“Up the Ladder to the Roof” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Spent far too much time yesterday morning pulling yesterday’s edition together. I took so many photos of the windows (doors) being fitted that it took an absolute age to decide which to include and which to discard. Decisions, decisions.

With the edition published (love ‘saying’ that because it makes me feel like Rupert Murdoch – OK, on a much,much smaller scale and nowhere near as wealthy. I am younger than him though!) it was time for Rose to cut my hair. It was well overdue and had just got too long and I was actually starting to sweat a lot more than I usually do.

A quick shower and I was ready (I did get dressed as well) to hit the shops with Rose to buy the household stuff we needed. With the shopping done we had lunch and headed off to visit our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and arrived shortly after 2 pm having stopped on the way to buy sixteen bottles of soft drinks for the guys ( I ‘phoned Angel prior to setting off to find out how many bottles were needed).

We didn’t waste time looking around the Ground Floor or the First Floor for that matter. There was only one place to be so it was up the ladder to the roof ( OK, up the scaffolding to the Second Floor – some creative license here because I need a headline!) to see if the guys had fitted the other sliding window (door).

Not only had they fitted it but by the time we got there the door ‘furniture’ had been fitted and Nicholas was busy applying silicone around the frame.



Not too far from Nicholas was “Wat” (I have nicknamed him this in honour of Wat Tyler who led the Peasants’ Revolt in England in 1381) who was coming to the final stages of laying the tiles for our bedroom.

He was cutting the tiles for the area closest to where the door will ‘go’ for my bathroom.




With masonry sealant on the walls and the tiles nearly laid the bedroom looked a lot bigger.


View from the landing.


View from my bathroom door (OK, where the door will be fitted).

Outside on the veranda/roof terrace Alfredo was busy with the roller applying masonry sealant to the northern wall in the western corner near our seating area.



He had already done this section by the time we got there.

Not that far away Rafael (aka The Frog) was applying the first coat of emulsion to the external wall (northern) to Rose’s bathroom.


Starting to look really clean and bright now.

At the end of the garden work continued on the sea wall with the guys applying cement to southern side of the sea wall.


Really pleased with what we had seen we went to the First Floor where Alfredo (having finished applying masonry sealant to the wall on the Second Floor), Porfelio and Appolito were giving the floor a clean-up in advance of sealing the walls.


Alfredo getting the dust out of the corners.


Appolito cleaning the hallway.

At the front of the house José was finishing off rubbing down the ceiling (removing excess joint compound) in the bedroom (Rose’s handicraft room).


José posing for the picture.

At ground level Martin was applying the finishing coat of cement for the walls of the steps from the self-contained apartment’s ‘master’ bedroom and Alfonso was fitting plycem boards under the First Floor’s western veranda.


As we left our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize we saw that Martin had made the hatches for the septic tank.



A ‘close-up and personal’ with one of the hatches.

On the way to the ‘cart we took a slight detour and went to the north-east corner of our lot to see the guys working on the well.


Guys laying the ‘blocks for the section (32″ high) where the pump will be installed).


Rear view of the house with two sliding windows (doors) in. Only five (four at the back and one at the front) to go!

In the evening Rose and I went to Carlo and Ernie’s Runway Bar & Grill to watch Belize play USA in its first ever game in the CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football) Gold Cup. Belize lost 6-1 but put up a very spirited performance against a team with vastly more experience. They did Belize proud.

If you haven’t been to the bar yet it has a great atmosphere and a serves really good food (I love the fish fingers and chips (fries for non UK readers).


The menu.

Today’s headline is based on the single released in 1970 by The Supremes (minus Diana Ross) which reached number six in the UK Singles Chart and number ten in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. Belinda says:

    Where in Ambergris is the build? Belinda

    1. Hi Belinda. We are building in Tres Cocos on a lot immediately north of Pirate’s Treasure Restaurant and Bar which is just north of Legends Burger House. It is on the lagoon side.
      Kind regards John

  2. Shawn says:

    Hi John and Rose.

    I must say I absolutly love your blog, my smarter half on the otherhand not so much (since I spent last week and I mean the entire week reading every entry from the beginning). I came across it mid June and have been glued to it ever since. Forest ( my smarter half) and I are in our early 40’s and have done quite a bit of travelling to find our little bit of paradise we can call home. Well on our last vacation we had the pleasure of spending a few weeks on Ambergris caye at El Secreto and absolutly fell in love with San Pedro, so much that we purchased 2 lots south of town on Tarpon bay. You blog has been VERY INSPIRING to say the least. Our plan is to start the building our dream home next August. Keep up the great work!!! I can’t wait to see your home finished and possibly meeting you both at Estels for breaky some time.

    Kindest regards

    Shawn and Forest

    1. Hi Forest and Shawn. Thanks so much for your very kind comments. Really appreciated. Haven’t stayed (or visited for that matter) El Secreto but if the pictures are a true representation it looks a great place to stay for a holiday.
      Can well understand how you fell in love with Ambergris Caye. Rose and I first visited 16 years ago and had bought a condo within 6 weeks of returning to the UK and eventually got to the position where we could move here.
      Good luck with your build next year. My advice is to really take your time on the design of the house and who you choose to build it for you.
      Kind regards John
      NB would be good to bump in to you both at Estel’s.

  3. bluesqueen7 says:

    Hi John, I was wondering is your self contained apartment below to be rented out, or is it for your visiting friends?

    1. Hi Nancy, At this stage it’s planned for use by visiting family and friends but you never know what the future holds.

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