“Top of the World” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Up and out on the veranda yesterday morning around 05.15 hours. And the Internet was fine so I got my daily dose of The Times on-line. No purchases by Arsenal though but we have got rid of Andre “Who ate all the pies” Santos but to do so we had to let him go on a free transfer. Not a bad bit of business – we only paid £6.8m for him two years ago ((sarcasm intended). Oh and it looks like we are about to off-load Gervinho too. At least the wage bill will go down.

Sated with my ‘feed’ of news I grabbed the bucket, brush, cloths and chamois and went and spent a fairly energetic hour washing the golf cart. Try as I may though I haven’t found any effective way yet of how to get the seats really clean. Knew we shouldn’t have gone for white! So if any of you out there in the blogosphere have any ideas please let me have them. Normally willing to try (most) things at least once.

With the ‘cart in a gleaming condition (aside from the seats that is) I showered, shaved, dressed and had breakfast and then went to the Belize Brewing Company Limited depot to get a five gallon bottle of water. On the way there I passed the new church being built at the corner of Blake Street and Seagrape Drive.


Looks like the main entrance is going to be in Blake Street.


With the steeple in place the building is now starting to look like a church.

When I got the water I was informed that the price has increased from BZ$ 3.50 to BZ$ 3.60. An increase of just under three percent. Not too bad.

Home with the water I then went – with my book – to sit on the jetty in front of the condo we are renting during our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize for some quality lounging time.

Around 15.00 hours Rose and I headed off to view progress on our house and I made the journey reflecting, or perhaps ruminating is a better description) on a comment that Don ( a follower of this blog from California) had posted. The result of my rumination is that I decided that I would act upon Don’s request/suggestion.

So with this decision made when Rose and I got to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize I didn’t “waste” any time before headung up the scaffolding to reach the Second Floor and then used the step ladder up there to get up on to the roof of the house. Once there I felt like I was on top of the world! The views in general from our house are good but up there they are great and in today’s edition I am sharing (courtesy of Don’s suggestion) some of them with you.


Looking south-west over our near neighbour Jason’s house, Pirate Villas (this is available for holiday rental).

Looking north-west is Bertand’s (another neighbour) the Bamboo House (this is also available for holiday rental).

Should add that I am not on commission. Just being neighbourly!



Looking south-west.


View looking east.

I could have stayed up there until the sun set but I had left Rose on her own long enough so I went back down to the the Second Floor to join her and have a look at progress on my bathroom where we found Ernesto busy at work.


Ernesto (out of shot) with the next tile.


And up it goes.

While we were in my bathroom Angel (who had taken a break from painting (more later)) came in to ask us exactly where we wanted our mirrors to be fitted. We described exactly where we want them and Angel, with tape measure and pencil at the ready, marked the exact positions on the walls of our respective bathrooms.

With these ‘executive’ decisions taken we took the scaffold down to the First Floor where Christopher was continuing to lay the floor tiles and by now was in the final stages of tiling the kitchen area.


Christopher applying the adhesive.


Kitchen area nearly done.

By now Angel had returned to the First Floor and along with Alfredo was applying the first coat of masonry sealant to the external wall on the northern side of our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.



Alfredo “cutting in” around the clerestory window.

Bringing today’s edition to a close I’ll leave you with another photo I took from the roof.


Top of the world looking down on our back garden.

The headline for today is based on the song by The Carpenters which reached number one in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number five in the UK Singles Chart in 1973.


  1. cynthiatree says:

    Good morning John. Loved the wonderful rooftop photos. Inspiring! What a fine way to greet the day. About those white seats: looks like you have a lot of good suggestions, but I’m wondering if any of these products protect from future stains or will this be ongoing? Maybe there is some kind of sealant that would prevent/block stains from setting, so that clean up is easier. Sorry that I don’t know of any product to suggest, but I’m sure someone will know. Plastic and the like can feel hot and sticky on seats … getting complicated … brain stopping now … need coffee… Cynthia

    1. Really pleased you enjoyed the rooftop photos Cindy (or is it Cynthia?).
      As to the seats, when Rose gets time (after making the curtains, cushions for the seating area on the Second Floor, etc) I might try and get her to make some slip-on covers. Just need two sets and can wash one while the other is being used. Drinking my second mug of coffee now.

    2. Sorry. Just saw that you “signed” your comment as Cynthia.

  2. Mike says:

    As a contractor myself I like to see Level and straight work. Looking at the pics of Christopher finishing the floor and seeing his (and other) perfect reflection in the tile tells me you have some quality workmanship!

    Oh, and I am with Don. More exterior shots of house and environs! (maybe an update on the lagoonside work in town??)

    1. Hi Mike. Thanks for the feedback from someone who comes from the construction business. Really appreciated. Sometimes my photos do not do the work justice (eg I am not standing level when I take a shot).
      I will include more non-house related photos and there will be a few in today’s edition when I get around to finishing it.
      As to the lagoon project, I did include a few photos in an edition a couple of days ago. Will include a few more when finish getting the old football field ready for the Costa Maya Festival.

  3. lifeagain says:

    2 of your beautiful photos are now part of my screen savers. Thanks and thanks again.
    Wow, you were really high up there on your roof…… above the trees even. What spectacular long range views that you have. You were facing Honduras in one direction west view right. How long of a boat ride or should i say how short? Will you have rails or glass posting around your roof. Will your roof be a place of rest or sanctuary as the same as your balcony’s with chair and table settings? Can you use the roof top as a grow area with potted plants and flowers for show or re-sale or even personal use/decoration?.
    **Plastic or vinyl seat covers will fix your buggy seat problem.

    1. Don I don’t have a clue as to the direction for Honduras. Or how a long a boat trip might be to get there so I will trust your judgement.

      As to the roof, it will not have glass or railings. Not will we grow plants up there. It is the focal point for rainwater collection. That is where the drains are that take the water down to the water tank under the house. I will get a ladder fixed to be wall though so that I go up there to look at the sights. Oh, and make sure that the grating over the drains are clear!

  4. I don’t know the material on your seats – but I find that white vinegar (mixed with water) works on most anything – but it certainly isn’t good for leather.

    1. Will try the white vinegar ( very inexpensive here) Marsa. What do you recommend for leather? Have a lovely leather jacket ( not that I wear it here) and some belts that I would love to keep in good health.

  5. Anton says:

    HI John try VIM or AJAX in powder with a wet rag, better and safer then bleach

    1. Hi Anton. Have tried the equivalent over here of Vim/Ajax but doesn’t shift the obstinate stains.

  6. Wes says:

    No experience myself but you might try one of these suggestions.

    1. Thanks for the link Wes. Think I might try the engine degreaser. I will let you (and everyone else) know if it works.

  7. Louise Gow says:

    You can try a small amount of bleach in some water too

    1. Thanks Louise. Next on my list to try.

  8. wassuu says:

    Try CIF for cleaning the golf cart seats…..

    1. Thanks Matt. I’ll give it a go and report on its effectiveness (or not).
      Hope all is well for Joe, Naomi and you.

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