“Little by Little” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Up and out on the veranda with my mug of coffee and iPad by 4.15 am yesterday morning. There was a very light rain shower so it was nice and cool.

First job was to organise an online payment to Daniel Camal, our building contractor for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize, via FC Exchange (the company in the UK that I have been using to convert sterling to USD).

With that done I trawled the Internet, looking at nothing in particular, and read The Times on-line before I headed off to Estel’s for breakfast and then went to pay the cable, Internet and water bills. Whilst in town I also popped in to the Post Office to enquire about a P.O. Box (something that we will need for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize) and was pleasantly surprised that they still have some available. For BZ$ 65 we can have the small box for the first year and thereafter it drops to BZ$ 40 (the first year fee includes the cost of BZ$ 25 for two keys). A lot cheaper than I had expected.

Once back at the condo we are renting I set about contacting Customs Brokers to establish what their fees would be for ‘managing’ entry in to Belize for the two shipments we have (one from the UK and one from Miami).

After considering what each had to say I chose Ishmael Gomez (he had been recommended by someone we know on the island) and contacted him again to advise that we want to use his services. I then spent a little time emailing to him the stuff (copy of my “QRP” acceptance letter, “QRP” ID card, inventory for the goods we are shipping from the UK) he needs to ‘get the ball rolling’.

With this information Ishmael can seek approval from the “BTB” (Belize Tourism Board) for us to bring the stuff in absent of import duty. Hopefully approval will be given quickly and I can ‘push the button’ to get our consignment on the way from the UK and then Rose and I can set about deciding what we want to buy in and ship from the States.

There is little doubt that things generally do take longer to get done here in Belize and this is something that in our first year here we have become accustomed to and work with. I have had to temper my impatience (I had previously been used to getting things accomplished in line with the effort I had been willing to expend). Here it really is a case of little by little.

With the administrative stuff out of the way Rose and I spent a little time reviewing the lighting plan we had discussed with Rolando (apologies for incorrectly calling him Orlando in previous editions) and arranged to meet with Daniel Camal, our building contractor, at 3 pm to run through them one last time.

We met Daniel at the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge and, with a ride in his truck, got to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize within minutes. Beats walking!

Rose, Daniel, Rolando and I then took a tour of the house and I am pleased to say ‘signed off’ the decisions we had previously taken. That is apart from one small amendment. We are going to have four recessed lights in the First Floor entrance hallway as opposed to the two that we had previously decided upon.

With the lighting ‘out of the way’ Rose and I then took a quick walk-around the house to see what had been done.

The guys were generally in ‘clean up’ mode with much sweeping of floors going on but around the back of the house the stairs from the ‘master’ bedroom’s veranda are starting to take shape.


Daniel looks on whilst Porfelio puts the forms in place for the steps.


Starting to look like stairs now!

Up above Nicholas and Eduardo were busy at work applying the finishing coat of cement for the underneath of the First Floor veranda.


Eduardo on the left and Nicholas on the right.


A view of Eduardo at work from inside



And one of Nicholas too, loading the hawk.

On the way out of house we could see that José and Alfonso had nearly finishing fitting the ceiling grids for the Ground Floor exterior area (entrance to the self-contained apartment and Store Room/Garage).


Nearly ready for the plycem boards.

The headline is based on the single released in 1966 by Dusty Springfield which reached number seventeen in the UK Singles Chart. It never made an entry in to the US Billboard Hot 100. Why?

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