“Together Again” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

When I got up yesterday morning it was still raining. And raining quite hard. Managed to sit on the veranda with my ‘wake-up’ mug of coffee and The Times on-line for a while but then the rain started to drift in and hit me and, more importantly, my iPad so the only sensible (and,contrary to what many people might think, I am sensible) thing to do was to move inside. So I did.

Once I had showered, shaved, dressed and had breakfast I set about trying to organise a replacement windscreen (windshield for non UK readers) for the one that had been stolen from our golf cart.

First of I sent an email to Captain Sharks to ask how much they would charge to provide and fit a replacement. I then drove to FC Aluminium to find out what they would charge. I then went back home.

When I got the response from Captain Sharks it was a close run thing but I opted for FC Aluminium so we took the ‘cart there before going to visit our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize. They were very efficient, taking slightly longer to get the replacement windscreen(windshield) from the stockroom than they did to fit once they had found it. Hopefully this one – with rivets to secure it to the ‘cart’- will remain in place!

With the ‘cart back to its original state Rose and I headed north and got to our lot just after 3 pm and went straight to the back (lagoon side) of the house to find that Martin had finished cementing around the three windows (two in the living area of the self-contained apartment and one in the Store Room/Garage).


Wall is now ready for the finishing coat of cement.

Up the stairs to the First Floor and we saw that Eric had returned to working on our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and was putting tape around the clerestory window in the bedroom (Rose’s handicraft room) before cementing the window in.


It’s really good to see Eric back. Or is it, it’s good to see the back of Eric!

In the living room area we could see that Rafael (aka The Frog) had finished ‘making good’ around the pipe work for the air conditioning unit.



We also saw that Nicholas and Eric had started applying the finishing coat of cement for the inside of the windows.


Clerestory window in the dining room area.


Kitchen window.

Way, way above us was Rolando running the wiring for the lighting for the ceiling above the stairway on the Second Floor.


“Easy does it Rolando”.


Rolando with the tape measure making sure the down lights will be fitted in the correct positions.

Close to our feet we could see one of the ‘plans’ that Rolando was working to.


Could just as well be written in Chinese as far as I am concerned! Now for Rose that is a different thing entirely.

In to the Utility (laundry) Room where we found that Nicholas (we know it was him because his brother Angel told us) had finished the finishing coat of cement around the windows.


Eastern facing window.

They had also ‘made good’ the floor of the eastern veranda.


Looking tidier.

On the way out we saw that Eric and Angel were putting tape around the clerestory window in the bedroom (Rose’s handicraft room) before Eric applied the finishing coat of cement.


It was really good to see them together again!

The headline is based on the 1997 single by Janet Jackson which reached number one in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number four in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. Steve Martin says:

    John, Sorry to read about your new windscreen being stolen. It will be nice to have a garage for it when the house is finished. What type of water filtration system are you installing? We had a cistern on the farm long ago and water got kind of stale being stored for long periods of time. Everything is looking good! Steve

    1. That kind of thing happens wherever you are Steve. Not too sure what filtration system. Know I will be putting chlorine tablets in there but we are only using the water for showers, sinks and washing machine. Toilet flushing via the well and drinking water via bottles.

  2. Larry Merrill says:

    Has your cistern been filling up with rain water yet? It must be about full!

    1. Hi Larry. Yes the water tank has been receiving rainwater. A long way from being full though. It holds 45,000 gallons.

  3. kathi moore says:

    How many windows are there? Also glad to hear Rose is up and about.

    1. Including the windows in the pump room and the store room plus counting sliding doors as a window there are 32 windows ( I think).

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