“Fire” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

A really late publishing of what should have been Wednesday’s edition but Tuesday wasn’t by any means a normal day and nor will this edition be a normal diet of how I spent my morning before heading off to visit our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize. Why? Well on Tuesday evening Ramon’s Village Resort was struck by a fire.

Rose and I had gone to Pedro’s Hotel for the wake that Peter Lawrence (aka Pedro) was holding to say goodbye to his beloved dog Charlie and arrived there around 18.40 hours. It started off as a very enjoyable night with everyone reminiscing about Charlie. Things changed dramatically, however, shortly after 20.00 hours when someone came in to the bar in a state of real concern. There was a fire north of Pedro’s Hotel on the ocean side. Everyone rushed outside and very soon it became apparent that it was Ramon’s Village Resort that was on fire.

Some of those present immediately left to go to the scene. Those of us left behind grabbed buckets to take water from the swimming pool to soak the palapa in the area in front of the bar because embers from the fire were heading our way. The hotel was considered ‘safe’ because although constructed of wood the external walls are covered with placement boards. The palapa though was ‘high risk’.

As I have already mentioned I did not go to the scene to witness the blaze up close but from even where I was it was obvious that this was a hell of a fire.


Photograph of the fire courtesy of The San Pedro Sun. I didn’t ask for permission to reproduce the photo but hope that they will be OK about this.

The fire raged for around two hours and there were a number of high bursts of flames which I assumed were caused by gas tank explosions. It didn’t look like they ever going to bring the fire under control but slowly and surely the flames got smaller and after around two hours we couldn’t see a flame at all. We could smell the burning though.

The morning following the fire I took a walk along the beach in front of the resort and below are a few of the many photos that I took.




I understand that around eighty percent of the resort was destroyed. I also understand that the owners have pledged to rebuild and I sure that they will. I wonder though if permission will be given to replicate what was there. Will they be able to rebuild with wood being the predominant material? I have doubts that they will.

Earlier in the day at around 15.30 hours Rose and I had visited our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize to see how things were progressing and on arrival couldn’t fail to see that the railings for the western (lagoon) side of the First Floor had been sprayed with the undercoat (rust preventative).


Finishing coat of blue next.

In to the Ground Floor self-contained apartment where Edgar (the granite man) had started to fit the countertops in the kitchen.



And Christopher was at work fitting the skirting (base) tiles in the living/kitchen room.



Christopher on the final section.

Up the stairs to the First Floor where Manuel had nearly finished laying the floor tiles for the landing between the first and second flights of stairs leading to the entrance.


Before going in to the house we could see that Alfredo and Angel had been busy with the rollers applying the first coat of emulsion to the front of the house.


Northern side (exterior wall for the Utility Room).


Inside of northern veranda wall.


Low veranda wall at the top of the stairs on which railings will eventually be fitted.


Southern wall ((exterior wall for the bedroom (Rose’s handicraft room)).

Once in to the house we saw that Rolando had started fitting the power sockets.


In the dining room area.


And in the living room area too.

In the kitchen area he had moved the lights to the positions we had spoken to him about the previous day.


Red arrows indicate where the lights were originally going to be and the blue arrows show where they will now be fitted. When the pantry (larder) cabinet had been fitted to the wall we realised that we had got the light placement wrong – one of the down lights was directly over the top of the cupboard!

Out on the western (lagoon) side veranda Appolito had finished grouting the tiles.


We left our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize at around 17.00 hours little knowing what would happen later that evening.

The headline for this edition (I am really sorry to say) is based on the single released in 1968 by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown which reached number one in the UK Singles Charts and number two in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. Paul Cloutier says:

    From what I have read there were no fatalities which Is good news,all things considered.

    1. That is my understanding to Paul. What disappointed me greatly though is that looting took place. Fortunately many of those ending in this abhorrent practice were apprehended by the police.

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