“Rub It In” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

A sad start to today’s edition. On Tuesday evening Rose and I heard the sad news that “Drummer Dan” (Dan Van Patten) had sadly passed away earlier in the day.

Those readers of this blog that either live on Ambergris Caye or visit it will have undoubtedly come across “Drummer Dan” during his many years (he relocated here in 1997) on this island playing music in most, if not all, the bars.

Rose and I do not profess to have known Dan that well, more like nodding acquaintances, but we always found him to be a quiet and somewhat reserved man. A gentle man.

For those of you not aware, Dan was a founding member of the group Berlin.

Rest in peace Dan.

Belize is currently in the midst of a tropical depression ( no this is not something that is caused when I have just finished washing the golf cart and the rain pours down) and on my way (gave up trying to write this edition on the veranda because I was getting soaked) to Estel’s for breakfast (the only one there as I write this) the drainage was struggling to cope with the heavy rain and puddles (!!) were heading to over six inches deep (even in front of the Tropic Air terminal).

It did rain yesterday as well and Rose and I waited until there was some respite before we headed off to visit our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and didn’t get there as a consequence until nearly 4 pm.

Once there we found a rather depleted team. There were only six of the guys there. Looks like Daniel Camal, our building contractor, had moved them to some or all of the other projects he is working on currently. Or had he sent them home to build up their strength for fitting the sliding windows?

At ground level Martin had finished working at the back (western or lagoon side) of the house on the steps that lead from/to the ‘master bedroom’ (of the self-contained apartment) to the garden.


Looking down from the bedroom veranda.


Looking up from the garden.

Having finished the steps Martin was putting the form boards in place around the septic tank so that he could apply another coat of cement.


Septic tank on the northern side of the house.

Up on the First Floor José was being assisted by a new guy in applying joint compound to the ceiling boards.


Joint compound and spreader “ready to go”.


Compound applied for some of the bedroom (Rose’s handicraft room) ceiling.

Out in the hallway José’s newest assistant was applying compound to the ceiling.


The new guy at work.

Hearing a grinding sound I went to the northern veranda where I found Alfredo busy at work on the wall removing the rough bits of cement before the masonry sealant is applied. He really does know how to use that stone. He knows how to rub it in!


The other side of Alfredo!

The sound of an electric saw got me scuttling up the scaffold to the Second Floor where Angel was cutting wood to support the bathtub for Rose’s bathroom.


The temporary wood shop!

Before we left our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize we popped in to the Ground Floor self-contained apartment and found that they had finished applying the finishing coat of cement for the en-suite for the smaller of the two bedrooms


Not the greatest picture quality but believe me the finish looks good.

And they had finished the two recessed shelves in the shower area.


The headline for today’s edition is in response to a suggestion yesterday by long-time reader of the blog,Wes Wilt, and is based upon the single by Layng Martine (produced by Ray Stevens) which was released in 1971 and reached number sixty-five in the US Billboard Hot 100. Billy “Crash”Craddock covered the song in 1974 and his version did better in the charts, reaching number sixteen in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number one in the US Billboard Hot Country Singles chart. Thanks for the suggestion Wes.


  1. Wes says:


    1. Hoped that you might like it. A blog that not only ‘listens’ to its readers but acts upon their suggestions! Who wants a free press!!

  2. Susan flagerty says:

    Just realized you and I will be neighbors some day. We are building a villa at reef village. Hopefully it will be finished some time soon. It’s great following your build we may need the name of the builder some day

    1. Susan Flaherty says:

      Revised name susan Flaherty fat fingers typing

      1. I suffer from ‘fat fingers’ too. At least that’s my excuse for the errors in the blog!

    2. Hi Susan (or is it Sue). Reef Village isn’t that far from where we will be living (we pass it every day). I thought that the developers of Reef Village built the properties and then sold them . Sounds as if things have changed. Feel free to contact me when (if) you want Daniel Camal’s (our building contractor) contact info. Kind regards John

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