“Life thru a Lens” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Yesterday was the second day running when I got up late. Didn’t ‘hit’ the veranda with the coffee until 05.10 hours. What’s happening?

After ‘knocking out’ the previous edition I got ready and headed down to Estel’s for my usual choice of breakfast (eggs sunny-side up, bacon, potatoes and a flour tortilla. Oh, and black coffee of course).

With breakfast taken care of (or was it me that the breakfast took care of?) I walked to the Atlantic International Bank Limited branch in Pescador Drive to make a withdrawal (oh for the day when I visit to make a deposit!) for some bills that we have to pay.

Then it was straight home to the condo we are renting during our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize to collect Rose and then pick up Edmund and George (two guys that have been recommended to us to build the fence we want) and take them to our lot.

We got there at 11.20 hours and walked them around and explained where and how we want the fence constructed (it will be six feet high and constructed in treated pine with double-door gates with a combined width of eight feet) and after some discussion we agreed on a price. Rose and I now need to calculate how much wood we need, order it and then arrange delivery to the barge in Belize City. We also need to agree a barging cost and delivery of the wood to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.Oh, and we also have to get planning permission from the San Pedro Town Council to erect it.

The plan is to have everything in place so that the fence can start going up from Monday 2 September and hopefully be finished by Saturday 21 September.

We returned ‘home’ and after having a light lunch and taking care of a few bits and pieces returned to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize in the afternoon and got there around 15.30 hours and on driving in to our lot saw that Angel and Alfredo were ‘sheeting up’ the sliding window (door) of the bedroom (Rose’s handicraft room) on the First Floor.



Angel taking the high bits.

To our right, Edgar (the granite man) had ‘taken’ time out to help the welder position one of the vertical posts for the railings for the western (lagoon) side of the First Floor.


“Is it level?”.

Parking the ‘cart we decided to start off on the First Floor and went straight to the bedroom (Rose’s handicraft room) where we found that Christopher had been very active and had nearly fitted all of the skirting (base) tiles.


Where the closet/built-in wardrobe will be fitted.


Southern wall.


Arrows indicate where the skirting will not be fixed until the door jambs are installed.

Christopher had also been busy at fixing the skirting (base) tiles in the hallway but had again not fixed the skirting where doors will be hung.


Walking in to the living room area I swung the camera around (since starting our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize it seems like I am always looking at life thru a lens) to find that Christopher had finished the skirting for the southern wall.


Out on the veranda the tiler had virtually finished laying the floor tiles for the northern side.



“Nearly there”.


North-east corner of the veranda.

Up the scaffold to the Second Floor where I was really pleased that Ernesto, assisted by young Appolito, had started grouting the floor tiles AND and fitting the skirting for my bathroom.


Northern side walk-in closet.


“Young” Appolito at work.


Step for my shower.

We then popped down to the Ground Floor self-contained apartment where we saw that Wilson had finished laying the floor tiles for the smaller of the two bedrooms.


By the time we were leaving our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize Angel and Alfredo had finished applying the first coat of masonry sealant around the sliding window(door) of the bedroom (Rose’s handicraft room).


And the welder had fitted the vertical post in place.


Less and less cement colour on the eastern (road) side of the house.

The headline for today’s edition is based on the title track of the album released in 1997 by Robbie Williams which eventually (it spent twenty-eight weeks in the charts before doing so) reached number one in the UK Albums Chart.


  1. Julian Foster says:

    Hi John,

    One more thought on the tiles – and you may have already made plans on this but it doesn’t hurt to mention it. Be sure to get at least one box of each type tile to store away against the day that someone drops a knife, or hammer, or bowl or anything that could crack a tile. They are really quite fragile to a direct, pointed hit. If you get the tiles now then chances are good that your replacement tiles will match up nicely. Plus, Murphy says if you go to the trouble to do this then you will never crack a tile — you win either way!



    1. Hi Julian
      Thanks for the tip. We actually have already told Daniel that we want the guys to put to one side any tiles not used during the build. When this is done we will assess what stocks we have for each and decide if we have enough in reserve or need to buy a few more.

  2. Tracy Jamison, Idaho says:

    I have noticed that there is a storm brewing and would very much like to see pictures of the weather as things change? I do enjoy the house updates, but was hoping if things get a little hairy you might slip in a few pic’s of the weather also. Hope it does not affect Belize much but I am a sucker for a good storm watch.

    1. Hi Tracy, its raining as I type this and looking at the beach it obviously rained a fair bit during the night.
      I will see what I can do to grab a few shots when there is a downpour.

      Kind regards


  3. Rob Franz says:

    It’s been really fun watching your home being constructed over the past many months. Both a bit more close up while riding my bike to town, and via your blog for the interior bits. Such a beautiful structure.It stands out like a beautiful carved Chess piece. ( white for now..color change?) And in my opinion, you might end up having the residence with the best 360 view of the island!

    Now, I have had many question during the build, but you seemingly “read my mind” before I can post, and answered it on your blog. But not this one I don’t think.

    This far along in the build, and you still have to access the 2nd story via scaffolding?? Are the stairs always blocked? 😉



    1. Hi Rob.
      Pleased that you are enjoying the blog.

      We have no plans at the moment to change the colour of the walls – inside or out. We think that white compliments the design. But time may tell on this.

      As to the interior stairs, they have be installed. Or made for that matter. Daniel is waiting for the mahogany so that his guys can build the ‘floating’ staircase that we are going to have. Obviously there will be photos as soon as it is delivered to the house.

      I will not disagree with you regarding the view we have. Long may it continue.

      Kind regards

  4. Don says:

    John, picture number 7 kicks ass…..congrats as always and thanks.

    1. Hi Don,

      Yep, I’m looking forward to opening the front door to that view.
      Kind regards John

  5. Anton says:

    Smart man !

  6. Andy says:

    John, why does your Builder Boy Daniel not do your property fencing for you? They ( His Staff ) seem to do a good job on everything else.. Song title for the future ” Don’t fence me in”

    1. Hi Andy. Simple economics really. By buying the materials ourself (and taking the discount) and hiring the labour direct it is cheaper. Plus, Daniel’s core business isn’t fencing.

      Will bear your song title in mind for a future edition.

      Kind regards

  7. Anton says:

    Hi! john . Why are they cutting the tiles on a 45 on the balcony (varanda) ? Your house is one of the best in San Pedro, be proud, all the best .

    1. Hi Anton.
      I’ll be honest with you. I don’t really know why the tiles have been cut at a 45 degree angle. I think part of the reason is aesthetics. But I also think it is to do with creating the slope to allow the water (rain) to clear the veranda via the pipes set in to the walls. It’s a question I have for Daniel when we next see him.
      Don’t know about our house being one of be best in San Pedro but we are very pleased with it.
      Kind regards


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