“Superstition” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

First job of the day yesterday (well after catching up with the news via my The Times on-line subscription) was to take our golf cart to Captain Shark’s for its first service.

I dropped the cart off just after 8 am and then walked the short distance to Estel’s for a hearty breakfast and a bit of ‘quality’ time on the iPad. With breakfast finished I went straight to Atlantic International Bank to pay the electricity bill and then straight on to The Greenhouse to get some of the ingredients for the chicken curry that Rose is making for dinner. I do love Rose’s curries ( that compliment ( a sincere one at that) will hopefully guarantee that she cooks another one very soon).

Having done the shopping I took a leisurely walk along the beach back to the condo we are renting during our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

After peeling the onions (my one culinary duty in the preparation for dinner) I read for a while (still haven’t finished the book yet) whilst Rose made the curry and after she had finished we took the road route and collected the ‘cart from Captain Shark’s and set off immediately to see what progress had been made on our home and got there around 2 pm.

With the ‘cart parked we took a short walk to the north-east corner of our front garden to have a look at the well and were pleased to see that the guys had finished it.


Tank hatch in place.


Compartment for the water pump finished.

In front of the house Porfelio was cutting tiles on an electric tile cutter (Daniel Camal, our building contractor, had brought the ‘serious’ equipment in).


Filling it with water.


Ready to cut the tiles for my bathroom floor to size.

Not wishing to be in Porfelio’s way (especially when he was cutting MY tiles) we went up the stairs to the First Floor and went in to the bedroom (Rose’s handicraft room). Nothing going on in there but we did see what I think (courtesy of Google) was a Black Witch moth (Ascalapha odorata) in the bathroom.


Probably had a wingspan of 14 cm.

It’s a good job that neither Rose or I are great believers in superstition. Why? Well, in certain counties the ‘visit’ of a Black Witch moth to your home is considered a harbinger of death. Apparently if there is someone sick in a house when the moth enters then death very soon follows. In other countries the moth has to visit all four corners of the house before the death occurs . As I have already ‘said’, we don’t suffer from superstition but I am pleased now that we shooed the visitor out of our house!

With our lepidoptery session over we went to the main area of the floor to find Angel and Alfredo busily applying the first coat of emulsion to the walls in the dining/kitchen area.


Alfredo at work on the northern wall.


Angel replenishing the roller.

Alfredo stopped working to proudly tell us that they had applied the second coat of emulsion for the ceiling.


Before starting on the emulsion the guys had applied a coat of masonry sealant to the walls in the hallway and the closet.





We then took the scaffolding up to the Second Floor where we found Martin applying the finishing coat of cement around the sliding window (door) on the landing.



Shot taken with me bravely (sic) balancing on the duck board!

Once up there it was straight in to the bedroom to see how the tiling for my bathroom was progressing. And things were progressing very well. “Wat” had laid most of the tiles for the closet section and had started on the toilet/vanity unit area.


Walking outside onto the veranda we saw that silicone had been applied all around the sliding window (door) for our bedroom and the section above the frame had been ‘made good’ with cement.


Down below in the back garden the guys had finished applying the second coat of cement for the northern section of the sea wall and were finishing off the southern section.


Northern section of sea wall.


Southern section of the sea wall.


Nearly finished.

Oh, what about the curry? Well, we had it for dinner at it was scrumptious (been waiting an age to use this word).

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1972 by Stevie Wonder which reached number one in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number eleven in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. robert says:

    Yes Anton, its a two part package. Some of the ones include silica for a non slip finish. Salt will be no problem , withstand grease, and solvents, very tough indeed. But its not cheap. Usually , if you buy from a manufacturer direct the more you buy the cheaper it gets. There’s plenty in the USA to choose from , but you just roller on with a long handled roller , maybe use a brush around detail. But it’ll last you a life time. Make sure you buy some sealable plastic cans to store a pint or two of each to use for touch up, ie concrete cracks etc.
    If you need me to check anything out im in Houston 23July to 2nd

    1. Thanks for the information Anton. Must admit that I am looking for a finish that isn’t too slippery. Will add your suggestion to my Googling activity.

  2. Anton says:

    hi guys !! Ibelieve it`s called Epoxy finish but is very slippery went wet ,some times when mixing the epoxy I have added silica sand to the mix Epoxy cames in A + B then you mix , the working time is + – two hours,two gallons will cover 700 square feet and last forever. ( uv, salt ) ?? Around 150 $ can for A + B two gallons total

  3. robert says:

    Hi John. Ive never seen a ‘drooped’ cart before, maybe the moth was telling you your cart had died !!! On the more serious side, concerning ‘paint’ for your deck, have you looked at industrial and garage concrete floor treatments. They are resin based , i used a blue one on my factory floor back in UK it worked very well, just used to touch up high trafficked areas every few yrs. Incredibly durable , lots of colours and textures. Maybe a few cans could be inserted into your container in Miami !!!

    1. Whoops. Thanks Robert. Typo corrected. As to the resin based paint, I will get Googling!!!

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