“Money’s Too Tight ( to Mention” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Haven’t a clue what the Internet was like on the rest of Ambergris Caye yesterday morning but for me it was absolutely horrible. No service at all when I got up at 04.30 hours and it stayed that ways for hours even though I tried rebooting numerous times.

The lack of service was really irritating and severely delayed the publication of the previous edition of this blog. I don’t impose a strict deadline but I do aim to get it ‘out there’ at a reasonable time. So apologies to those of you who may like to read it before you go to work.

The absence of Internet also meant that I didn’t get my early morning “fix” of The Times on-line. Still no need to worry about not picking up on an Arsenal foray in to the transfer market. There wasn’t one!

I did eventually get a stable return of service around 11.00 hours and then was able to pick up on emails – that was after publishing yesterday’s edition – and with that out of the way Rose and I turned our attention to discussing fencing for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

With the build of our house nearing completion we will very soon have to decide what type of fence we want around it. It’s not a case of money’s too tight to mention but we definitely do not want to spend a fortune on it.

We have a couple of options from different people and we now need to decide which we are going to opt for and then get in to serious price negotiation mode. In preparation for this I have started trying to get price comparison information from people that have had similar fences constructed.

With the other stuff taken care of Rose and I headed to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and got there slightly later than normal at around 16.00 hours. Once there we went straight up to the First Floor where we found that Christopher had moved to laying the floor tiles for the kitchen area.



View from the southern (living “room” area) side.


View from the hallway.

Making our way carefully (didn’t want to step on any newly laid tiles) out onto the veranda we found that the western (lagoon facing) wall had received its first coat of masonry sealant.


Even though it is only one coat it makes the whole wall look completely different. I like the colour of cement but…

Just around the corner Angel and Alfredo were busy with the rollers applying masonry sealant to the southern exterior wall.


If you look hard you can see my silhouette ( not professional class photography I know).

Up the scaffolding to the Second Floor where I was pleased to see that work has begun on fixing the wall tiles for my bathroom.


Wall to which my vanity unit will be fixed.


And another tile goes up.

In Rose’s bathroom (a much bigger bathroom than mine!) Omar had made really good progress and was now working on the odd tile shape areas (I am sure that there is a more correct description for this but…) and was down at ground level cutting the tiles to the required sizes.


“This one will do.”


On to the cutter.


And another one cut to size!

Before leaving our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize we took a walk in to the back garden to see how the house looked with the latest covering of some of the cement.


The house doesn’t slope to the right. Just really poor posture on my part.

Today’s headline is based on the single by Simply Red which reached number thirteen in the UK Singles Chart and number twenty-eight in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. Light, bright, lovely. Certainly enjoying your posts and pix.

    1. Thank you Cathie.

  2. Lifeagain says:

    John, life is good. So what a day of slow or no internet we/your web family are here still the next day. Enjoy your great life man and on the occasional day of the internet Gods not cooperating do something slightly different. Take your camera on a walk along the water and show us some great pictures or climb on your roof with some panoramic views of everything that you see. Man, i bet that would be a joy for all of us. When the internet comes back up send us your break from routine pics and beach side muses and we will thank and appreciate even more.
    Life is good every day and i hope my 5 year plan allows me to move to Belize and meet you for breakfast from time to time.

    Here in California as in the UK we get high speed connection every day and i would trade that capability in a heart beat for the periodic woes and slows of the connectivity of Belize. Yes sir…have a heart will you, while your buddies here in California are still working for the man.

    Yur boi

    1. What a nice note Don. Thank you. My camera and I will see what we can do. Keep watching. Kind regards John

  3. Alan Slater says:

    Hi John & Rose….what type of fence or rail are you going to use on your balconies? Are you going for the glass and post, or is that too expensive?

    Alan S.

    1. Hi Alan. We did consider glass before we got to involve an architect but discounted it because a) it’s cost and b) keeping it clean. We are going to have 3″ diameter galvanised tubing that will be painted in French Navy. Kind regards John

  4. Jane says:

    John, the tiling is simply lovely, and it sure helps one to visualize your floor space and wall spaces when complete. By, very nice choices!

    1. Thanks again Jane. We spent an absolute age looking at tiles. Not like a bad choice with carpet that you can just rip up!

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