“Staring at the Sun” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Up slightly before 05.00 hours yesterday morning and out on the veranda shortly afterwards with my mug of black coffee. The difference though was that I didn’t just sit there going through The Times on-line. I decided that I would respond to Don’s suggestion and include in the blog the occasional photo of something other than our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize. So knowing that it wouldn’t be long before the sun rose I went up to the roof of the building of the condo we are renting.

I got up there around (cannot be precise because I don’t wear a watch anymore) 05.20 hours – just before sunrise.


Looking south.


Looking in a north-easterly direction.

I’d probably been there around ten minutes when I found myself staring at the sun as it rose for the day.



With the early morning photo session completed I got ready and then took a walk along the beach to Estel’s for an early morning breakfast. I love this time of day. Not many people about. A time of contemplation for me. Or, just take in and appreciate the views.

At this time of the day the “action” on the beach is predominantly clean up time when seagrass and litter are removed.


Clean-up of beach in front of Ramon’s Village Resort nearly complete.

And the beachfront near Hurricane’s and BC’s too.


I got to Estel’s just before 07.00 hours and after scoffing (as usual) a hearty breakfast enjoyed my walk back to the condo we are renting during our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Don’t really know (well if I thought about it hard enough I would) where the rest of the day went but before we knew it the time had come to go take a look at progress on our house and we got there around 15.45 hours.

Starting on the Ground Floor (seems logical doesn’t it) we saw that Martin had virtually completed applying the finishing coat of cement for the Store Room/Garage.


Southern wall the last to be done.


Western and northern walls finished the previous day.

In to the self-contained apartment where we found Rene (for the last week or so he has been rubbing down the ceilings ) laying the floor tiles in the ‘master’ bedroom.


If you look closely you can see Rose doing her horizontal bunny impression. Don’t know why but…


View from the back garden.

A walk in to the smaller of the two bedrooms and we saw that the en-suite is being put to good use.


Improvised washing line!

Up on the First Floor Christopher was still laying floor tiles but had now moved in to the hallway.


View from the front entrance.


View from the “living room”.

Looking around the area we could see that Christopher had laid nearly all of the floor tiles for the kitchen area. Nearly because one is required for the south-eastern corner.


The red arrow “marks” the spot.

We were about to head up to the Second Floor when we saw that Rolando had started work on fitting the lights. The first of the down lights had been installed.


Loads more to be fitted but…

Up on the Second Floor Ernesto was still “ploughing away” in my bathroom fixing tiles to the walls.


Wall around entrance to walk-in closet completed.

On the way out of our lot we noticed (really don’t know why we didn’t spot it on the way in) that Angel and Alfredo had applied the first coat of masonry sealant to the eastern (front) wall on the First Floor.


Really looking forward to when it is all white.

Just as we were about to leave the “drinks wagon” turned up and the guys rushed to get their afternoon beaker of horchata.


Queuing in an orderly fashion.

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1997 by U2 which reached number three in the UK Singles Chart and number twenty-six in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. Louise Gow says:

    I think we also need to see a picture of Estels so we can picture that too! Look forward to your blog each day

    1. That is a very easy request to satisfy Louise. Might even include a photo or two in tomorrow’s edition given that very shortly I am heading for breakfast.

  2. Anton says:

    Is Suarez going to Arsenal ? ( 46 millions euros), another one for the gossip list is Salvio from Benfica for 40 million euros

    1. Hi Anton. Don’t like him as an individual but he is a great player. Would much prefer him to Rooney or Higuain. Really want Wenger to buy a top class player. And soon

  3. lifeagain says:

    You big tease….What no picture of the breakfast?
    John, what a way for you to wake up…….sun, sand and the sea….. your home updates, music taste and beautiful pictures are really inclusive to your web family. You take great photos. Thanks for sharing. I like the fact that you basically have the walk along the shoreline all to yourself.
    Pinch yourself….

    1. Hi Don. Unlike many other blogs I generally do not take photos of food on a plate but you put it so nicely I might just…

      Much rather pinch someone else than myself!

  4. Tom J says:

    your home is looking great! The views are wonderful and I appreciate the pictures!
    Big sky…
    Congrats on the birth of George
    Regards from Montana

    1. Thanks Tom. I am going to have to get a ladder fixed to the wall so I can get up on the roof. Aside from getting up there to appreciate the views I am going to have to get up there to make sure that the drain covers (for our rainwater collection tank) do not get clogged. Kind regards John

  5. Kat George says:

    I meant tile, not till

  6. Kat George says:

    Not a judgment, just an observation. Was wondering why you chose to till your entire bathroom walls. You won’t be able to change the room colors ever. House is coming along great.

    1. Hi Kat. The only bathrooms that will be fully tiled are Rose’s and mine. Realise that to change the look will be costly (not impossible to do but a lot more work/time/cost than just painting) but we spent a long time deciding on colours and tile types so do not feel that I will want to change mine in a hurry.

      Even with the bathrooms that are only tiled in the shower area there is the work/time/ cost issue.

  7. Larry Merrill says:

    John: Sorry it has been a while since I last posted. Your place is coming along quite nicely. It is amazing how much bigger it looks when things are painted white and the tiles are laid down. Keep up the good work. I can see it won’t be long before moving in day!

    1. No worries Larry. We are really pleased with the way things have gone. As to the choice of white, we decided at the outset that it was the colour we wanted. Always gives an impression of “bigger”/ more open.

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