“Move It On Over” to Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Up around 4 am yesterday morning and after reading The Times online and taking care of a few emails I decided that I would go wash the ‘Cart and started the task just after 6 am (nice and cool at that time of day).

Around 7.20 am I had just finished wiping it down and applying the chamois when – yes you’ve guessed it – there was the sound of thunder and the rain came down. It was still clean but… At least when our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize is finished I will be able to wash the ‘cart undercover and it will remain clean and shiny for a while!

At 9 am I received an email from Excess International Movers (the company that is handling shipping for us) advising that, as scheduled, the goods we have had in storage in the UK since we moved to Ambergris Caye, Belize, had been collected from the storage unit on the Isle of Dogs in East London. It’s now time to move it on over and hopefully some time next week they will be put on a boat and then around six to seven weeks after that they should be with us. I am sure it will be a bit like Christmas with loads of parcels to open.

I really don’t know where the rest of the day went but it just did and Rose and I didn’t set off to visit our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize until nearly 4 pm but it is only a relatively short journey (unless the roads are particularly bad, which they weren’t).

Once there we took our customary walk-around to see what had been done and what the guys were working on. First thing we noticed was that Angel had applied the finishing coat of cement to the western wall for the first flight of the entrance stairs.


Won’t be long before the masonry sealant goes on . And then the paint!

A few steps away we could see that the western wall of the Pump Room had also been finished.


External walls for the Pump Room now finished.

Just around the corner on the northern side of the house they had started applying cement to the exterior walls of the septic tank.



As we reached the top of the stairs on the First Floor we found Alfredo hard at work rubbing the veranda wall down to remove any excess cement. He was using a small piece of a concrete block to do this.


Alfredo’s rubbing ‘stone’.


Alfredo at work with his ‘stone’.

Inside the house José was applying joint compound for the ceiling in the living room area.


José applying the compound.

Across the room we could see that they had ‘made good’ around the pipes for the kitchen sink.



Needs the finishing coat now.

Out on the western (lagoon side) veranda was young Appolito rubbing the wall down.


“Put your back in to it Appolito”.

Looking down we could see Martin working on the steps that lead from the ‘master bedroom’ in the Ground Floor self-contained apartment to the back garden so we went down to take a closer look.


Martin loading his hawk with cement.


The steps starting to take shape.

Looking up we could see that the guys had now started rubbing down the walls outside the living/dining room area (western side of the house).


Rafael (aka The Frog) on the left and Appolito on the right.


Back (facing the lagoon) of the house.

The headline is based on the single released in 1947 by Hank Williams which reached numer four in the US Billboard Country Singles chart.


  1. Ina McLean says:

    Hello John, my husband and I just purchased land north of SP that we will be building on soon. We are trying to decide how big to make our cistern, and would like your input please. You said some time back that rain water was starting to be diverted into your cistern. Now that the rainy season has started, how full would you say your cistern is now? Will rain from an entire rainy season fill up a large cistern? Thank you for your time, and thanks for the excellent blog…

    1. Hi Ina. Our water tank can hold 45,000 gallons but don’t know if with the recent rain we have had that it is full yet – the temporary tank cover is concrete and I alone cannot lift it.

      I am hopeful (I have done the research on average water usage per person per day) that a full tank at the end of the rainy season will last us through the dry season. A lot will depend though on how many people come to stay with us during the dry season and if it rains during this time.

      If it runs out we will be paying for water deliveries!

      Good luck with your build. Where exactly are you going to build?

      Kind regards

      1. Ina McLean says:

        Thank you for the reply John. We’re thinking of somewhere around a 35,000 gallon cistern. It’s just the two of us, so we feel that should be sufficient. We thought perhaps of adding a desalination unit, but price wise, it came out cheaper to add the extra gallons to the cistern…plus no electricity charges to run the unit. Watching the Facebook posts from the rain you had there yesterday, I’m sure you added quite a bit to your cistern! We were there early April this year and passed your build many times on our cycling excursions north checking out the island…it was kind of exciting finding your blog, then realizing we know where it is, and now following your build after seeing it first hand. Our property is a bit north of Rojo Bar, so we’ll be adding a dock and buying a boat to get to town and back (as well as exploring the other islands) when we need more than we can carry on the bikes or the ATV. We’ve already decided on an architect and builder, but we’re waiting for the property to be formally registered in our names by the government before we actually start any formal clearing or building. We hope for it to be finished by this time next year. Until then, we can only dream!

        Thanks again,

  2. Andy says:

    John its not good when you don,t proof read before sending…. Quote ” I really don’t where the rest of the day went but it just did ” Unquote…. lol… House is on the fast lane now…. Regards.. Andy

    1. 4/10 for me. And a note on the report card “Must do better. Too many mistakes”.

  3. Wes says:

    Really disappointed that you didn’t use Ray Stevens “Rub it in” as you theme song today. Billy “Crash” Craddock took it to number 1 on the country chart in 1974. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzIkeO8jt7k

    1. Hold that disappointment Wes. I am sure that there will be an opportunity to use it. Keep watching the space!

  4. Jane says:

    John – Your fellows are such hard workers! We went by the other evening, and they were still at it when the rest of the working world was well on their way to their first Beliken of the evening! It’s looking more beautiful every day!

    1. Couldn’t agree more Jane. Yesterday morning they started at 6 am. They want to finish it. And we want them too!

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