rose was treated.

      She is feeling a little better today.

      Thanks for the message.

  12. wassuu says:

    Best wishes to Rose, knowing her I’m sure she has forgotten already and carrying on as normal. Ready for tomorrow?

    1. Thanks Matt. It has shaken her up and she looks as if she has gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson. Tomorrow I think she might want to venture out.
      Looking forward to the game on one hand but …

  13. Take care of that lovely woman! o doubt you’ll bring her a sumptuous breakfast in bed!

    1. She had breakfast in bed Marsha. Not too sure it was sumptuous though – I cooked it!

  14. Jim Cremin says:

    As ever it frighteningly easy for things to go wrong, but good to hear Rose’s medical care was so professional. Well done with the project, and always fascinating blogs.

    1. Hi Jim. Rose is feeling better as the day progresses. By tomorrow I am sure that she will feel like venturing out.

      Pleased that you enjoy the blog.

      Hope that all is good for you.

      Kind regards


  15. donalddavis42 says:

    John, i want everything to be the best for you and Rose. When we eventually meet i expect to see you two as a pair. A pair with all it’s working parts and functionality. I will understand a few bumps, scrapes and bruises from dancing, fishing, hiking and the sorts but no hospital, emergency room type stuff. Slow down…..you retired, your in Belize.

    1. Thank you so much Don. Neither one of us has ever had to ‘bother’ a doctor too much so I suppose we were about due one. Sorry it was Rose that drew the short straw though.
      We are generally taking things easy I assure you. Didn’t come here to work!
      Kind regards

  16. Anton says:

    Quick recovery Rose. The blog needs you. All the best

    1. Thanks Anton. She has given me another angle for the blog – my nursing skills!

  17. Sam Crowe says:

    oh no poor Rose. Hope she recovers quickly….love reading your blog by the way, and your new home looks amazing!
    Sam xxx

    1. She is a bit bruised and tender Sam but feeling much better than yesterday.

      Pleased that you enjoy the blog. I enjoy doing it. Better than poring over contracts!

      Hope that all is good for you.

      Best John

  18. Jane says:

    Oh, John. I’m so sorry! Please tell Rosé that Paul and I are hoping she can have a quiet few days of rest and healing. Those of us who love your blog will be just fine if you take a few days yourself!

    1. Thank you so much Jane. Rose is feeling a bit better now (but won’t be going to the house today). I’ll knock an edition of the blog tomorrow but will probably take Monday off! It’s the nursing (they should get paid far, far more) that’s tiring. Not the blogging!

  19. itsacyn7 says:

    Dear John- how lucky Rose was not to be hurt worse-it looks like quite the fall. Hoping she’s on the mend and feeling a 100% soon! By the way still reading everyday and so thrilled for you both that’s everything is coming together soooo beautifully. It gives us hope…for us someday!
    Fond regards Cynthia

    1. You are so right Cynthia, it could have been a very bad accident. Rose is progressing well – aided by my keen nursing skills- and is feeling much better today.

      Thanks also for the kind words about the house. Good luck with your plans.

      Kind regards
      NB Rose ‘says’ thanks.

  20. Andy says:

    I suppose Rose is still suffering the affects of her “Flight ” and I hope she is on the mend…. This short Blog today reminds me of the reduced paginations we suffered when the paper shortage was on… lol Get well soon Rose x x x

    1. If today’s edition is short tomorrow’s will be a tome. No worries about paper!! Rose, by the way, is gradually feeling better. Must be my bedside manner!

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