“Mother’s Little Helper” for Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Didn’t get up until 7 am yesterday morning. A real lie in! Probably the consequence of going to the Roadkill Bar the previous night and having one (or two) drinks too many!

I awoke with a clear head though. Which was just as well because I had received some draft schedules for a contract from an ex-colleague in the UK that he wanted me to review. So with the essential mug of black coffee made I knuckled down (not until II had read The Times on-line of course) to reviewing the drafts on my iPad on the veranda (I find that it helps me to read something first and make a ‘mental note’ of sections that I believe need some form of amendment).

I had nearly finished my ‘read through’ when the heavens opened up and the rain really came down. The timing of the downpour was nigh on perfect though because it ‘forced’ me indoors to complete the review and ‘mark up’ my comments on my PC and email the revised schedules to the UK.

By then it was noon and time to ‘catch up’ on my In Box where I was pleased to find that we are going to get a rebate from the company we have stored the stuff that we are shipping from the UK with. Prior to departing from the UK I booked storage until the end of August (allowing for overrunning on our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize). With the build going virtually to plan our stuff is being collected by the moving company (Excess International Movers) on the 2nd July. Result!

Next up in my In Box was an email from my nephew Bradley with some photographs of his son Cody. Apparently he is fed up being his mother’s little helper and wants to come to Ambergris Caye and be a member of the team building our house. We would love to see him but doubt that he would do much work. I doubt we would be able to get him away from the huge sandpit that our back garden currently resembles.


“I don’t want to be mother’s little helper. I want to be Bob the Builder’!

It was now well after 1 pm so I rustled up breakfast (more like brunch I suppose), shaved, showered and dressed and by 2.45 pm was ready to ‘hit the road’ and go visit our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

We got there shortly after 3 pm and after fighting our way through the mosquitos went up the ramp to the Ground Floor where Josê and Alfonso were busily fitting plycem boards for the ceiling.


Only a few boards to fit. Obviously Josê didn’t want his face in the photo! Or was he trying to tell me something?

Hearing the sound of running water I looked to my left to see a ‘tap’ protruding from the external wall of the Pump Room. They had got the pump and filtration system working and can now use water from the forty-five thousand gallon water tank that ‘sits’ beneath the house.


Red arrow ‘marks’ the ‘tap’.


Look at that lovely water.


Pump and filtration system installed. And working!

Walking very quickly through the Ground Floor self-contained apartment we got to the ‘master bedroom’ and looking outside saw that a group of the guys were hard at work applying the finishing coat of cement for the western (lagoon) side exterior wall.


The ‘deadly duo’ of Nicholas (L) and Martin (R) taking care of the section above where the sliding window for the ‘master bedroom’ will be.


Eric , as seems to becoming the norm, taking care of the lower section.


The guy whose name I haven’t found out yet working on the area near a cantilever beam.


Team shot.

Walking around to the southern side of the house we could see that the guys had already finished that exterior wall. Just the northern wall to go now.


Ground Floor southern exterior wall finished.

On the northern Ground Floor exterior wall one guy (I promise I will try and get his name today) was working alone.


Finishing coat of cement around the windows. The main wall next!

More than satisfied with what we had seen at ground level Rose and I went up to the First Floor where we found that the guys had made some additions to the scaffolding. They had added some steps. Angel told us that they had done it so that Rose can access the Second Floor more easily (how sweet you are probably thinking).


Scaffolding with ‘steps’.

I am a bit more cynical though. I think they are there for when the guys carry the sliding windows up to the Second Floor. Time will tell! In the meantime it does make getting up to the Second Floor a lot easier.

The headline for today’s edition is based on the single released in 1966 by The Rolling Stones which reached number eight in the US Billboard Hot 100.


  1. emily says:

    After reading several of the reviews, I decided to try this:

  2. Wes says:

    Repeat after me..Cómo te llamas.

  3. Alan Slater says:

    Hj John, You mention mosquitoes quite often in your blogs. Will this be a problem when your build is complete, or will they spray the area? Or, maybe they are a result of the scrub vegetation, which will disappear when the area is landscaped.
    I have just returned from 6 weeks in the UK, to be greeted with 90F for a week and thunder storm bursts, which is likely to continue for another week, though the temp is supposed to drop to around 80.
    Alan S.

    1. Hi Alan. The San Pedro Town Council spray areas south of the bridge but not north of it yet. As it gets more populated north of the bridge I am sure that spraying will take place. How long it might be before that is the case though could be another thing.
      The mozzies do bite me but in all honestly they don’t bother me that much. For example I don’t come out in red blotches.
      Had heard about the good weather in the UK- perfect timing for a visit on your part. Kind regards John

  4. wassuu says:

    Miss those Wednesday nights at Roadkill Bar

    1. We miss you being there.

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