“Wasting My Time” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Another rainy morning yesterday created no great desire on my part to do much at all. Even attempts to sit in the fresh air on the veranda didn’t last too long before the rain swirled in and I retreated for cover in to the condo. Boy did I get through some pages of the latest book that I am reading though (The Covenant by James A. Michener). Fairly raced through the pages!

As the day progressed the weather started to improve. The downpours became less frequent and slightly lighter and the sun made attempts at showing itself so Rose and I decided to head off to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize to look at progress. With our raincoats with us and the windscreen on our golf cart it didn’t matter if it rained, did it?

Well that is where we were wrong. Why? Well, when we got to the golf cart-parked just outside the condo we are renting- we found it minus the windscreen. Some b@&#*^d had stolen it. We briefly (for all of two minutes) contemplated reporting it to the police but concluded that it would be a pointless exercise and I really didn’t see the sense in wasting my time! Nothing about our windscreen that discerns it from the hundreds and hundreds on the island anyway.

So, feeling well and truly pissed off (angry/irritated for non UK readers) we set off on our journey north and got to our lot shortly after 3 pm (much of the water on the road north of the bridge had gone).

On arrival we saw the effects of the constant and heavy rain.


The further landfill scheduled should (hopefully) prevent this in the future.

Choosing our path carefully to avoid the waterlogged areas we got to the house and went straight up to the First Floor where we were pleased (we needed something to cheer us up) to see that the kitchen window had been fitted.


The window is level. It was the camera that wasn’t.

Outside on the northern veranda Nicholas was covering the windows with tape and protective sheeting in readiness for the application of the finishing coat of cement and for when the painting starts.


Applying the tape for the Utility (laundry) Room window.


And then the plastic sheeting.

Inside the house they were ‘making good’ around the windows at the top of the stairwell on the Second Floor.


Whilst below Rafael (aka The Frog) was ‘making good’ around the pipe work for where the air-conditioning unit for the living room area will be fitted.


In the hallway Rolando was running the wiring for the power sockets.


“Keep that dust away from me Appolito”.

Up on the Second Floor José (taking a break from fixing ceiling boards) was ‘making good’ the exterior wall to my bathroom.



On the way out Rose and I took a walk around the back (lagoon side) of the house where we found Martin applying cement to secure the windows for the living room area of the self-contained apartment.


We also got to see how flooded the land was just east of the septic tank and soak-away.


The headline is based on the 2001 single by Default which reached number thirteen in the US Billboard Hot 100 and number seventy-three in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. robert says:

    Hi John.
    Ive got a flexible easily removable screen , was fitted by Monty the previous owner ,so that the screen couldnt be nicked !!
    Im getting a golf cart raincoat when we go to Houston next month, made by Formosa , via Amazon, totally encloses the cart and has its own inbuilt screen. I think you will shocked when you find out the price of a replacement screen . The ‘raincoat’ is $70US !!!
    The windows are looking great , get the guys to cement one into the cart LOL

    1. Hi Robert. We did think of a removable screen but when we move there won’t be in need to remove it (the cart will go in the garage) when we are at home. So, it would be at risk if we parked up when it town and I didn’t see myself walking around with a screen under my arm.

      I already know the replacement cost and will ‘bite be bullet’ on this. Don’t really fancy the ‘raincoat’ approach although it is an interesting and much cheaper option.

  2. Jane says:

    John – Is the “wind screen” your windshield? I’m so, so sorry. When these things happen, it’s a sad reflection on our beautiful country.

    1. Yes, the windshield Jane (UK terminology on my part). These things happen anywhere. Annoying. Frustrating. But not enough to alter our view about living here. When we move to the house the garage should prevent this type of thing happening again. I hope!

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