“Magical Mystery Tour” (Part 2) from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

In the previous edition I ‘said’ that I would publish a second part for the magical mystery tour that Rose and I were lucky enough to make to the BATSUB base at Ladyville near Belize City and in this edition I do just that.

Before doing this though I will bring you up-to-date on our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize by letting you know and see what was going on/had been done when we visited around 16.00 hours on Thursday.

As we approached the house we could see that Rene was laying floor tiles (photos in the next edition) for the kitchen/living room of the self-contained apartment on the Ground Floor but didn’t wish to disturb him so we went straight up to the First Floor where we found that Christopher had been busy.


Powder Room floor finished.


Closet in hallway finished.

Having gone as far as he can (the area in the living room where the stairs to the Second Floor will be is yet to be laid with the ceramic tile) Christopher had moved to the en-suite bathroom for the bedroom (Rose’s handicraft room).


Christopher laying the first line.

With not much else going on we climbed the scaffold (we are both getting very expert at this now -who needs stairs!) to the Second Floor to review progress in the bathrooms.


Start made on the seat in my shower.


Accent tiles for my shower floor laid.

Outside our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize Angel and Alfredo had started applying masonry sealant to the northern First Floor veranda wall.


Angel on the left and Alfredo on the right. Norman and Appolito watching to make sure that they do a good job!

Under the shade of the trees near the bodega the welder (another name to learn) had started work on the railings.



And now to the second part of our magical mystery tour of the BATSUB base in Ladyville near Belize City.

In the previous edition I gave an insight in to how well equipped the base must have been ( I ‘say’ “must” because many of the facilities are no longer in use). Some could be with a little time and investment but…


British Forces Broadcasting Services building. No longer in use.



Well equipped kitchen. Only used when large numbers of troops are over for training.


Row of dining areas but only three are now used. And only when large numbers of troops are over for training.


Rugby field. Rarely used. And never for serious games.


Little Britain. A nice little housing estate that is currently not occupied. It is in. GREEN state though.


Old trucks. Going for auction very soon.

Obviously other parts of the base are fully operational.


The swimming pool. Used by BATSUB and the BDF.


The Laundrette. Although really only put to full use when troops are over for training.


“The Angry Pirate”. Used to be the busiest Mess of all until August 2011 when the permanent members of BATSUB was reduced materially so it is now closed.


Drainage system still operational.



Shower and toilet block. Fully operational but only used when troops are over for training. A wall divides the male and female sections.



Old ambulance but still in service.


Training center (gym). Real hi-tech equipment in there.


US Navy SEAL rigid. The SEALS are currently training a small group (the number had reduced from twenty to eight when we visited) from the BDF.

And the new MAN trucks. BATSUB has just taken delivery of twenty of these at around BZ$ 300,000 each.


If only Rose took instructions like that when I give them.

Oh, if you are in San Pedro today then beware. Sixty of the paratroopers that were on jungle training when we visited the BATSUB base will be enjoying their R & R. And they really do enjoy it.

The headline is based on the album released in 1967 by The Beatles which reached number one in the US Billboard Hot 200 chart.

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