“Car(t) Wash in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

After writing and publishing yesterday’s edition of the blog it was around 6 am. Just the right temperature before the heat started to build up so I grabbed the bucket and my new chamois leather. The perfect time for a car(t) wash!

Started with the hose. Then the soap suds, paying special attention (and putting in more effort) on the seats (they just get so dirty) and then a hose down to clear the suds (and remaining dirt). Then it was the turn of the chamois and the ‘cart looked a treat. As I stood there admiring my work the heavens opened up and down the rain came. Sod’s law. If there is ever a shortage of water on the island they just need to get me to wash our ‘cart – ergo, the ‘rainmaker’!

With the ‘cart washed it was time to have a shower ( yes, I did go out before I had a shower), shave and get dressed. Then breakfast. And all the while the rain continued to come down.

Around 10am though I got recompense for the Sod’s law incident when the rain abated and I was able (without getting soaked) to go to Gekko Graphics in Buccaneer Street to get the Application /Booking form that Excess International Movers (the company that we appointed to ship the stuff we have in storage in the UK) printed. Once printed I filled out the form with the required information, had it scanned and filed to the memory stick I took with me and returned to the condo we are renting. Once ‘home’ it was a simple matter of emailing the completed form. Our stuff will now be collected on 2 July and should be delivered to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize around the middle of August.

Around 3 pm we collected Dave, a friend of ours who is serving as a member of BATSUB on the mainland, and his wife Wendy and daughter Laura who are here in Belize to spend a few weeks with him as the end of his tour here draws to a close, to take them to have a look at our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and we got to the site at around 3.20 pm. We parked the ‘cart and very quickly fought (OK a bit dramatic) our way through the mosquitos to the Ground Floor self-contained apartment.

We took a quick tour (quick because it felt like we were being eaten alive -and they appeared to particularly ‘like’ Wendy) of the apartment they will get to stay in if they decide to come and visit us and headed up to the First Floor where we saw that Rolando had been busy in the Utility (laundry or ‘my’) room running the wires for the control box.


A maze of wires.

Not seeing any of the guys but hearing their voices over the background music playing we wandered around to the northern side of the house to see that nearly all of them were applying the final coat of cement to the exterior wall.


Young Miguel and Martin in the foreground.


Miguel stretching to finish the cantilever beam.


Eric taking care of the lower wall.

Not being able to get any closer to the action we decided to take a walk around the back of the house.


Rose showing Wendy the back garden (well it will be a garden one day!).

The mosquitos struck again so we thought it wise to take the scaffolding to show them the Second Floor. On the way though we saw that Josê and Alfonso were busy at work fitting the plycem boards for the ‘exposed’ areas of the Ground Floor.


Coming along nicely.

Once up on the Second Floor we saw that Miguel had been sent up there to help the new guy (I will find out his name today) to finish off ‘making good’ the northern veranda wall that they had been working on the previous day.


Wendy in the background enjoying the ‘mosquito free’ area.

The headline is (loosely) based on the 1976 single by Rose Royce which reached number one in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number nine in the UK Singles Chart.

Apologies if the quality of the photographs is not very good. My iPad is ‘playing up’ (technical term) when I try to upload from the SD card. The challenge is to sort this out today.


  1. Kevin williams says:

    Your house is shaping up nicely! When I’m down in September I would love to take a tour and perhaps buy you a cold drink.

    1. Thanks very much Kevin. We are pleased with the way things have gone and are going. Any tour of our new home is really going to have to be the ‘virtual tour’ I am giving via the blog. Kind regards John

      1. Kevin williams says:

        Understandable. Offer for drink still stands.

      2. Thank you Kevin.

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